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MAY 2017 #3 - Scans and plans !

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Adventuregame Thu 20-Oct-16 17:06:45

Thread number 3 for those due May 2017

EsmesBees Thu 20-Oct-16 17:12:42

Thanks for the new thread!

teainbed Thu 20-Oct-16 17:19:14

Thanks Adventure flowers

MissMooMoo Thu 20-Oct-16 17:25:14

Im here grin

PeachIcedT Thu 20-Oct-16 17:27:25

Woohoo! I like the title!

Niks2026 Thu 20-Oct-16 17:30:04


LorrieJ Thu 20-Oct-16 17:31:08


I'm off to EPU on Saturday for a scan as I've had pink spotting. I'm not massively worried as it has stopped, but still a little nervous. On the plus side, assuming all is well, I'll get to see them early.

lucieloos Thu 20-Oct-16 17:35:56

Thanks adventure

Adventuregame Thu 20-Oct-16 17:39:39

Hello All !

Sipperskipper Thu 20-Oct-16 17:44:11

Hi all! Hope all goes well on Saturday lorrie

Gurtie28 Thu 20-Oct-16 17:46:53

Hello all!!

So my little bump has disappeared over night!! I am guessing that means bye bye bloat and the next bump I get will be alll baby grin .....unless anyone else has another explanation?

RasperryInAMelon Thu 20-Oct-16 18:05:59

In THE worst mood this evening and have no idea why...

Raced out of work after a conversation with DH this morning which went something like this...

'We'll go see your mum when I'm done at work, take the scan picture for her to see'

I just get a message to say he's been there since 5.30, knowing I won't arrive till 6.45 and that he intends on picking me up from the station and going home for dinner...

Bearing in mind we live a 3 minute walk from our station... and a 30 minute drive from where his mum lives... of course he can't see why I'm pissed...

Hormones and emotions are all over the place. Resulted in me shouting at him down the phone, followed by a sarcastic text message, tears on the train and now I can't bear the thought of seeing him when I get in because he's pissed me off...

Here's hoping I'm in a better mood when I get home...

MissMooMoo Thu 20-Oct-16 18:17:16

Big hugs raspberry flowers
Did he tell her without you then?

RasperryInAMelon Thu 20-Oct-16 18:20:47

Moo no we told her about 3 weeks ago when we initially found out. If he'd done that I'd have been furious.

I just haven't seen her in weeks and actually get on we'll with my MIL so wanted to tell her about how the scan went etc and give her a photo. But he went on his own, so bollocks to him, I'm going to pick up some ice cream and watch a crappy film in bed when I get in.

MissMooMoo Thu 20-Oct-16 18:26:28

Phew! Ice cream sounds great grin

RasperryInAMelon Thu 20-Oct-16 18:28:50

I'm probably most definitely being way too over the top and will make him pay for it later... but right now moaning about it makes me feel better! grin

growcookeat Thu 20-Oct-16 18:31:13

Hi all. Is it ok if I join the thread?

Due early May with no1 but only recently had booking appt with mw hence why I haven't joined a thread yet! Scan booked in for next week - feeling very nervous now.

champagneplanet Thu 20-Oct-16 18:32:49

I'm waving a very low key hello.

Due 28 May but had two MMCs last year, both at 7-8 weeks but it didn't show til around 11 weeks. Reassurance scan on Monday when I should be 9 weeks eek very nervous.

Congrats to all you ladies smile

Streaky17 Thu 20-Oct-16 18:35:30

Hi grow welcome!

Enjoy the ice cream raspberry! Hope you mood improves.

Yay gurtie when are you due?

Streaky17 Thu 20-Oct-16 18:36:40

champagne hi as well!

CinnamonTwist Thu 20-Oct-16 18:41:53

Hello again everyone, are we doing stats again? If so I'll start:

CinnamonTwist 26 #1 Due 3rd May

I've been a bit quiet recently on here, been distracted with our building works and work! Hope everyone still doing ok? I've got my scan on Tuesday, I'm now 12+1! Morning sickness has all gone for me now (hooray!)

RasperryInAMelon Thu 20-Oct-16 18:53:03

Streaky you'd think... but I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop! angryit's just not my day...

Hi newbies!

Sonnet18 Thu 20-Oct-16 19:11:04

Thanks for the new thread!

EsmesBees Thu 20-Oct-16 19:17:49

Welcome champagne and grow

EsmesBees Thu 20-Oct-16 19:19:16

CinnamonTwist 26 #1 Due 3rd May
EsmesBees 34 #2 due 21st May

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