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Maternity swimming "gear" for my ENORMOUS MAMMARIES!!!

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SpaceDinosaur Thu 09-Jun-16 15:44:34

So, I was a G cup before pregnancy... I am currently a VERY full G cup moving on to a GG. Currently only 11+1 but I have popped a mini bump and my boobs are on the up.

I am no longer comfortable wearing my bikinis but I really want to swim.

I popped into Jojo Maman Bebe full of hope and optimism but the very few items they had out looked like they wouldn't fit anything more than a D.
I was a size 12/14 pre pregnancy. Bottoms 12, top 14 (boobs)

Bravissimo (my usual haunt) have no maternity gear to see.

Please may SOMEONE guide me?!!

BristolLFR Fri 10-Jun-16 08:06:05


Panache do fantastic larger boob sports bras, I've just looked and they do bikinis up a HH in some styles.

Perhaps one of those for support, with a tankini in a larger than normal clothes size? x

jessplussomeonenew Fri 10-Jun-16 08:15:25

Figleaves have a GG+ swimwear section which may be worth a try.

marriednotdead Fri 10-Jun-16 08:22:45

If you can get to Bravissimo, try on instore and work out what suits you- they do swimwear to a K cup. When you've got a bump to factor in, it's often easier to just get a bikini- fold or tie side bottoms can work well- and bung a t shirt on top if you're really not keen on showing your tummy. Fantasie tankinis tend to fit looser in the body and go up to about a H but they're quite ££.

wonkylegs Fri 10-Jun-16 08:23:03

I did hydrotherapy every week for the last trimester and wore a bikini (tie up one several sizes bigger on top than the bottom - didn't spend a fortune on it but lasted well) I am usually self concious but actually as I had a more defined bump it was fine wearing a bikini. At the end of pregnancy I was a 32K up from my usual 28FF
I couldn't find a maternity suit that coped with my huge but very neat defined bump, huge boobs but still normal sized bum without it being baggy or too tight somewhere.

HildurOdegard Fri 10-Jun-16 08:23:50

Next did maternity swimwear up to a 22 I think. The cups weren't underwired but did have a shelf.

SpaceDinosaur Fri 10-Jun-16 08:46:53

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions.

So, interesting to learn that no one actually makes specific maternity swimwear for busty ladies. hmm

HildurOdegard Fri 10-Jun-16 09:54:30

Most nursing bras stop around a g too I think - I got a hot milk one and was a g before my milk came in...

Large and or generous of nork women don't get pregnant y'see because we are ao hideously unattractive ! wink

SpaceDinosaur Fri 10-Jun-16 13:23:37

WOAH!!! I never contemplated finding a NURSING bra a challenge.

That is insane.

What the hell to BFing large busted women wear then?

HildurOdegard Fri 10-Jun-16 14:00:03

Just strap two buckets to your chest - it might be a tight fit mind.

wonkylegs Fri 10-Jun-16 14:23:42

I'm wearing the nursing bras I bought 8 years ago for my first (so glad I keep everything) but when I looked this website does a range of sizes for generous boobs

jessplussomeonenew Fri 10-Jun-16 17:13:52

You can get normal bras and convert them to nursing bras - the kits are under a fiver on ebay.

museumum Fri 10-Jun-16 17:20:16

I wore a bravissimo bikini with a maternity tankini top on top. Worked brilliantly. The bikini fit me after birth while bfing too.

SpaceDinosaur Fri 10-Jun-16 19:45:03

wonky legs thank you. I love you for that.

jess thank you. I don't want to to there but it's nice to know the possibility is there

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