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August 2016 Babies (thread 6) - Ready to Pop!

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FourForYouGlenCoco Tue 05-Jul-16 23:15:31

New thread - the one where we stop being pregnant and become new mamas! So close to the end. Exciting!

Slothlikesundays Wed 06-Jul-16 03:35:14

And counting down the days... Feel like I've been pregnant forever!

MrsZumbaDancer Wed 06-Jul-16 06:56:08

Cheers for the new thread!

Only 4 working days left.. I can't wait! Been a stressful end.

No bag packed or contents bought, nothing really bought for baby, no names we like, but did wash car seat cover (note to others, it's too much like hard work!!) and Moses basket stuff.

Moving my DS to a bigger room and toddler bed so carpet getting fitted this week, then can buy his furniture.

I cant believe I only have about 6 weeks left!

MrsSantaClause Wed 06-Jul-16 07:16:28

Marking place smile the final stretch!!!

Dileas29 Wed 06-Jul-16 07:21:16

jeezy curious as to what an "early delivery booking" mean? Induction or csec? I am also in Scotland and have not had any health visitor contact so don't think it's rolled out where I am either, not to worry!

sophia that did make me giggle your comment re missing the classgrinyou will make a great mummy and probably know all the info anyway..lots of common sense!

zumba I have also experienced the car seat cover washing and putting back together, it put me into a cold sweat!

four you must be 37 weeks nearly? I always remember you were earliest DD!

Bump hanging very low at the moment and walking like I have a watermelon between my legs. Interested to find out what midwife says at my 36 week apt on Friday if my spinning exercises have made a difference and baby is no longer b2b grin

DH off on holiday for the fortnight and getting his finger out helping prepare for the new addition: spare room now has a day bed for when my mum comes to stay (she lives 5hours away) and Moses basket aired and all clothes down from the loft and washed and dried. finally got hosp bag together but think I am forgetting things.

Water birth mummies are you just going for bra and pants in the water or bikini/tshirt & pants? Or nothing? Not sure what's appropriate for hospital or if I'll even care by the time it's all happening! Watched one born every minute a year or so ago and the girl was in a bikini and kaftan wrapped round the waist I don't know if that would just feel uncomfortable and was maybe for televisual viewing!

Laineypopps Wed 06-Jul-16 08:26:48

Thanks for the new thread!!

Oh funnily enough I was asking my sister, who is a midwife, about what to wear in pool yesterday. She suggested just a sports bra, tanking or similar. She said tiers get in the way with bikini tops and everything else is just a faff. She also said that most girls end up naked anyway so just whatever you are comfortable with.

plimsolls Wed 06-Jul-16 08:27:36

Hello! Just marking on this thread and saying HI everyone. Hope you are all well, I gather lots of you are very much looking forward to the end of being pregnant. Not long now! I'm still happily in denial about the baby part.... But I've been lucky in that the pregnancy has been easy so far. I'm pretty sure that when I get a bit further along and more uncomfortable, I'll just start embracing the idea of the baby being here and not being pregnant anymore. Not yet though. I like the baby being on the inside where my body kind of takes care of it independently!

I need to start thinking about a birth plan. Anyone got any tips for where I can find the info I need? Or do I just wait for NCT/NHS antenatal classes?

My friend has given me her hypno-birth materials from the class she went to. Do you think I need to book into a course as well? I had always planned to but now I'm wondering- they're a couple of hundred quid round here, and a whole lot of time that I'm just not sure we have to spare (OH works ridiculously hard, I work fairly hard sometimes and there is also so much prep we need to do in the limited spare time we've got) Has anyone used the hypo-birthing stuff in a self taught way?

ToElleWithIt Wed 06-Jul-16 09:08:15

Hi All,

The end is in sight.

I really need to get my act together. My to-do list is like yours zumbadancer except that I've done done of it. Need to get toddler bed set up and car seat cleaned. I've started gathering bits and pieces for hospital bag. My mum offered to wash baby clothes from attic so I'll take her up on that. Oh and I need to find boys names that I like. We have a girl shortlist, but I'm struggling with boys.

I've heard of some people just listening to the hypnobirthing CDs, but no personal experience. I'm not doing a birth plan either - too lazy. Didn't do one last time. They're not so much a thing over here I think.

In with the consultant next week. Can't wait to get another look at baby. It's been 5 weeks since my last appointment between my holiday and his.

2 weeks left in work and I am so so sick of my maternity work clothes. I am literally wearing the same 5 outfits every week.

