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February 2017 - Thread 4 (are we the chattiest bunch or what?!)

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wispaxmas Tue 12-Jul-16 19:38:41

Crazy that we are onto thread 4 already!

Just starting the 12-week scans, but still feet firmly in the anxiety-ridden first trimester, yikes!

PhoebeGeebee - 25 Jan - DC1 scan 13/07
Twocatsandatoddler - 29 Jan - DC2
Dippypanda - 30 Jan - DC2
Jeanniejampots80 - 30 Jan - DC 2
Readytosettle - 31 Jan - DC2 - Scan 20/07
Wm3010 - 31 Jan -DC2
user1465429239 - 31 Jan/1Feb - DC1 scan 01/07
Carrie105 – 1 Feb – DC2 –scan 09/07, 22/07, 23/07
Wispaxmas - 1 Feb - DC2 - Scan 22/07
Blueskies - 1 Feb - DC3 - scan 14/07
Ginger06 - 1 Feb - DC1? - scan 28/07
Hazandduck - 1 Feb - DC1 scan 28/07
Itslittlek - 1 Feb - DC?
SoapSudBub - 1Feb - ???
Griffs123 - 1 Feb - ???
Readyfortwo - 1 Feb - DC2 - scan 20 July
sleepylil - Early Feb - DC2
Clementineclouds - Early Feb - DC1
SBSparkles - Early Feb - DC1
Jojoclaire - 2 Feb - DC1 - Scan 12/07, 26/07
Gumbootsandjandals – 3 Feb - DC3
Lalalala2015 - 3 Feb - DC2
TheresaMarie55 - 3 Feb - DC3 - Scan 29/07
Catlady100 - 3 Feb - DC1
Lawyeredout - 4 Feb - DC2 - scan 29 July
CinderellaFant - 4 Feb - DC3, scan 25 July
Boomkapow - 4 Feb - DC1?
Shadz - 4 Feb - DC1
CazM2012 - 4 Feb - DC4
Yasmin0147 - 4 Feb - DC2
LuckyinOctober - 4 Feb - DC1
Mysterycat23 – 4 Feb – DC1 - scan 26 July
Thecatsarecrazy - 5 Feb - DC3
Kellz92 - 5 Feb - DC2
MarjorySunshineDust - 5 Feb - DC2
MimiDiddy - 5 Feb - DC1 - Scan 24/06
Witch91 - 5 Feb - DC1? - scan 26 July
Lala6971 - 6 Feb - DC1 - scan 26 July
Lozde - 7 Feb - DC1
MrsH987 - 7 Feb - DC1
LaceyLee - 7 Feb - DC2
FenellaMaxwell - 7 Feb - DC1
Birdlet - 7 Feb - DC1
CeeCeeEnnEss - 8 Feb - DC1 - scan 22 July
Elliecam - 8 Feb - DC3 - scan 02/07
Bubbles2017 - 8 Feb - DC?
Honeybeez1986 – 9 Feb – DC?
JessJR23 - 9 Feb - DC2
Brown76 - 9 Feb - DC2
Scottishsnowflake - 10 Feb - DC1
ButtonTum - 10 Feb - DC1 - scan 1 August
IfAtFirstUDontSucceed - 11 Feb - DC2 - scan 9 August
NaomieMelville - 11 Feb - DC1
Mshepp - 11 Feb - DC1 - Scan 04/08
RubyMurray38 - 12 Feb - DC1
Scarydinosaurs - 12 Feb – DC3
SpinALittleFaster - 13 Feb - DC2
Lucy1308 - 13 Feb - DC1
LondonGirl83 - 13 Feb - DC1? - scan 10 August and private scan 18 July
FriendlyGhost - 14 Feb - DC2 - scan 5 August
ThreeLittleDucks99 - 15 Feb - DC2
Sunshineface123 - 15 Feb - DC?
PhantomPower - 15 Feb - DC1
Corkybark - 16 Feb - DC3
Whiskeyjack - 16 Feb - DC2
SkyLucy - 17 Feb - DC1
Evergreen17 - 17 Feb - DC1 – scan 4 August
HighSparrow - 17 Feb - DC1
SleepyMe12 - 17 Feb - DC3 scan 08/08
Lykke1000 - 17 Feb - DC1
MrsG999 - 17 Feb - DC5
leedsladyx - 17 Feb - DC?
KimmyRox80 - 17 Feb - DC1
BabCNesbitt – 17 Feb – DC?
Ajmc - 19 Feb - DC2
Sphinxster - 20 Feb - DC2
Monkey and lion2012 – 20 Feb – DC3
BohemianRaspberry - 20 Feb - DC2
AngrySparrow - 20 Feb - DC1
Sienna9522 - 21 Feb - DC1 - Scan 06/07
GinandJazzHands - 21 Feb - DC1
EmmaT1983 - 21 Feb - DC?
sizeofalentil - 21 Feb - DC1
Hopeful83 – 22 Feb – DC2
Weloveearlysleeptime - 23 Feb -DC2
Dreamingoutloud7 - 23 Feb - DC1
MotiMadge - 23 Feb - DC2
Raddersmrs – 24 Feb – DC1 scan 08/07
Birdboo – 24 Feb – DC?
ChozzleopsTheThird - 27 Feb - DC1
Laura2803 -28 Feb - DC3
Jpclarke - 2 March - DC3

