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Due in February 2017...thread #2!

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SkyLucy Wed 15-Jun-16 09:35:17

A thread for all of us who have very recently discovered we're upduffed, with a due date of the achingly-long-away February 2017. It's early days for us all so there's lots of good news, sad news, sage advice and never-too-silly questions.

Second thread already! First is here:

SkyLucy Wed 15-Jun-16 09:36:19

Helloooo everyone....I hope you find this! And I hope I haven't duplicated someone else's second thread?!

themightymoosh Wed 15-Jun-16 09:36:48

I tried to post on the old thread to say thanks to wispa for the reassurance but it was closed. How rude!

But here's a shiny new one instead grin

SkyLucy Wed 15-Jun-16 09:39:15

Hurrah you found it moosh! Let's hope the others do too, otherwise it's just you and me kid!

And I wanted to say thanks to you and Uber for the booking apppointment advice smile

FriendlyGhost Wed 15-Jun-16 09:45:37

Found you! I just tried to post on the old thread too but was rejected. I guess that answers the question on the max number of posts allowed!
I'm 5+1 today.

Ubercorn Wed 15-Jun-16 10:05:17

4+6 today and for all I was calm before, today I've woken up with The Fear not helped by my 2yo being a Grade A monster since waking up.

I'm not going to give in to it, I'm working soon and got both a nursery and school pick up to do so keeping busy and distracted and positive.

I can do this <beats chest in a manly fashion>

Blueskies80 Wed 15-Jun-16 10:11:16

You can do this ubercorn!! We can all do this!! [She says scoffing everything in sight to keep a lid on the nausea... ]
We are having a Tv morning here. Go jetters featuring highly grin
And yay to a new thread!

FriendlyGhost Wed 15-Jun-16 10:14:10

PhoebeGeebee - 25 Jan - DC1 - Scan 17/06
Twocatsandatoddler - 29 Jan - DC2
Gumbootsandjandals - 29 Jan - DC3
Dippypanda - 30 Jan - DC2
Jeanniejampots80 - 30 Jan - DC 2
Readytosettle - 31 Jan - DC2 - Scan 20/07
user1465429239 - 31 Jan/1Feb - DC1
McBaby - 1 Feb - DC3
Wispaxmas - 1 Feb - DC2 - Scans 22/06, 06/07, and 20/07
Blueskies - 1 Feb - DC3
Ginger06 - 1 Feb - DC1?
Jojoclaire - 1 Feb - DC1
Hazandduck - 1 Feb - DC1
sleepylil - Early Feb - DC2
Clementineclouds - Early Feb - DC1
SBSparkles - Early Feb - DC1
Paperandpaint - 2 Feb - DC3
HighHopes16 - 2 Feb - DC1
Lalalala2015 - 3 Feb - DC2
Lawyeredout - 4 Feb - DC2
CinderellaFant - 4 Feb - DC3
Boomkapow - 4 Feb - DC1?
Shadz - 4 Feb - DC1
CazM2012 - 4 Feb - DC4
Yasmin0147 - 4 Feb - DC2
LuckyinOctober - 4 Feb - DC1
Thecatsarecrazy - 5 Feb - DC3
Kellz92 - 5 Feb - DC2
MarjorySunshineDust - 5 Feb - DC2
MimiDiddy - 5 Feb - DC1 - Scan 24/06
Auberginefrog - 6 Feb - DC2
Lala6971 - 6 Feb - DC1
Lozde - 7 Feb - DC1
Jodiebee664 - 7 Feb - DC1 - Scan 28/06
MrsH987 - 7 Feb - DC1
LaceyLee - 7 Feb - DC2
FenellaMaxwell - 7 Feb - DC1
JessJR23 - 9 Feb - DC2
Brown76 - 9 Feb - DC2
Scottishsnowflake - 10 Feb - DC1
SkyLucy - 10 Feb - DC1
IfAtFirstUDontSucceed - 11 Feb - DC2
NaomieMelville - 11 Feb - DC1
RubyMurray38 - 12 Feb - DC1
SpinALittleFaster - 13 Feb - DC2
Lucy1308 - 13 Feb - DC1
FriendlyGhost - 14 Feb - DC2
ThreeLittleDucks99 - 15 Feb - DC2
Sunshineface123 - 15 Feb - DC?
Corkybark - 16 Feb - DC3
MaSweetPea1 - 16 Feb - DC2 - Scan 2/07
Evergreen17 - 17 Feb - DC1
HighSparrow - 17 Feb - DC1
SleepyMe12 - 17 Feb - DC3
Lykke1000 - 17 Feb - DC1
FlyingSpaghettiMonster - 18 Feb? - DC1
Sienna9522 - 21 Feb - DC1 - Scan 06/07
GinandJazzHands - 21 Feb - DC1
EmmaT1983 - 21 Feb - DC?
Weloveearlysleeptime - 23 Feb -DC2

Unknown EDD:
Lizardqueenie - ??? - DC2
Dutchy - ??? - DC2
SoapSudBud - ??? - DC2
Ubercorn - ??? - DC4
Themightymoosh - ??? - DC1

Will be missed;

FriendlyGhost Wed 15-Jun-16 10:15:38

Thought I'd update the stats for this thread. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone. Just shout if I did and I'll update smile

CinderellaFant Wed 15-Jun-16 10:30:18

Ah new thread! Well 6 and a half weeks here and morning sickness has kicked in big time!! My head hurts from retching so much. I'm really relieved though- makes me feel pregnant instead of thinking I've imagined the whole thing

Kellz92 Wed 15-Jun-16 10:32:46

Thanks for updating list, had lots to catch up on.

