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March 2016 Babies!! Thread #7 The one where we all say.... "Stay put Flump!!"

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Paperblank Tue 24-Nov-15 08:14:54

Stay where you are Flump!!!

Missikat Tue 24-Nov-15 08:42:11

Morning, and thank you. Still where they should be this morning! X

QforCucumber Tue 24-Nov-15 08:45:55

Pasting here to mark my place too -
mship happy new boiler day grin

missi glad to hear you're still ok and flump is holding on tightly! Fingers and toes all crossed for you.

Well apparently this morning I'm an emotional wreck, burst into tears driving to work for absoloutly no reason whatsoever!

Oh and beautiful I'm actually mortified that for the last few weeks I've been working xmas out to be the 31st December - god knows when I though new year was?!!

TheMshipIsBack Tue 24-Nov-15 09:19:19

Whee, boiler! Noticed this morning that the old one is sitting on the pavers at the back door (was too dark to see last night) and it's filthy! You can also see some really crap welds. The new job is miles tidier.

missi good little flump, stick tight to mum!

TriJo Tue 24-Nov-15 09:45:38

Back on the driving lesson wagon after failing my test last week... and little man seems to think that my driving is hilarious or something because he was kicking away for the whole thing!

Missi So glad to hear that Flump is still holding on, long may it continue! flowers

marmiteandcheeseplease Tue 24-Nov-15 10:09:38

glad to hear flump is staying put for the time being missi! grin

had a terrible nights sleep last night. couldn't sleep for ages as was really wound up - DP's SIL is being really awkward about xmas this year. Long backstory but she's never been that 'involved' with DPs family. I have no idea why since they are perfectly nice and make an effort but she just has never shown any interest in 8 years. She's never spent xmas with them which has always been a bit strange (her family live 40 mins away so not too far). anyway of course this year is babys first xmas, as DP's niece is now 6 weeks old. DP's mum was a bit upset yesterday when DP dropped off DD about xmas but she was a bit too polite to really complain, so we rang his brother last night as we weren't really sure what was going on, to ask him about his xmas plans, and ended up having quite an awkward conversation where me and DP were a bit too polite to say what we really think. anyway it turns ou they're coming to DP's parents for one Saturday, then heading to her family on the Sunday. DP's DB was being really evasive saying they'd stay there for a 'few days'... when pressed admitted was going to be 8 days, including xmas eve, xmas day, and boxing day! and then will be 'back and forth between the two houses'. I don't know I just think that's a bit off angry. She's never bothered with DPs family and fair enough if she doesn't care about them (you can't force people to care about their ILs I know) but I would have thought she would have cared enough about her DH to at least let his family see their niece at xmas a bit angry. Really just went to bed absolutely fuming about it. They live a 3 hour drive away and both DPs parents work full time (well his mum works 4 days and looks after DD one day so basically full time) so can't go up to visit that often. So I think they were really looking forward to spending some time with their grandchild at xmas and it's not going to happen. Anyway so had that thing where you end up winding yourself up about something and not being able to sleep. Then DD was up in the night with teething pain, took ages to get her to sleep and then I couldn't sleep again getting annoyed about it all over again! I know I should just let it go and am sure I will but still feeling annoyed about it today.... sorry for the rant about family politics, needed to get that out! blush

DD2 was very quiet yesterday, hardly any movement and then last night/today she's been kicking the crap out of me! 25 weeks today... March seems so far away. 11 weeks left of work, I can't wait to be done with it!

Gingerlady123 Tue 24-Nov-15 10:44:28

Missi. So glad flump has stayed put for now. I hope he/she (sorry can't remember if it's a boy or girl or if you even know) stays put long enough to give them best chance to survive outside the womb. I have everything crossed for you. You sound so strong. I'd be an absolute wreck if I where you. Your doing so well.