Unknown EDD:
Lizardqueenie - ??? - DC2
Dutchy - ??? - DC2 scan 28/06
SoapSudBud - ??? - DC2
Ubercorn - ??? - DC4
Themightymoosh - ??? - DC1
JBTulip - ??? - DC2
H007 - ??? – DC2
SausageDogGeorge - ??? – DC3
Emsmeister - ??? – DC3
Penguin90 - ??? – DC?
Bubs33 - ??? – DC3
Justthe5 - ??? – DC4
Mummylovescake1981 -??? – DC6
FlipperSkipper - ??? - DC1
Ellms1 - ??? - DC1
AllChangeLife - ??? - DC1
JDawg007 - ??? - DC?
Chicken2015 - ??? - DC1
Divadee - ??? - DC2 - scan 26 July
Louiseplusditi - ??? - DC?
LaBergere - ??? - DC?
Nayab24 - ??? - DC?
MrsM2016 - ??? - DC? - scan 2 August

wispaxmas Tue 12-Jul-16 19:43:26

Old thread: Due in February 2017...thread #3!

And if anyone is feeling comfortable joining the Facebook group, just send me a PM with your email address. It's completely secret, so you can't even search for it. Obviously it's not to detract from the MN thread, just join if you want to.

LondonGirl83 Tue 12-Jul-16 19:51:54

We are the chattiest bunch!

I just posted this on the other thread!

A head hunter contacted me before I got pregnant for a new role. I sent them my CV and they have been trying to set up a meeting for the last couple of weeks. I told them today that I'm pregnant and totally understood if they don't want to meet anymore. Shockingly they do! I work in M&A for an investment fund and it would be a similar role. Part of me thinks I'd be mad to change so much simultaneously (first baby, new job for the first time in 9 years, etc)

ScottishSnowflake Tue 12-Jul-16 19:56:08

Thanks Wispa! Thread 4 already!

Sorry I've been silent for the past week - I've started spotting but not much and see the midwife on Thursday for my booking in appointment. This is my first baby and pregnancy and so I've been a little freaked out by it all. To top it off, the person at work I've confided to in RL has been off ill and so no handholding. The comments on the previous threads have been so helpful in keeping me reassured. Hopefully midwife will get me in for my 12w scan sooner rather than later and DH and I can check all is ok with little one.

Thanks for updating the list Friendly! I'll let you know my date once I know.

TheresaMarie55 Tue 12-Jul-16 19:57:07

Marking my place grin

FlipperSkipper Tue 12-Jul-16 20:16:19

Evening! Posted on the old thread, my EDD is 25th Feb.

SkyLucy Tue 12-Jul-16 20:29:25

Whoop, new thread!

That's fab londongirl, that they're still interested in you. (Of course, it would be bloody awful if they wrote you off because you're pg!) It's definitely worth a conversation but make sure you put yourself and your health first smile. New jobs can be stressful at the best of times, and you don't know how well you'll be for the next few months, or when/how you'd like to come back to work. How happy are you in your current role? Are bosses/colleagues supportive?

I was 'keeping an eye out' for opportunities before I fell pg, but have been ignoring recruiters' calls for a few weeks now! Been so tired and sick that I can't consider a new role - my job is mad, but I have a great relationship with my boss and am lucky that I can slack off a bit at the moment, with her support! Better the devil you know...

FriendlyGhost Tue 12-Jul-16 20:32:04

Thanks for transferring the list over Wispa. Will try to keep it updated more regularly.
London one thing to consider is that you probably won't be eligible for a maternity package if you start a new job. You'll get statutory or mat allowance but that will likely be it. Most places require you to have been there for a year or two before you get any enhanced pay.

FriendlyGhost Tue 12-Jul-16 20:33:17

Sorry if that sounded negative btw!

GinIsIn Tue 12-Jul-16 20:38:31

That's fab, Londongirl!