Jodie fx for your scan

Dutchy - fx for you too

Sorry for the ladies feeling down. After TTC for a year when DD was a surprise i was hoping to relax, i didnt at the start since i had a chemical last year but once i got a dark line all was good.

I havent even worried with the spotting the last few days as i know its normal just by how it is, and i have no pain and still loads of symptoms

Last night i had a candle lit in bedroom while i read my book was nice and relaxing, all i needed was a glass of February lol.

Hubby came home from work this morning with more cheapies so did one to keep him sane. test line came up before control and is dark, so he is reassured. I try not to read into stats either. didnt stress at all with DD so trying not to this time either

HighHopes16 Wed 15-Jun-16 10:44:09

Found you all smile I'm feeling more positive today - it's just a waiting game till my next scan.

twocatsandatoddler Wed 15-Jun-16 11:57:25

Sorry, think I pushed us over the limit on the last thread! In my defence, it did say 990 when I posted so I thought we had space!

PhoebeGeebee Wed 15-Jun-16 12:34:37

I'm neither positive nor negative today, just a big ball of anxiety ahead of the scan on Friday. Both sets of parents know we're duffed, and they know I'm getting scanned Friday but I haven't told them what time as I know they'll both be staring at their phones and I don't want to stress about contacting them if it's not a good outcome (why WOULDN'T it be???? is what I keep telling myself)

The good thing is I'm interviewing all day tomorrow and all morning Friday, so less time to let my crazy thoughts go wild and certainly less chance of me googling.

I felt a bit nauseous earlier, I'm having lots of CM and my boobs hurt if I really, really poke them, but other than that I am still symptomless. I think that's what's freaking me out so much. I just don't feel like there's anything in there, without any tiredness or MS, I feel like a fraud.

Urgh, sorry to bring my misery onto the so far positive thread two!

LondonGirl83 Wed 15-Jun-16 13:19:45

Hi ladies-- found out I'm preggers on Saturday. Was trying not to get full blown baby mad until week 7 after viability scan (I'm paying for it privately) but what the hell.

Due date is Feb 13th. I'm not booking in anything yet though. Just trying to focus on other stuff for one more week at least. Its getting harder though as my symptoms are getting very strong now!

wispaxmas Wed 15-Jun-16 13:27:57

Thanks for the new thread, skylucy, and for the updated list friendly!! I was wondering if I would end up the only person doing it grin

Responding to stuff on the old thread, I love the idea of reversing the stats to be more about the optimism than fear. 7 weeks today means a 95.8% probability that this baby is happening. Wow.

Welcome, Londongirl, a few of us have booked private scans, mine is next week!

FriendlyGhost Wed 15-Jun-16 14:12:10

Welcome londongirl
I've got an 84.2% chance now that all is well. Definitely like looking at it that way!
I took dd to the clinic to be weighed today and the hv asked me if I was expecting another. I'm only 5+1 and although i'm a bit bloated and still haven't got a flat stomach back after dd I didn't realise it was obvious. She said she just guessedshock

lawyeredout82 Wed 15-Jun-16 14:15:28

Does anyone have any advice for suffering with flu in early pregnancy? I'm 6 +4 and pretty much bed ridden with chills, shakes, fever and a sore throat but the only thing the pharmacist said I could take is paracetamol which barely touches the symptoms. I'm also not eating due to the combination of morning sickness/sore throat. Has anyone had this and been to the GP? I don't want them to think I'm wasting their time.

FriendlyGhost Wed 15-Jun-16 14:31:42

Sorry you're feeling so rubbish lawyer. I don't think the doctor will be able to do anything for flu but they may be able to help with sickness. You could try manuka honey to soothe your throat, also hot orange squash with honey in? I hope you feel better soon flowers

MarjorySunshineDust Wed 15-Jun-16 14:59:12

Hello everyone!
cinderella I feel your pain! Morning sickness in full swing. Was so hoping I would get away without it this time but guess it is reassuring. The only thing I can stomach is marmite on toast and crisps. Forcing myself to eat constantly because hunger makes it worse.

Welcome londongirl

wispaxmas Wed 15-Jun-16 15:54:34

lawyeredout, flu can be quite serious when you're pregnant - If I were you I would probably call the GP for a phone appt to ask advice. I don't think anyone would accuse you of wasting their time, but they probably wouldn't want you to come in if it's flu as it's so contagious.. Hope you get something to help!!

Kellz92 Wed 15-Jun-16 16:02:32

I've came home from work early, had a bit of bleeding so going for a scan tomorrow X

FriendlyGhost Wed 15-Jun-16 16:08:29

Hope it goes well tomorrow Kellz. Bleeding is scary but is very often completely normal.

twocatsandatoddler Wed 15-Jun-16 16:14:53

Hi lawyeredout, sorry you're suffering. Flu is horrible. I would def call GP or 111 for advice if you're worried.
I think the main danger is from dehydration so make sure you get plenty of fluids - the baby will be fine if you don't eat much for a few days (as my friend who had hyperemesis in her pregnancy can testify) but dehydration can be bad.

ChozzleopsTheThird Wed 15-Jun-16 16:19:02

Hello everyone!

Found out yesterday and have an EDD of 27th Feb 2017 according to one of the due date calculators. I've made no appointments yet.

Congratulations to everyone else smile

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