MrsPMT23 Wed 06-Jul-16 09:21:12

ToElleWithIt I'm getting so fed up of maternity work wear too. Can't be bothered to put in any effort to what I wear anymore. I finish work two weeks today at 38 weeks. Can't wait!

Really struggling to eat enough at the moment as it is just so uncomfortable. Tried having small meals but no help - any tips?

MrsPMT23 Wed 06-Jul-16 09:23:57

Dileas29 I'm planning for a water birth. I'm going to take a tankini top but lots of people have told me you end up just wanting to take everything off.

rumisyum Wed 06-Jul-16 09:56:45

I had a yoga bra on in pool to start with, but ended up completely naked (& not caring). Kind of how I wish I could walk around in this heat... blush

BerylMeeps Wed 06-Jul-16 10:18:07

Hello 😊 New to thread. Due Aug 1.

I have a CTG today, further scan on Monday as my bump measurements are a bit dicky according to MW. I'm fairly certain baby is A-OK.

Cons MW apt in a couple wks to see if they want to induce me early as I have joint hypermobile syndrome and all these hormones are screwing my body up.

Not had a great pg everything been hard this time and many problems. Not doing it again!!!

Good luck everybody!

FourForYouGlenCoco Wed 06-Jul-16 10:39:55

No HV contact here either, not heard anything. Would have had an antenatal visit in my old trust I think so it must depend on area. Not seen a HV since DD was just turned 1 - mine was absolutely lovely but pretty useless tbh. They're definitely hit and miss. Glad you got on well with yours fizzy - can see that in your circs, an extra eye being kept will be really reassuring!
jeezy sorry if I've missed this - how come you're booked in early?? 2 weeks, wow!
Shan cannot believe how expensive it is to give birth in the US! Really dislike the whole US system tbh - the over-medicalisation, the 'Drs know best' attitude - don't envy you coming up against that sad I know everyone loves to moan about the NHS, but we have a bloody good thing going on here (well, for now!).
Sophia good luck with mw today - whatever happens, don't fret! Baby is just fine and dandy I'm sure.
Welcome Beryl, sorry to hear you've had a hard time - hypermobility is a bugger! At least the end is in sight now. Hope CTG all normal & uneventful today.
Dileas you have a good memory! 37 weeks on Friday - think lilygirl (wherever she's hiding!!) is a day ahead of me, and bear is my bump buddy so a couple of us nearly there. Not expecting any queue-jumping sadly, I think I'm going all the way to due date! Although sometimes when baby bounces on my cervix it does feel like my waters are going to pop, so who knows.

Ready-ish here, but not really. Clothes and car seat covers washed and sorted but that's about it - still not got a cot mattress or sheets, not even thought about a hosp bag, not got any pads for TENS machine - not at all ready for this birth or baby! Full term seems to have snuck up a bit - in my head I still have ages. But actually I really don't. Eek!
<slowly backs away, inserts head back into sand>

Laineypopps Wed 06-Jul-16 10:50:22

I feel exactly the same four - keep thinking I have ages and ages but time is creeping up and next Thu counts as full term for me! Still don't think I've actually accepted there is a wee baby about to make an appearance!!!

Fizzyboo Wed 06-Jul-16 12:27:29

We're so lucky to have the NHS and not have to worry about what care and delivery we can afford! It terrifies me that we could lose it! I've had amazing care, and even with DH in a decent job, I seriously doubt we could afford to see the people we've seen.

Plimsolls I've just bought a hypnobirthing book rather than the classes, I'm gonna read it today in bed (all that laying floor has broken me I think) and after feeling weird and gutty all of yesterday and this morning, I worried myself into thinking "oh god, this could happen sooner than I thought!!". Hoping it was just over pushing my body and being a greedy pig and not an imminent sign of labour!! It made me feel a bit panicky and I really don't want to give birth in a panic (used to get very bad panic attacks) I want to have a calm positive birth, so hoping the book helps! All seeming a bit real suddenly...

Well done on the name checks Four, I am pleased due to the complex situation re the HV. As i have to look out for breathing issues, and people telling me babies breathe weirdly anyway, she told me the names of unusual and not right breathing patterns, such as sternal tug and accessory muscle breathing, so I can look them up on youtube. I think that was worth the visit by itself.

