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North London bumps?

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clemmie82 Tue 30-Aug-16 17:54:26

Hello, I'm due in November and live in Kentish Town. First baby, wondering if there is anyone else nearby due at a similar time?

Popskipiekin Thu 01-Sep-16 08:18:27

I am due December (dc2) and live in Swiss Cottage but sadly - well, we're excited! But sadly re meeting up - we are moving to Herne hill in a couple of weeks. Are you going to do Nct or another antenatal group? Fab way of meeting people. And Kentish Town is superb for baby groups!! Going to miss it. Now I really am sad we're leaving north London sad

ElodieS Wed 05-Oct-16 15:04:29

I see you posted ages ago but I missed this. We're in East Finchley and I'm expecting DC3 in December.

How are you doing clemmie?

Waves to Popski, congratulations on the move! Are you in now?

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