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Thread #5 - TTC#1 grads thread - now we're cooking with charcoal!

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PotatosMum Thu 14-Apr-16 21:12:46

Welcome again to the rambling journey that is the TTC#1 (or whatever) grads thread.

Anyone's welcome to join the trip, just remember to pack your sense of humour and a strong stomach as there is no such thing as TMI!

EDD List
11 Mor (surprise)
13 Bunch (boy)
16 New (surprise)
27 Potato
30 Pink (girl)

1 Shelb
4 Nev (boy)
12 Danni
14 Soda
14 LittleBelle
17 Bubbles
28 Leonie
29 Laurenrl

5 Lisa
6 Irregular
8 Miley
12 Indi
13 Co5mo
14 Lillian
15 Planet
27 Lara
30 First

6 Bellini
8 Pyxie
11 Peaches
11 5tar
12 Rae
21 Canters
25 Stark!!!!!
25 Jam
29 Elle

6 Impy
9 Feef
11 Flash

Pinklily1 Thu 14-Apr-16 21:18:12

Yeah for the new thread Potato! But more importantly, how did the scan go?!

Also, new thread stats:

Age 34
Currently 20+2 with baby no.1
Team Pink!

PotatosMum Thu 14-Apr-16 21:25:38

you're a day early m'dear... The mass scanning happened tomorrow. My scans at 9am so I'm sure I'll be spamming the forum with photos before lunch grin

Pinklily1 Thu 14-Apr-16 21:28:53

Duh me! I blame baby brain entirely grin I did wonder why there hadn't been a flurry of scan photos!

Lots of luck for tomorrow - looking forward to your update!

IndiX Thu 14-Apr-16 21:32:35

14+1 pregnant with a little lemon sized baby called Bean.

Good luck for scans tomorrow ladies! Can't wait to see scan pics grin

leoniethelioness Thu 14-Apr-16 21:38:22

Place marking! Good luck tomorrow, girls!

StarkyTheDirewolf Thu 14-Apr-16 21:49:38

Starky, 29. 8 weeks exactly with a tiny Tapeworm "Little T" who I don't believe exists!

Excited for seeing all the influx of scans tomorrow! Thanks for the new thread potato grin

Mileymoocow Thu 14-Apr-16 21:54:40

starky that's exactly why I had an early scan. I was crippled with anxiety and just had to know it was all for something. Just go with it! It's all going to be ok, just look at the statistics - they're massively in your favour! grin

Age 26
14+5 with a troll doll!

Morning sickness is gone thanks to my new shiny pills, and though I still feel nauseous I think I've out done myself today - OH took me for a steak dinner only disappointment was that I had it cooked medium and not rare and it was the best thing I've ever tasted. Long may this continue!

runner are we having a sweep? can you do a sweepstake when it can only be one of two outcomes? I think you're team pink

LillianFullStop Thu 14-Apr-16 21:54:50

Checking in!

Lillian 36 with a little 12+3 stowaway named Bee!

Pinklily1 Thu 14-Apr-16 22:07:08

Woo hoo for the amazing pills Miley! So pleased that they are helping and fingers crossed this is the start of a much better pregnancy phase for you!

Pinklily1 Thu 14-Apr-16 22:07:41

Ps if there is a sweepstake going, I think Potato is Team Blue!

Danni89 Thu 14-Apr-16 22:11:01

Danni, 27. Baby no1 at 18+4 weeks.. Scan a week on Monday and we're defo finding out the sex!

Good luck for all scans tomorrow! Can't wait for the updates

Jamjar12 Thu 14-Apr-16 22:12:00

New thread!

Jam, 28
First baby- 8 weeks today.
Feeling nauseous, knackered, grumpy and chunky!!

StarkyTheDirewolf Thu 14-Apr-16 22:16:11

miley dh suggested we go for one as he's had to basically strangle the knots out of my neck twice in the last couple of days because it's sooooo tight! Excellent news about your new pills though too! I bet that's made such a difference. Yay!

I also sort of think team pink for you potato but I think you think team blue and as he's living in your uterus I'm inclined to go with your gut feeling!

Sodasoda Thu 14-Apr-16 22:44:55

Checking in!
Soda, 33
18+1 with baby number 1
Scan on Monday - going to keep the willpower and go for a surprise!

I'm in maternity tights but they just roll down my little bump so really not loving them! But normal tights just cut me in an awkward place across my belly button.