MrsZumbaDancer Wed 06-Jul-16 12:29:23

Plimsolls I only did the cd last time and not a hypnobirthing course and thought it was ok. Had a really good labour without drugs..
Had 2 friends do the course who probably got more out of it than I did but cd worked fine for me 😊

plimsolls Wed 06-Jul-16 13:46:11

Thank you fizzy and zumba, good advice.

Fizzy, I meant to reply on other thread, I've had upset stomach on and off and I think it was glenncoco (sorry, I abbreviate your name differently each time!) who reminded me that our digestive systems are putting up with a lot at the moment, not least being squashed, so a bit of disturbance is probably to be expected. I imagine our guts are probably oversensitive in pregnancy too.

sophia just posted on the other thread but I have pointed her in this direction. Hope you found us Sophia.

Sophia1984 Wed 06-Jul-16 14:28:49

Thanks for bringing me over here plimsols and for words of comfort. Midwife update for everyone else: my bump seems to have shrank since last time so my notes now say 'static growth?'. She's convinced baby is fine and it's just the position he's in and he fact he is already engaged that means I'm measuring small, but once the curve on the chart goes a certain way she has to refer me. Have got a growth scan tomorrow afternoon and am terrified something is wrong- I broke down sobbing in a pain attack when she couldn't get me an appointment today. His heartrate is fine and he's very kicky but still so worried about him. Travelling all afternoon for a work presentation then have last morning of teaching tomorrow to keep me occupied. Resisting temptation to stage a sit-in at MAU until they can scan me! Does anyone know what will happen if he is actually small/not growing according to scan? I'm 36w tomorrow.

Sophia1984 Wed 06-Jul-16 14:29:52

*panic attack

Basketofwool Wed 06-Jul-16 14:51:18

sophia I totally understand your anxiety. Like plimsolls said, these measurements can be wildly inaccurate and the referral for a growth scan is generally just a massive precaution. 99% of the time everything is just fine :-)

I measured small at my 34 week appointment and had to wait a WEEK before being scanned (that made me so angry). Even though I knew in my heart everything was fine, it was horrible as I felt like I was being told I should be worrying. Everything turned out fine. I'm sorry I don't know much about dealing with anxiety but I hope you feel better soon.

four I'm 37 weeks on Friday too :-) I must be unusual in that I'm really hoping I get as close to my due date as possible! I just want the time to relax on mat leave and do all my last minute jobs!

Fizzyboo Wed 06-Jul-16 15:10:09

Sophia the measuring thing really is a bit random I've found, different positions etc all change it. If babes heartbeat is fine, I'm sure they're still super happy and growing fine in there, really! No chance bump has gotten smaller! Just sounds like some dodgy measuring! Even my consultant whilst doing a scan at first said my babes leg bone was smaller! I queried it and she re did it and nope, there it was, bigger! shock
plimsolls you're right, I guess it's just coz I usually have a cast iron constitution!

Dileas29 Wed 06-Jul-16 15:55:33

sophia I had the same situation last time with DD where at 36 weeks I was getting weekly scans and the growth was tailing off on the silly graph. I was told she was going to be 6lb 1oz and that they had to induce me at 38 weeks.... she was born at 7lb 1 so they were totally out! Even though at the back of my mind I knew everything was fine and they were taking precautions it's still so hard not to worry so totally feel for you. Just think of it as you might get to meet your Wee boy soon. Big hugs I hope tomorrow comes quickly, let us know how you get on flowers

BerylMeeps Wed 06-Jul-16 15:58:44

Sophia the reason I had CTG and scan booked was because bump measurement reversed... CTG fine today MW said its all just protocol, better to be safe than sorry stuff. It's often the case that baby moves halfway thru measuring so it's smaller than last time?! Fingers crossed for you tho.

Slothlikesundays Wed 06-Jul-16 16:14:56

Sophia- try not to worry, I'm having my second growth scan tomorrow, in my head I know everything will be ok and fundal height measurements are totally inaccurate but it's hard to no get stressed.
As for health visitors mine is coming next week- I don't really know what to expect confused
Hoping that I'll start to get a bit more organised soon, nursery has just been replastered, still needs decorating and there is STUFF everywhere!
Can't remember who has had the dodgy tummy but I seem to have got morning sickness all over again?! Is this even possible? Eating tiny tiny meals and still having exorcist style vomits most days for the last week confused - please tell me I'm not the only one

MrsPMT23 Wed 06-Jul-16 16:56:23

Sloth Yes with the sickness! I didn't even have bad morning sickness at the start of my pregnancy but now sick most mornings.

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