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June 2016 #10 - the one where it's a pre and post natal thread

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iamdivergent Sat 28-May-16 22:01:52

Since we only have about 15 posts remaining I thought I'd make up the new one.

Lots of babies have arrived already but still plenty of us pregnant too. Here's to our June 2016 babies smile

iamdivergent Sat 28-May-16 22:04:08

And here is the link to the stats:

strawberrypenguin Sat 28-May-16 22:11:12

Thanks iam smile

MagicDucky Sat 28-May-16 22:16:16

Checking in, thanks iam!

laughingGnomette Sat 28-May-16 22:19:53

<waves> thanks iam!!

Torfhinn Sat 28-May-16 22:36:10

Thanks for the new thread iam

Mild contractions here so have taken paracetamol and will try to get some sleep. A least it looks like i will avoid an induction!

ILovePies Sat 28-May-16 22:38:37

Thanks IAm

ILovePies Sat 28-May-16 22:39:50

Eeeeeeee how exciting torfhinn! I'm so incredibly jealous!

iamdivergent Sat 28-May-16 22:40:13

No bother.

Good luck Torfhinn that sounds promising. Baby has been very active tonight, he's been pushing out everyway possible and just generally rumbling around.

jellybelly85 Sat 28-May-16 23:06:31

Good luck magoo & torf! Hope everything goes smoothly...

emma85x Sun 29-May-16 00:24:12

Good luck torfinn I hope you manage to get some sleep

mrsmugoo Sun 29-May-16 01:54:12

Baby girl born at 9:38pm at 38+4 after 4 hour quick, intense labour!

Successful VBAC, gas and air and one shot of pethedine (which was bloody brilliant!)

Needed ventouse and a small epi at the end as my contractions went shit and she had the cord around her neck.

All happy snuggled in bed feeding now - she latched on almost immediately and has been planted on eversince!

strawberrypenguin Sun 29-May-16 04:39:41

Congratulations mrs flowers

bikingintherain Sun 29-May-16 04:49:36

Congratulations mrs!

And thank you iam

cheshirem2b Sun 29-May-16 06:07:42

Thanks I am
mrs congratulations! Lovely to hear a successful vbac story! Fx I get mine on Tuesday.
torfhinn good luck and keep us posted!

BabySocks Sun 29-May-16 06:23:55

Huge congratulations, totally agree that it's great to hear about a successful vbac shock

ILovePies Sun 29-May-16 06:35:51

Congratulations mrs so pleased you got your VBAC! flowers

libertygirl Sun 29-May-16 07:01:26

I've been a lurker and would like to now announce the early arrival of James (6lb 7oz) and share my story for anyone worried about labour. He was due on 4th June but decided to make an appearance on 26th May.

I had a show in the morning but thought nothing of it. At about 7pm I had another. I had a quick birth last time but despite the fact I had no pain and no breakage of waters, my family insisted I left for the hospital "just in case".

Me being me I decided to tidy up first. At about 8.15pm we left. We arrived at 8.45 and a cross receptionist told us to sit in the waiting room. I had a bit of period ache (I say ache because it really wasn't pain).

My hubby (unbeknown to me) was timing my moments of "ooh my back aches a tad" and when I rubbed my tummy. At just gone 9 he announced I was doing it every 2 and a half minutes.

They begrudgingly took me through to a room and went (fair enough as I was still not in pain).

At 9.30 a midwife examined me purely because I said I needed a poo. (A clue I needed to push she later said) I was fully dilated! They broke my waters and 24 minutes later he popped out! He had the cord round his neck but was fine. I had no pain relief whatsoever and I genuinely didn't need it.

I hope it doesnt read like I'm boasting. I'm genuinely sharing this for anyone who is worried about labour. Yes you will hear horror stories but you will also hear ones like mine.

Further reassurance, my first child was a breech birth. I delivered her vaginally and with no pain relief in about an hour and a half. I honestly found that a breeze too.

Anyway, I wish you all the best with your babies :-)

libertygirl Sun 29-May-16 07:02:50

I also forgot to pass on my congratulations! :-) Sorry.

earlgreydrinker Sun 29-May-16 07:28:03

Congratulations mrs and liberty flowers

I went in for monitoring last night because the baby had been unusually quiet. I was a bit a lot worried and they gave me a bit of a lecture on the phone about definitely going in (even though it was 11pm) but when I got there they were lovely. First monitoring baby was v quiet. Then I had a scan and he woke up. Fine after that. Didn't get home till 2am. Going back in this morning for a follow up.
So just to say if you are in any doubt contact your midwife and go and get checked x

libertygirl Sun 29-May-16 07:29:30

I'm glad to read all was okay. :-)

LouLou030783 Sun 29-May-16 07:50:29

Congrats Mrs and Liberty,hope all is well with you both

GrubbyWindows Sun 29-May-16 07:51:44

Yay mrs huge congratulations! Fantastic news! I hope you managed to get some rest after that!
Welcome and congratulations liberty, what a great birth story!
Thinking of you torf, I hope all is proceeding apace- or you have managed to get a decent nights sleep before it all kicks off today...

GrubbyWindows Sun 29-May-16 07:54:09

Oops crossed in the post with earlgray. That sounds super stressful!!! So glad it was ok- I hope today goes well too

ILovePies Sun 29-May-16 07:58:21

Congratulations liberty lovely to read such a positive birth story smile
Glad all is well with bubs emma so good to hear of people taking reduced movements seriously.
Hope all is well torfhinn
Babies popping out everywhere!

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