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Best Christmas present ever - September 2016

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peardrop2 Fri 25-Dec-15 06:17:14

Hi ladies,

I've been TTC2 for 1.5 years and I've just found out I'm pregnant smile 1 day before Xmas eve! Best present ever! Anyone else celebrating a bfp this Christmas? I've already had to dodge chocolate mousse, champagne and Stilton...all worth it though!! grin

genome Fri 25-Dec-15 07:47:35

Congratulations! Found out I'm expecting our third a couple of days ago. Official due date is 30th August, but both DD1&2 were 6 days late so I think early September is more likely! It's a lovely Christmas suprise smile

peardrop2 Fri 25-Dec-15 09:24:05

Thank you! Congratulations to you too Genome! My edd is around 5th September by my calculations. Ds was on time so who knows what the next one will do!

icklekid Sat 26-Dec-15 06:14:08

I also found out Christmas eve (might have had pate the previous day as had persuaded myself couldn't be pregnant! ) been good ever since! Been trying 5months for dc2 I make my end 29th August so presuming September baby although ds came on due date!

icklekid Sat 26-Dec-15 06:14:41

*end edd

ohanami Sat 26-Dec-15 09:59:40

Congratulations ladies! I got a very faint bfp this morning which will be an edd of about 6th September if all goes smoothly (though dd was early so need to be prepared for a summer baby just in case) I have to admit to a couple of glasses of wine yesterday after getting a bfn in the morning blush Best behaviour for new year now though.

I haven't been able to tell dh yet - we've still got family staying so going to wait until we've got the place to ourselves later.

sparklystars20 Sat 26-Dec-15 20:10:49

Hello! Very nervous/excited first timer here!
BFP Xmas Eve - big surprise as been together 11yrs and actively ttc for 9 months so had not expected it at all!
I think I'm due 1st Sept? Still can't really get my head around it and not really believing it tbh!
Desperate to book a GP appt and get the ball rolling to arrange MW appt (even though I know it won't be for weeks!) but with this one time of year that surgery seems to be closed for most of 2 weeks I've no idea when I'll get to book an appt?!

Have you got any symptoms yet?

MrsMogz Sun 27-Dec-15 00:22:59

Can I join ladies? A BFP and BFN'S, but my instincts are telling me the answer. Going to try and have a day off testing tomorrow and resume Monday. So fingers crossed that one (albeit faint) BFP meant something!

ohanami Sun 27-Dec-15 07:12:10

I'm with you on the faint lines MrsMogz, I haven't told dh yet because I was worried the line I saw yesterday was just my imagination. 3 more tests today with different levels of faint lines (2 that don't make me think I made it up and 1 that I'd have said was bfn if I didn't have the others next to it). Fingers crossed you get a stronger line tomorrow.

Sparkly the only symptom I've had is some tingling/slight tenderness in my breasts, and they feel a bit fuller than usual. Last time round they were the big giveaway, by 8 weeks I looked like I'd had a serious boob job. Have you had any symptoms?

genome Sun 27-Dec-15 07:23:29

Congratulations everyone! I've been feeling sick already, which is much earlier than I felt it with my DDs! Boobs were very sore before I got my bfp, but have calmed down a bit now.

sparklystars20 Sun 27-Dec-15 07:59:18

Congratulations everyone and those with possible BFP - keeping everything crossed for you!
My boobs have been really sore/tender since before BFP but I think starting to ease off a bit each day. Been getting mild crampy feelings in lower stomach/pelvis but it comes and goes.
Also appetite isn't what it normally is which is frustrating at Xmas with all the yummy food around!!
Going to attempt to find a comfy bra today... Where do I start?!?!

MrsMogz Sun 27-Dec-15 12:34:22

BFN for me again this morning ladies sad Surely that BFP on Thursday would have progressed by now.

I have no more tests now and am not running out today to get more. Thursday it shall be.

I've marked my place and really hope I can stay smile

See you all Thursday!

Nevlet Sun 27-Dec-15 15:35:26

Hi can i join you all please? Bfp today have done 4 tests as in disbelief... Been ttc since May with PCOS and was told in December our chances of conceiving naturally were very low. EDD 6 sept according to ovia!

sparklystars20 Sun 27-Dec-15 17:26:39

Congratulations nevlet smile

Nevlet Sun 27-Dec-15 18:03:32

Thanks sparkly i am still waiting for it to sink in that it is real!

sparklystars20 Sun 27-Dec-15 18:36:38

Me too! I'm convinced I'm going to get af any minute - Cramps come and go so I'm getting panicky! confused

Nevlet Sun 27-Dec-15 19:10:19

I think my total lack of symptoms even though i know 4 weeks is soooo early worries me

peardrop2 Sun 27-Dec-15 20:22:29

Awww congrats Nev! What a lovely story smile

I too don't have any symptoms apart from a stuffy nose that comes and goes, the odd twinge and cramp. It's taking me so long just to get to this stage that I'm just trying to enjoy the moment. Not always easy though is it!!

peardrop2 Sun 27-Dec-15 20:23:20

Oh and Nevlet I think my date is v close to yours wink

ispymincepie Sun 27-Dec-15 21:27:24

Ah Pear, I just rejoined mumsnet to say Congratulations! That's the best news, I've been thinking of you and checking in often. I hope you have an easy and happy pregnancy. I'm 22weeks now, going so fast and still bf!

foxessocks Sun 27-Dec-15 21:40:44

Hi everyone! Can I join? I got my bfp yesterday and nhs says edd would be 31st August. Just wondered...If my last period started 25th Nov does that make me 4 weeks pregnant? I can't remember how it works and when I conceived my first baby (who is now nearly 2) I had irregular periods so had no idea how pregnant I was until I had an early scan.

peardrop2 Sun 27-Dec-15 22:10:57

I spy - aww thanks for thinking of me! Wow 20 weeks! That flew didn't it! Have you found out the gender? I can't believe you're still bf, well done you!!! Amazing!

Fox - I put your date into and it came back saying you're 4 weeks. Do you know when you ovulated? Even though my AF started on 19 Nov I didn't OV until 11th Dec which is why I'm putting my EDD first week of September.

Your due date is on 30 August, 2016 Your due date is in 247 from now.
You are 33 days, or 4 weeks pregnant.
It is your 5 week and you are 1.1 months pregnant.
It is your second month.
First trimester: from 24 November, 2015 to 22 February, 2016. (0 - 12 weeks)
Second trimester: from 23 February, 2016 to 06 June, 2016. (13 - 27 weeks)
Third trimester: from 07 June, 2016 to 30 August, 2016. (28 - 40 weeks)

foxessocks Sun 27-Dec-15 22:25:07

I think I ovulated around the 10th Dec...

ispymincepie Sun 27-Dec-15 22:49:16

We've decided not to find out this time! Ds still bf at night but is increasingly preferring a bottle of cows milk so may have weaned by April when this next one is due. Sooooo excited for you!

peardrop2 Sun 27-Dec-15 22:54:04

Fox - that would move you to Sept 1st. Time will tell I guess smile

I'll need to book an 8 week appt with the midwife soon. When to do it I'm just not sure because she will ask me when AF was last and that would give me a very different scan date!

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