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Anyone expecting baby No. 2?

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Peyia Mon 14-Dec-15 18:34:24

Hello fellow pregnant mumsnetters!!!

This thread is a continuation of the 'anyone trying to conceive #2' on the conception board. A lovely group of ladies on the ttc journey. It's such a positive thread I thought it's be nice to carry it over here but everyone is welcome. grin

So if you're preggors with no.1, 2, 3 (you get the idea!) then introduce yourself!!!

I'll start...

Peyia 30 London, OH is 35 and our DD is 3. I'm 8+6 and feel dreadful!!

MoreGilmoreGirls Mon 14-Dec-15 18:37:17

Hi. I'm 42 DH is 35. Have a DS who's two and I'm 8 +3 also feeling dreadful. Here's to this sicky horrible feeling ending soon!

Peyia Mon 14-Dec-15 18:38:00

I was just telling my buddies on the conception board that I suffered terribly with fissures? Has anyone else experienced this? It's worst than childbirth shock

Also, I'm definitely showing and nothing fits (huffs)

Peyia Mon 14-Dec-15 18:39:28

Hello MGG!! Your due around the same time as me smile

How are you coping with first trimester and toddler?? I'm struggling...

MoreGilmoreGirls Tue 15-Dec-15 14:24:58

Luckily my toddler still has a nap in the afternoon so I get a bit of a break but when he's up he is full on which is exhausting. Fissures sound pretty awful. Hope things improve for you soon. Due date is 22nd July. How about you?

Peyia Tue 15-Dec-15 18:01:00

I love the napping days!!! Mine doesn't and working full time is exhausting me. Doesn't help I wake up in the night to just stare at the ceiling!

I'm due on the 19th July. Plan to work until end of June.

MoreGilmoreGirls Tue 15-Dec-15 18:27:25

Ah yes I was staring at the fringe at 2 am for goodness only knows why and then ds woke at 5.30 shock

MoreGilmoreGirls Tue 15-Dec-15 18:27:51

Ceiling not fringe confused

Peyia Wed 16-Dec-15 18:45:41

At least we're all in the same boat. I feel like in a boat, the nausea is awful sad

Do you have a scan date?

GemmaFitz92 Wed 16-Dec-15 19:08:46

Hello smile
I hope you don't mind me joining in!

I'm Gemma, Cumbria, 23, have a little girl and currently expecting #2 in July/August depending on what scan says!

How is everyone doing? Xx

Peyia Thu 17-Dec-15 18:27:48

Hi Gemma grin

How is your 1st trimester?

I sound like a broken record but I feel dreadful! Sickness, dizzyness, sore boobs. Try not to complain as if I didn't have any symptoms that would also worry me! The irony! Xx

GemmaFitz92 Fri 18-Dec-15 09:24:58

Hello smile

It's going great so far!
I'm praying it carries on like this as my last pregnancy wasn't very good sad
How far along as you? I'm either 9 weeks or 5 weeks.. Will know once had scan xx

Peyia Sun 20-Dec-15 19:19:49

Wow Gemma that's big jump! Do you have long/irregular cycles? I'll be 10 weeks in a couple of days. Have a private scan booked on the 23rd, nervous and excited!

Cheekylittlemonkeypants Mon 21-Dec-15 07:14:43

Can I join in? I was on the first TTC #2 thread but had to step away to stop becoming obsessed! We're expecting #2 due around 29th July. I'm 8+3 and got my booking in with the mw this morning.

MoreGilmoreGirls Mon 21-Dec-15 12:24:58

Hi cheeky hope the booking in goes well. I don't have a scan date yet should be w/c 11th Jan. Still feeling sick and today heartburn had joined the party though surely it's early for that??

GemmaFitz92 Mon 21-Dec-15 23:49:34

I suffer with pcos so last period was oct, but only had 2 since June lol. So not 100% but will find out when go for a scan xx

Peyia Wed 23-Dec-15 13:00:15

Hi Cheeky! Yay a graduate from that thread, wishing the other ladies join soon smile

MGG I feel your pain! I was in a bad way last week. It was the worst feeling but it seems to have passed. Hope yours does too.

I see Gemma, I thought that might have been the case. I bet your scan can't come quick enough!

I don't have a dating scan yet so treated myself to a private one this morning. Can't believe how formed bubs is already

Eminado Wed 23-Dec-15 13:13:05


I am 34, DD is 2.5 and I am 6 weeks along after a mmc in July.

I feel awful (nausea) and am devastated there will be no Prosecco over Christmas and NY (only slightly joking :-/).

MoreGilmoreGirls Wed 23-Dec-15 14:12:03

Oh way what a lovely scan pick. How exciting. Have got a scan date for 5th Jan so can't wait. Though we can't take our DS in with us which has made me quite sad. I had hoped to have him see the scan as well.

peardrop2 Wed 23-Dec-15 17:20:06

Hello ladies, I'm 33 years old. Ds is 2.5 years old (still naps in the afternoon TG)! I've been TTC#2 for 1.5 years and a started seeing a fertility specialist last month. Just found out I am 2/3 weeks pregnant this morning. Pretty amazing Christmas present smile

Eminado Wed 23-Dec-15 18:40:36

Congrats Pear

Lovely scan pic Peyia

MoreGilmoreGirls Thu 24-Dec-15 08:45:12

Congratulations Pear! When are people telling family etc? It's a bit of a give away not drinking (I'll be misding the prosecco too!). So we're telling family on Christmas day when they arrive smile

TattieHowkerz Thu 24-Dec-15 08:47:42

Hi, I'm another one from the TTC thread. I'm due late August, though will get induced at 38 weeks for medical reasons. I've got an early scan on 6th January - excited and scared in equal measure!

DD is 4.5.

MoreGilmoreGirls Wed 30-Dec-15 18:45:47

Hi Tattie welcome. My scan date is 5th Jan. Very exciting, bit nervous.

TattieHowkerz Thu 31-Dec-15 09:36:10

Thanks Gilmore, good luck for Tuesday!
We are waiting til after the scan to tell family. Christmas was so hectic, there wasn't going to be a chance to talk without DD overhearing. We want to wait til I am a bit further along before telling her. I am really looking forward to that, she talks about having a baby sister a lot (I'm sure she would be happy with a brother too, but her best friend has a baby sister).

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