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babies and bumps mixed thread -May babies are coming!

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cantbelieveImquittingcoffee Wed 11-May-16 18:44:50

Here's the new thread, for bumps and babies before we all graduate together!

GrouchyKiwi Wed 11-May-16 18:54:47

Thanks cant. <marking place>

ODog Wed 11-May-16 19:29:11

Thanks cant.

29redshoes Wed 11-May-16 19:41:32

Thanks for the new thread cant.

We've had a complete breastfeeding breakdown here today. I was never super confident about it but it's now got much worse, today I'm finding it impossible to get DD to latch. She gets frustrated, I get frustrated, we both end up crying!!

So confused about what to do - terrified she's not getting enough to eat. Was given so many different phone numbers when I was discharged that I'm a bit confused about what to do now. She's barely fed since late morning, is that bad enough for A and E?? Postnatal ward? Obv there are community midwives etc but have left it too late for today, is tomorrow too late to call?

29redshoes Wed 11-May-16 19:44:00

Or do I even just give her formula now so she's had something...?

ODog Wed 11-May-16 19:46:55

29 call post natal and see what they say. They will signpost you if not correct. I know it's so hard but you need to try to relax as its so much harder when you are on edge about it. Also formula isn't the devil if it's helps you both chill out a bit

cantbelieveImquittingcoffee Wed 11-May-16 19:50:22

oh 29 same here!! Have been having meltdowns on and off for the past 3 days, feeding wasn't totally established when we left the hospital and I have been freaking out quite a lot. I had a hand pump so ended up pumping and feeding through a teeny syringe yesterday just to get something in her then didn't want to try any other way, but the midwife came and seemed horrified when I told her about the syringe. Just used a nipple shield (in amongst the stuff my sister sent) and it worked like bloody magic! fed for 40mins with no pain, no drama, I feel like a different person! I think NCT has a phoneline that is open till 10pm?

Everythinggettingbigger Wed 11-May-16 19:54:37

Just place marking! Still pregnant over here haha

Nipple shield.....good to know in advance! Breast feeding consultant who came to see me last week advised about hand expressing and using a syringe so not sure why the midwife wasn't happy about that?

GrouchyKiwi Wed 11-May-16 19:54:44

29 Could you do some skin-to-skin and let the baby find your nipple by herself? It has a name but I can't remember it right now. Basically you just snuggle up, pop baby on your tummy and let her snuffle up your chest till she latches on. I found it worked really well with DD2 in the early stages (and it's quite fabulous to watch).

ODog Wed 11-May-16 19:56:23

ladies - bf is hard. Very hard. It's constant and draining and in years gone by you would have had a village of support to help. We don't have that anymore so make sure you use the professionals as much as you need. Mum and baby need to be relaxed for milk to flow and baby to latch so do what you need to create that environment. I was lucky that I had a really straightforward bf journey with DS but it was still super hard.

29redshoes Wed 11-May-16 19:58:38

Guys you're amazing and cant I am SO relieved to hear it's not just me. Off to make some phone calls now. Have just hand expressed some milk so at least have something to give her tonight if needs long as I can work out how!!!

fanks Wed 11-May-16 20:01:43

Hello Ladies, can I join you? Saw the link on the other thread.

I'm still 39 weeks pregnant with number 4, given my others are all over 2 weeks late I'm not holding much hope for an on time baby this time!

I found getting in bath with baby helped with breastfeeding, also just lots of skin to skin contact laying down and try to let them latch independently rather than trying to position them. It's so hard to start with but hopefully it will just click!

GrouchyKiwi Wed 11-May-16 20:04:35

Absolutely agree with what ODog said.

The term I was looking for is biological nurturing. A breastfeeding consultant showed us with DD2. And has great resources.

Hi fanks. Hopefully this one will surprise you!

armyofthree Wed 11-May-16 20:21:36

Thanks can't for the new thread.

29 you are not alone with the BF problems. It is really hard. I've had so many problems that I'm going to see a BF expert team who also specialise in tongue tie tomorrow. Sitting here expressing as I write this.

