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NCT Signature antenatal course in York

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NCT7d Wed 29-Jun-16 15:11:16

Time to focus on me and us. Support for birth, friends for life.

Your NCT Signature antenatal course can offer:
• The support you need at the time you need it.
• A personalised and flexible course designed around your own information needs.
• Focus is on the birth of your baby through discussion and active participation.
• Unique blend of evidence-based information guides you through pregnancy and your baby’s early days.
• Confidence-building practical and hands-on content.
• Small groups for in-depth discussions on topics that matter to you.
• Develop friendships with other local expectant parents to provide on-going support in a relaxed and social environment.

Start date: 14th of August 2016
Contact: for more details

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