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December 2016... Babies

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Penguinepenguins Mon 21-Mar-16 18:30:31

Doesn't seem to be a thread yet for babies due in December, possibly because I'm crazy and POAS really really early but a line is a line and today was my "double check" second day and a BFP it was again!

I sadly had a miscarriage in November found the July babies thread a huge help in my early days of pregnancy and the ladies were very supportive after the MC - I've just returned to mumsnet under a new name as I was finding it a bit painful at one point and went a bit cold turkey from it all!

So here is a bit about me

I'm 38
This will be baby number one for me
EDD 3rd December (know when I ovulated been using the monitor - the app -- ok many apps I've consulted this morning-- confirm this as the date

Very nervous after last time but want to enjoy every minute I can, I loved being pregnant before and want to do all the same things as before just keeping everything crossed for a sticky one.

Who is ready to join me smile

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 21-Mar-16 23:01:22

Hiyaaaaaa! I'm Starky, 29, just got a bfp on Saturday. According to dates + ovia etc my Edd can be anywhere from 25th November to 1st December. I'm 4+3. Got all my fingers crossed it's a sticky bean! This is scary as balls and I'm still a bit shell shocked!

Fx they're all sticky beans!

duxb Tue 22-Mar-16 08:37:50

Hi. Tentatively saying hello. I had a BFP this morning (well two as the first was with a clear blue easy and I know they can be a bit of a nuisance for false positives!) I sadly had a missed miscarriage in January at 11 weeks (baby had stopped developing at around 7 weeks) so to say we are a rather shell shocked and nervous couple is an understatement. At the moment feeling between really blessed that we conceived so early and in absolute disbelief that it's real and that something must be wrong / a fluke. But two lines on two tests so just hoping all is well and that this is a successful pregnancy. EDD anywhere from 28.11.16.

Congratulations on your BFPs! xx

Penguinepenguins Tue 22-Mar-16 10:24:08

Congrats ladies!!!

It's so nerve racking, I am also still rather shell shocked am still POAS (third day in a row) I've run out now so no more POAS for me smile I just have to keep checking as I tested so early more nervous I think because it's only 3+4 for me but it is happening!

I'm having crazy symptoms already, exhaustion, early waking, nausea (didn't have this last time..) the symptoms hit me almost from the point of conception I am just so sensitive!

Today it's green peppers I hate green peppers, yet now, I can't get enough of the damm things smile

There be more mumsnetters over here soon, I've been on the testing Easter weekend thread and those ladies are POAS like champions and will come accross once they have their BFP smile

Eeek it's exciting stuff!

Jade1212 Tue 22-Mar-16 11:26:02

Hi all!

I'm in the November thread as well but not sure I should be in there... wouldn't be surprised to find myself in here as my ClearBlue digitals are still coming up 1-2 weeks, so I thought I'd come and say hi!

So, hello! I think I'm 5w+4 with #1 and very excited - been TTC for 3 and a half years so this is awesome! But also a little nervous about getting tooo excited so early. Won't see my midwife 'til W10 and the scan's booked for W13, eek!

Symptoms wise, I'm not too bad (which is worrying actually, but I'm sure I should be enjoying it!) but I'm SO TIRED!

Congrats on your BFPs, hope you don't mind me straddling both groups until I have a date!

Penguinepenguins Tue 22-Mar-16 11:46:55

I'm in both too Jade smile

I wanted to talk about it as I tested so early! But the ladies in the November thread are already on scans and things and I think it will be nice to see what's to come but be in here as people are around the same time as me smile

Don't think it matters one bit smile

Jade1212 Tue 22-Mar-16 12:58:19

Great, Penguinepenguins !

Penguinepenguins Tue 22-Mar-16 16:58:33

I have been an emotional wreck all day...

