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SweetSesame Sat 13-Aug-16 09:17:49

I may have to be induced if I get to 40w+4 because of GDM.

I'm curious, for those that have been induced, what was your experience?

They are going to start with the propess insert.

CustardOmlet Sat 13-Aug-16 09:21:05

I'm waiting to see if I am induced too (waters went at 35wks and they won't let me go past 36wks) fingers crossed we both labour naturally before or eviction days!

AveEldon Sat 13-Aug-16 09:35:13

The propess was okay, not too uncomfortable. My labour started during the rest period between the 1st and 2nd propess

The constant monitoring was a hassle and reduced my mobility during labour
The blood sugar testing wasn't an issue

SweetSesame Tue 16-Aug-16 00:06:07

Thank you ladies

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