On the not believing thing - I've got to grips with being pregnant but translating that into actually having a baby at the end of it I'm finding much harder. Possibly explains why I've bought so many maternity things and haven't even thought about baby stuff!! We tried for quite a while to get pregnant and we're so happy and excited I keep thinking I can't possibly be this lucky.... confused Trying to be positive and I'm sure it'll all feel more real after scan on Monday.

Glad you're doing better miley.

Good luck for all scans tomorrow, looking forward to seeing lots of lovely baby pics!

Mileymoocow Thu 14-Apr-16 23:02:09

Yay soda another team cream!

Thanks for all your support throughout the hell that was my first trimester even though I've been very self absorbed and all me me me. You ladies really are the best, not sure I could have managed without you all

Planeteer Thu 14-Apr-16 23:29:31

Planet, 29 (for another week!)
13+5 with a jalapeño currently named Pancake.

Potato, Lillian, Lara good luck for scans tomorrow! (And anybody else if I've missed you!) Potato another vote for the blue team here. Can't wait to find out whether mini potato is a spud or a spudette!!

Miley so chuffed for you that you're finally starting to feel better. What a bloody roller coaster!!

I am stiiiiill suffering with the cold of doom that won't die. Dragged myself into work the last few days but am giving up and staying at home tomorrow. I need rest, fluids and Greys Anatomy. Stat!

PotatosMum Fri 15-Apr-16 05:38:42

Miley yay! For tablets working. I'm so happy for you, you've had it so rough thanks

You can have a sweepstake if you like. But yeh, only really two options, unless you count squirrel as an option... I keep telling people that I won't be surprised either way, the only way I'll be surprised is if it turns out to be a squirrel confused

Soda I also have no problem believing in pregnant but can't get my head around the idea of actually having a baby.
I know I will, I'm buying stuff for it, but I can't get my head around the reality that in less than 19 weeks I will be responsible for a small human other than my OH

Planter don't do it!!! Not the staying home, that's a good idea, you should rest... I mean Greys, that show always makes me cry then I end up with a headache, it's just not worth it! wink

So woke up at 5am with the calf cramp from hell! Now I'm just laying awake worrying about my scan, as you do hmm

shelbTa Fri 15-Apr-16 06:41:47


Glad you are feeling better miley!

20+4 and scan today, eeeekkkkk!!!!

Good luck runner - are you planning on drinking water?

Hi everyone!


BunchOfBobs Fri 15-Apr-16 06:50:29

Morning, thanks for the new thread Potato.
Bunch here, 30, currently 22+6 with my aubergine sized dancer boy.

Very excited to see everyone's scans today. Potato I'm team pink going off Nevs theory
Miley* so glad to hear you're feeling much better.

Starky do it, I was so much more relaxed after my early scan. Bawled my eyes out once it finished as I was so relieved.

PotatosMum Fri 15-Apr-16 07:09:58

shelb good luck to you too! grin
I'm not going to be drinking any more water than I normally would. I need to pee enough as it is!!! blush

Seems most of you have me down for a girl shock guess I'll know soon... DSD will be unbearable if it is a girl. hmm

LaraG13 Fri 15-Apr-16 07:33:24

Thanks for the new thread runner. Lara, 12+1 with first baby.

Good luck and enjoy today shelb, runner and lillian. I vote team blue for runner. Are you finding out the sex shelb?

leonie I am currently in the (rather stressful and poorly timed) process of being made redundant but am hoping to get another job once that's all done - probably in Cardiff.

I second what others have said about not really believing I'll have a baby. Now that I've accepted I'm pregnant, all my thoughts are on the pregnancy and birth, and not beyond that.

miley thank god you're feeling better!!

Pinklily1 Fri 15-Apr-16 08:08:02

Good luck to all having scans today! I'm impressed by the willpower of those not finding out the sex!

I'm sure people may know this already, but Asda and Aldi are both having baby events at the minute, looks like some decent savings.

BunchOfBobs Fri 15-Apr-16 08:10:23

On that note Pink if anyone is interested in cloth nappies next week is "Real nappy week" so there's lots of offers and discounts on retailers next week.

I thought the Aldi event was on next week Pink as I've sent my parents a shopping list (no Aldi near me).

Newmrs22 Fri 15-Apr-16 08:11:46

New thread! Yay! I'm 22+3 today and although I don't feel great, I think the 'pregnancy glow' is actually starting! My skin is looking quite nice (for once)

Good luck for all the scans! So exciting!

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