I've cried because I saw a picture of my oldest cat as a kitten - and cried again typing this, she is 10 this week
I've cried because my big boy cat came to snuggle me and he looked cute
I've cried because DP brought me KFC for lunch which I loved last time and now the smell makes me heave
I've cried because I'm tired really tired
I've cried because my sense of smell is now like a bloodhound and everything tastes rubbish

I want to glow... Aren't I supposed to be glowing lol

Penguinepenguins Tue 22-Mar-16 17:00:24

I also have spots... Never had spots even as a teenager and I don't know what to do with them...

Off to have a bath and hopefully find my inner glow smile

ScottishGirlx Tue 22-Mar-16 20:07:07

Hi ladies!!

Just popping in to say hello and mark my place - I'm on the Nov board too smile

A bit about me :

I'm 27, TTC since Sept. MC in Jan and got my BFP last Friday. So far not many symptoms.... Thirst & peeing more, not sleeping well, some spots and feeling a bit 'different'. Currently 4+1 smile

Is it weird that I don't have sore boobs? I never really get sore boobs before AF etc so maybe it's normal for me!

Penguine sorry to hear you've had an emotional day... Good to get it out though! I've been snappy with DP tonight for no reason. Whoops! Think it must be all the hormones. He better get used to it hahaha!

ScottishGirlx Tue 22-Mar-16 20:07:45

Also meant to say that my estimated due date is Nov 28th!

Penguinepenguins Tue 22-Mar-16 20:33:24

I feel quite calm this evening, had a long bath, dug out my creams, lotions and potions from last time did my nails did a face mask - sitting here feeling quite serene whilst eating prunes and fighting wind actually feeling much calmer although still sleepy smile

About the boobs... I'd say lucky smile mine get out of control! Was a nice C/D cup went up to an F when pregnant and only ever went back to an E I dread to think how huge there going to get, have extremely itchy nipples and they feel heavy/shooting pains already much more than when AF is about to arrive... I apologise in advance as I fear I will moan a lot about my chest in the coming months

Penguinepenguins Tue 22-Mar-16 20:35:35

And yes your DP will need to get used to it, I tend to cry on mine... Poor them hmm

With the thirst I've tried coconut water today, marvellous stuff has definitely helped quench my thirst a bit! Its really good at rehydrating you and ive throughly enjoyed that today!

Jade1212 Tue 22-Mar-16 20:43:53

I'm feeling panicky this evening and I don't know why - maybe connected to all the emotional hormoney stuff? I've been peeing on more sticks "just to check" and freaking out that the lines aren't as strong. Not sure if I should be reading anything into that or not, very happy they're still there though! It's so frustrating to not be able to do anything to control how things are going

Penguinepenguins Tue 22-Mar-16 21:58:17

Bless your heart, I'm quite calm this evening - I've read some people get really anxious tight, I've struggled a bit too waking up feeling disorientated or just a bit lost in myself. Bath really helped, is it to late for you to try and have one? I brought lots of lovely products and things last time round that I still had and just some R&R this evening has really helped.

I've POAS last three days smile am on 11 or 12dpo so still super early but lines are there and staying about the same, I've run out now sad next ones arrive Friday I think this will be good for me as I'm constantly questioning it and there is no doubt it's happening as have so many symptoms (I did last time, hormones get me quick)thought finding out earlier would be good, it is good but I'm also now desperate to see a darker line... I can't wait for a heartbeat scan and then I think I will be able to breath.

Try to relax, and try to wait three days give the hormone a chance to double it can take 3 days in the early days then your see a line increase says the crazy POAS lady

Penguinepenguins Tue 22-Mar-16 21:59:09

Sorry again if I sound jumbled am yet again struggling to keep my eyes open, trying to make it to 10 in the hope I don't wake up a hundred times this evening!