How's everyone feeling today? Have been feeling like death with the nausea for days now but think this afternoon it's easing off a bit. I have my booking in appointment on Friday and then my 12 week scan on the 28th. Really looking forward to being able to tell everyone as I'm pretty sure they must think I've spontaneously become a complete idiot for no reason!

jpclarke Tue 12-Jul-16 20:38:42

Thanks so much friendly, well done as that must of taken some doingflowers
Just in case anyway is wondering why I am
In the Feb club. This will please God be dc#3 and I have two previous sections so I am assuming my gynae will insist on a third, hence it will be a February baby. Although I would love to be able to deliver naturally as I feel like a bit of a failure sometimes that I have never gone into labour.

ButtonTum Tue 12-Jul-16 20:51:37

Awesome list friendly and thanks for the new thread wispa!

London I was going to say the same thing about mat pay eligibility. Now that they know you're pregnant though at least you can ask the question openly.

Feeling fab today at 9+4, (& on only 6ish hours sleep) hope it's not a fluke and symptoms are on the way out.

AngrySparrow Tue 12-Jul-16 20:55:35

Great that you are feeling good today Button, gives the rest of us that are a few days behind you some hope!

SpinALittleFaster Tue 12-Jul-16 21:01:11

Definitely investigate the mat leave policy London. My company has a decent policy but you need to have been working for them for something like 25 weeks before the baby is born to qualify.

IfAtFirstUDontSucceed Tue 12-Jul-16 21:03:31

Gutted, rang to rearrange my 12 week scan, hoping they could get me in sooner than the one I had arranged at 13+3 - the only one they could offer was actually later! So I'm now going in when I'll be 13+5!! angry

The lady practically snorted down the phone when I asked to rearrange, kindly stating "you'll be lucky'! Service eh? hmm

Needless to say we're considering forking out the £100 for a private scan to get us through the next 4 weeks!

SpinALittleFaster Tue 12-Jul-16 21:04:06

I had my followup scan this morning. Second sac is still there along with a fairly large bleed, but good news is that the first one is growing as it should with a lovely beating heart. Measured at 9+2. I've been discharged from epu but they're pushing to get my booking scan done within the next 3 weeks to make sure that I'm still being monitored. Just need to wait for a letter to come through with the appointment.

gumbootsandjandals Tue 12-Jul-16 21:05:36

London I got a new job within the NHS while we were ttc #2. Luckily I got pg just before the new contract started as I would not have qualified for stat mat pay otherwise.

jpclarke Tue 12-Jul-16 21:12:55

Delighted that you got positive news today spinalittlefaster

divadee Tue 12-Jul-16 21:36:59

Wow great list friendly.

My EDD is 06/02.

It sounds so far away but when I think we all have about 30 weeks left it doesn't sound long at all. We are all nearly a quarter of the way through.

Sunshineface123 Tue 12-Jul-16 21:40:08

Does anyone know how to send a dm? smile

Jojoclaire Tue 12-Jul-16 22:01:38

So pleased for you spin what a relief smile

Jodders Wed 13-Jul-16 04:39:45

Hi everyone, can I join in the chat! Just found out today I am 9 weeks pregnant & due 14th Feb. I thought I was 6 weeks. Seen baba wiggling around happily in there with a great little heartbeat. This will be DC #3 for me.

LaceyLee Wed 13-Jul-16 05:52:57

Thanks for the list and new thread. My scan is not until 02/08 when I'll be 13 weeks so just under 3 weeks to go. Booking in this sat and dreading being weighed as I've gained like 5 lb and I'm really short so I will be in probably the overweight bmi sad I seem to put weight on so easily when pregnant and when I get hungry I feel nauseous so have to eat! Heathy food is not really cutting it at this point! Can't wait not to feel sick!!

LaceyLee Wed 13-Jul-16 05:55:15

Ooh actually just checked and I'm still in the healthy range! Just not feeling that healthy hehe! And definitely showing... Is anyone else digging out the maternity wear at 10weeks ish?!

twocatsandatoddler Wed 13-Jul-16 06:31:34

Thanks friendly and wispa!

Urgh. DS woke up crying at 4:45 which is really unusual - he must have had a bad dream or something. He went back to sleep within about 15 mins, so did DH, but I didn't! I'm going to be a zombie at work today!

lacey I'm 11+3 and massive! I saw a friend a couple of weeks ago that I hadn't seen for over a year and as soon as she saw me she went 'oooh' and patted my belly! So it must be really obvious. My maternity jeans are a bit loose round the top still but I'm considering getting the maternity dresses out for work as soon as I have my scan. It's on Monday so only two more days in the office left to hide it!

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