I've been given lots of good ideas. Here are the ones I think work to some degree.

Try expressing because nothing worse than a hungry crying baby to add to your already high stress and guilt levels.

Try nipple shields as they did work a few times for us.

Try skin to skin like others suggested.

Eat and drink well to make sure you are producing enough milk.

Try different positions.

See a BF expert or support group tomorrow.

Get tongue tie and lip tie checked out.

Good luck!

ODog Wed 11-May-16 20:24:06

frozen I think your post got lost in the thread switch over.

I really sympathise with you as I went 10days over with DS and it was the hardest thing ever. Much easier this time with him to occupy me. I really hope you get an induction date as sometimes the threat of a date gets things moving.

Outnumb3red Wed 11-May-16 20:51:11

When I bf my first it was hard going initially while I tried to get the latch right. All it took was a minor adjustment and we sailed from there on in. I tried the nipple shields but didn't like them, I wasn't too good at hand expressing so I got a medula swing - worth every penny - and when my nipples were too sore I fed expressed milk out a bottle. I know they say not to for nipple confusion etc, but it never caused us any issues.

Pikz Wed 11-May-16 20:51:52

Frozen I feel every ounce of sympathy for you that is really really shit

Definitely get yourself to the breastfeeding clinic they do wonders for your self confidence and tactics. It's made me do things so differently this time and also get the tongue ties checked. Having dS2cut tomorrow before we Even go home where as for DS1 they didn't see it til 6 weeks

shalalala Wed 11-May-16 20:56:18

Our little girl was born at midday after a very speedy 3.5 hours after my waters broke. Midwife didn't believe I was that far along until I have to be rushed to the delivery suite and 45 mins later she came along! Such a wonderful, intense and amazing day I can't quite describe it x

GrouchyKiwi Wed 11-May-16 21:13:26

Congratulations shalalala! All the best for a speedy recovery, and enjoy your newborn cuddles.

Pikz Wed 11-May-16 21:22:25

Congratulations shalalala

ODog Wed 11-May-16 21:23:02

Congrats shalala

PearlyFish Wed 11-May-16 21:42:16

Thanks for the new thread Cant.

Congratulations Shalala, good to hear it was speedy and all went well!

Got my fingers crossed for you Frozen, hope you get the sweep arranged and an induction date, and that things get going before you need either of them flowers

Regarding breastfeeding I can't better the advice given above - all excellent tips. And as ODog says we aren't meant to be doing this alone, we are meant to have extended family and a whole village around to help. DH and I were saying just that to each other a couple of days ago and did find it comforting, sort of puts it into perspective why it's so hard.

I survived my first day alone with two! Frankly I've completely overdone it, walking DD to preschool and back (via supermarket) and then going back to collect her with DS in the sling. I feel totally knackered so can only hope I get some sleep tonight!

Speedy birth wishes to those waiting, and hope the existing May babies sleep well tonight smile

Icecappedpinetrees Thu 12-May-16 03:35:12

Baby iecappedpinetrees arrived Tuesday night, a brother for DS1. Full update soon.

ParsnipSoup Thu 12-May-16 04:33:15

Congratulations icecapped! Looking forward to hearing more.

Really good breastfeeding advice. I hope those struggling start to find that it gets a little easier soon. I'm very glad you'll all be around once I'm giving it a go.

Third night with less than 4hrs sleep. I've got th midwife and the health visitor today. Health visitor is coming to the house so I need to have a tidy and remove as much cat fur as possible from the sofa so the poor lady can sit down without getting a hairy bum.

ODog Thu 12-May-16 06:47:52

Congrats ice. Look forward to the birth story.

pearly - please try to nap today, follow your body's cues as nature intended. I sound like a right hippy I am a bit sometimes but pregnancy and birth are the most natural thing we can do and fighting against how we feel because of modern conventions will make it harder (eg only going to bed at certain times). Also you get used to the lack of sleep and can be surprisingly productive on just a few hours.

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