KitKat1985 Wed 23-Mar-16 08:33:53

Hi ladies. Can I join if you don't mind? [Waves to penguinepenguins from the Easter testing thread]! I just got a BFP on Monday so it's still sinking in a bit. My official due date from period calculator is 2nd December but I already have a DD (18 months old) who was born a week early, so I think there's a reasonable chance that DC2 will also be a bit early, so I'm thinking late November is pretty likely. I'll probably hover both here and the November boards. Trying to debate as to whether to phone doctors today or whether to wait until next week, as it seems so early still. I guess I could phone them today. I think it's unlikely they will give me an appointment before next week anyway (our GP surgery insists on a GP referral to midwife, which is silly as last time they literally just asked me when my last period was and said they would let the midwife know, which seems a bit of a waste of a GP appointment to me as I could have just self-referred to the midwife and done the same). Also I'm irrationally scared they will turn around and tell me I'm not pregnant. hmm Like you ladies I keep testing on sticks and freaking if the line isn't getting stronger. I know I need to calm down. It's only been two days and I'm already going crazy! It doesn't help that I do a risky job so I've already had to tell a few people as work which makes me nervous in case anything goes wrong. Anyway just wanted to say hi! And yes, I also have awful wind! blush Jade so pleased for you after 3 and a half years TTC! Penguine sorry for your miscarriage in November. flowers xx

duxb Wed 23-Mar-16 08:56:39

Morning all. My lines aren't getting any stronger either although I'm now out of tests so will hold on for a week or so and then do a digital for piece of mind. It still doesn't feel real and apart from being really tired and bloated I don't feel pregnant at all. No sickness, my boobs are fine. The only thing is that things seem spicier and when I was washing my hair over the bath the day before I tested, I felt really nauseous (both of which happened really early on last time). Those factors are the only reason I tested on day one of my missed period. I know it's all really new but I sort of want to feel really awful as last time, with the missed miscarriage I barely had any symptoms and I've convinced myself that if I feel awful it's a good sign! I'm only 4+3 so no real symptoms are supposed to be present anyway yet.

Penguinepenguins Wed 23-Mar-16 09:09:30

Arrgggg typed long message and then hit a link.

Welcome kitkat it's good to have you here!! Thank you was the hardest thing I've even been through - I don't think I will rest easy until a private scan, which will be week 7 so a three week wait...

Some of us are jumping between the two boards too so your in good company!! I like being there to see what's to come but here as were so far in a similar boat time wise, and at the end I would be scared of being left on all on my lonesome feeling like a hippo whilst everyone else is sleep deprived smile lol

I've been good today and didn't POAS only have a digital and won't use that until the weekend as have been early response until now and I know digitals can not detect it al early a not-pregnant will send me nuts even though my brain knows the four the shame tests I've taken in the past three days can't be wrong smile neither can the extreme tiredness, wind oh dear lord or the ridiculous crying (I am not a cryer normally)

Am booking up with GP next week, tail end so nearly five weeks then - have a wonderful GP who specialises in all things lady and is super supportive I also need to see a consultant sooner due to a rare condition that effects the valves in my body including my heart so may occasionally get dehydrated and need drips for a bit so she warns A&E for me and that settles my nerves I don't want to be looked at like I'm crazy if I have to turn up there. Midwife lady apt was at 10 weeks - worries me what less proactive mums or those who don't know what they should be doing as they don't consultant Google quite as vigorously as others do in that 10 weeks as it's such a delicate time for little ones plus they don't get the support they need, but there you go.

Penguinepenguins Wed 23-Mar-16 09:18:22

Hi Duxb

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage, it is heartbreaking, I'm the same constantly symptom spotting or not system spotting or panicking with every tiny cramp (I get lots of symptoms early I think because I'm just very sensitive to any slight changes because of my condition) but I'm thinking do my boobs hurt as much, did I feel more or less sick last time, is the line darker...

It's driving me insane!

So to stop myself going crazy I am trying to get myself into nice relaxing routines and enjoy it, last night with Bath, bubbles and creams I felt more settled, I slept better (apart from the hour awake at 4.30 and the waking up every two hours to pee) and I do feel more calm this morning, and I'm going to try and stop panicking about it all but it's very difficult!

