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Is anyone else just seriously bored? (Linslade-Leighton Buzzard)

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Pri741 Sun 10-Jul-16 11:33:23

Hello everyone,

I'm new here and my first baby is due in November. I've been reading a few posts and I've heard a lot about people feeling anxious, depressed, excited, etc. But... is anyone else just bored? Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy about the baby and looking forward to all the cool stuff I'll get to to do with her after she's born (water babies, baby yoga, etc).

The thing is... after feeling sick for 3 months non-stop, I'm now just really really bored. I can't do any of my normal hobbies because they're dangerous in pregnancy (horse riding, playing squash, scuba diving), can't travel (baby budget), my family is in Brazil (Zika virus) and I don't really know anyone else who is pregnant. In a nutshell, I'm spending most of my free time staring at the walls and trying not to go out of my mind.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone else in Linslade-Leighton Buzzard area?

Any help would be very much appreciated! smile

lydiangel83 Mon 17-Apr-17 08:50:37

Hi my baby is due November and I am also worried about the same thing! How did you get on? Did you settle in to baby groups etc? I live in Linslade too and am adapting to life outside London!

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