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wedding outfits at 18 and 28 weeks

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BristolLFR Sun 12-Jun-16 19:08:19


Hope this is the right place to post this!

I'm going to 3 weddings this summer
*festival wedding in a barn/ outdoors - 15 July @18 weeks
*bridesmaid at a beach restaurant wedding in Devon 31 July @20 weeks
*wedding at a vineyard/ farm in Tuscany (4 day affair!)- 1oct @29 weeks

There are 2 other preg bridesmaids at the middle wedding, so we'll be co-ordinating dresses, they're more preg than me so that'll be a maternity option that I'm hoping I can also use for the Tuscany wedding.

Ideally I want to buy something for the first wedding that I can also reuse, but not sure if I'll have much of a bump by then to justify a maternity dress?! To confuse matters, I'm on hol the fortnight before there first wedding (literally taxi from the airport to the wedding venue!) so can't leave it til the last min, I need to get something in the next couple of weeks!

I don't want to turn up in something that will drown me, but I don't want to buy a "normal" dress that either may not fit by then, or that I'll only get to wear once as I'll grow out of it very soon!

Are maternity dresses really obviously maternity? Am i better getting a maternity one for the first wedding, or are there particular "normal" styles I could go for which are cheap and cheerful? Fearful of anything too flinging when I could still be in the "just looking a bit fat" stage.

I'm only 5ft so worried the front of a maternity dress will dip too much at the front if not filled properly and look odd. 5ft, and sore big boobs also means that maxi dresses and anything strapless/ tiny straps is out.

I'm currently 13 weeks, normally a wobbly hour glass size 12 and while theres no bump at the mo (a bit of lower belly podge if anything) my waist and hips have definitely spread from the nausea-control carb-fest of the last few weeks!

Thanks! X

Hopelass Sun 12-Jun-16 19:14:16

Tiffany Rose! I have just bought my wedding dress from them and I'll be 26 weeks. They have gorgeous dresses in all styles. They sell well on eBay too.

hootatoot Sun 12-Jun-16 19:18:13

I'm in the same boat as you, wedding at the end of July when I will be 18 weeks pregnant. I've been looking on here

They have some nice looking maternity occasion wear and it's not too pricey and some of them don't look too maternity ish. Hth

BristolLFR Sun 12-Jun-16 21:58:21

Thanks ladies, will have a look at those smile

Spotted a featured thread that had a whole conversation about dresses for weddings so having a look there too.

Spoke to my mum and she had quite a bump by 18 weeks so maternity dresses are the definite route!

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