I know I will eventually cope if the worse happens again no idea how but I know that I will - but I want to enjoy every minute I can so I know I have to remain positive and think of the 2nd December and a little tiny human looking up at me or me screaming please it's time for you to come out! gosh am all emotional again now smile

I really am a mess!

Jade1212 Wed 23-Mar-16 10:12:28

A bath sounds nice, Penguine, but I was already in bed by the time you posted that :D I’m still totally wiped, haha! I’m not sure what DPO I am (hard to pinpoint) but the lines were really strong over the weekend so that’s why I’m a bit panicky about them being so pale now (even with FMU this morning) but DH pointed out that I am drinking way more water since we found out so maybe I’m just diluting my pee? Haha! I’ve ordered some more digis anyway and fingers crossed they’ll go from 1-2 to 2-3 soon. Unfortunately there’s no chance I’ll be able to wait a few days… I need to PO_ALL the_Ss!

Welcome, KitKat, that is a weird system with your GP! I called mine and the receptionist just gave me the number for the midwife’s booking line and they asked the date of my last period and booked me in for my first MW appt (in about W10) and my first scan (W13). They also asked me which hospital I wanted to deliver in - a decision I hadn’t expected to make quite yet! Luckily I already had an idea so the scan is booked in for that one.

duxb aw, I’m in a similar boat - no sickness, only slightly tender boobs, just feeing tired. However, I also found yesterday that something tasted really spicy that shouldn’t have been spice at all - is that a symptom? That’s awesome!! It’s frustrating but I guess you just need to keep telling yourself that it’s early and no news is probably good news - even if you don’t feel much yet, you are getting positive tests and feeling something. Fingers crossed you feel AWFUL soon :D haha, sorry!!

Penguin (again), I agree about the lack of guidance!! I couldn’t believe that I was basically left to it on my own for the first 10 weeks. Nobody’s told me what medicines or foods to avoid, how to look after myself or baby, who to call or what to do if I suspect a problem… just nothing at all! It’s quite worrying really. I feel very lucky to be comfortable with the internet, and to have been planning this for so long that we’ve already waded through a lot of the contradictory advice and worked things out a bit - it must be much more scary and difficult for those finding out out of the blue! I guess the system at KitKat’s GP might actually make sense as at least you get to see someone when booking in with the MW

Loving the idea of the relaxing routine - unfortunately the last 7 weeks of my first trimester overlap perfectly with the last 7 weeks of this semester at university (I went back as a mature student in September) so I have a million essays and exams to worry about - eek! Trying to do as much uni work as I can when I’m not working or sleeping… doesn’t leave much time! :P

Penguinepenguins Wed 23-Mar-16 10:43:56

I'm completed wiped out! Last night was determined to stay awake until 10pm! Them passed out. I'm also napping loads - am tired of seeing on my excessive google searches, you won't feel any symptoms until 6+ weeks: Utter rubbish!!

I'm also peeping like a champion, I think my stick results haven't increased due to drinking so much more, I drink a lot anyway but I'm at double my ususal intake has to have an effect on the results - I'm such an addict to these sticks smile

I will go back to being my super busy self during the day, but am trying to get into a thirty minute calm time in the morning (getting up so bloody early anyway) and then same in the evening to have a bath, lotions and potions and chamomile tea not sure how long this will last smile

Penguinepenguins Wed 23-Mar-16 10:53:58

And good luck with uni!!! Have a friend who has been doing various uni courses for the past six or so years and loves it... Although disapears about now most years smile

Jade1212 Wed 23-Mar-16 17:10:22

Thanks! I love it but trying to balance exams and everything else isn't as fun at the moment :P

Penguinepenguins Wed 23-Mar-16 20:45:58

I can imagine, it must be tricky!!

Anyone having any other new symptoms? I now appear to have the nose of a blood hound smile

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