Fed up of being pregnant today. Fed up of the constant nausea and vomiting still at 23 weeks. Isn't it meant to get better?? I've kind of accepted I'll be like this the whole way through but it's making my anxiety worse as I worry about dehydration. Fed up of getting up five times every night for the toilet. Seriously last night it was 12,1,4,5,6 and then up at 6:30am for work and I get home at 5:45 ready to drop. I'm sure I'd feel better if I could get some uninterrupted sleep. To top it off I've had a cold this week and feel awful. Also I feel so hot as well. Everyone else says it's cold but I'm bloody baking. I ache everywhere as well. I so can't wait until March now. Feel like crying at work today.

How do you all cope with this?

dobbythedoggy Tue 24-Nov-15 11:58:57

ginger I'm boiling and being quite millitant about keeping the heating to the absolute minimum. Very pleased I am at home and can be in charge of it! Poor dh has got a bug of some description and despite the fact his burning up wants to sit next to the heater on full blast.

The sleep and sickness thing is harder and really does make you feel rubish. I'm still getting sick and and off at almost 26 weeks, unfortantly despite easing off a for a few weeks is starting to get worse again. I was the same with dd, it was such a relief when she was born; sickness, heartburn and leg cramps dissapeared. I feel like a wreck this time with how achey and stiff I am.

As for how to cope. I have to get up a move gently for at least 15 mins every hour or I find I feel ten times worse. Sitting on the birthing ball helps too. When I was working while pregnant with dd I was lucky enough to have a fantastic manager who gave me a longer lunch break so I could nap and short breaks to eat/drink uninterpted every couple of hours. She also sent me home early when I was under the weather to rest and do bits of paperwork that were portable. But if I remember you're work aren't very supportive?

Have you talked to anyone about dehydration? I worked through sickness with dd and really worried about it as at times it was near enough impossable to keep water down. I saw a lovelt dr about it who said if I was still able to acheve things at work I was highly unlikely to be at risk of becoming dangrously dehydrated. I was told if I kept sipping drinks (I found lucazade sports bottles amazing for this) I would actually be keeping down a lot more than I throught, even when I was throwing up more volume than I'd taken down. I think he said a lot of it was likely to be made up of siliva and stomach acid. I know you really struggle with anxisity anyway so might not help.

marmite sorry the family situation has got you so annoyed. It's horriable to be kept awake by things that you really have no power to change. The night before last I was feeling rather put out by the idea another dad at church clearly throught dd she hand over her little barbie doll she was playing with before the under 5s session started as his daughter spotted it and wanted it. She's a lovely little girl but his responsable for her on a sunday morning and never brings anything for her to play with, expecting everyone else to 'share' their things. Unfortantly dd and a most of the other children are now at the age where 1 toy keep them entertained until the covered session start so there isn't anything to share. He'd already had a toy off another parent who was left strugging as her child was now had nothing to do. Then she spotted dd brushing her doll's hair and wanted it. He while he didn't allow her to take it as she wanted to do he was very loud about how he was sure dd would share soon! Before eventually having to take her into pre-school room to play. She was still talking about it when I saw her at toddlers yesterday and her poor mum was very embarassed. Just her dad has some intresting parenting ideas, I just want to tell him to put a bloody toy in the bag for her not just a bag of crisps (which epically fail to distract her for 20 plus mins) if he doesn't want to sit with her it the play room.

Although guiltly will admmit that dh's family are in the same position as your ils with regards to christmas and have been since dd was born. But dh isn't particually keen to spend his time off with them due to a misserable childhood and inablity to ever do anything right where they are concened, and neither of us can justify leaving my parents alone for christmas day when ils have a houseful and in reality no room for us (literally would have had no where to put 7 week old dd down if we'd spent her first christmas with them). We're spending new year with them, seeing them boxing day and having our own christmas day with them between christmas and new year as we always do. But they are very put out about not getting christmas day with us again...and love questioning what we have got planned despite having know what was going on since september, so we both do the vage thing your bil was doing. Mil gets the same invites my mum gets but never accepts them so sees a lot less of dd and misses out on the specail things she's apparently desperate to do like visit santa or go on the christmas light bus ride. But it doesn't sound like your ils are in that position through their own fault, so pleased they'll get to enjoy time with your dd. Bump will be gc2 for them and none of dh's brother show any signs of setteling down yet. So for the sake of our marriage they have to put up with what dh feels able to cope with.

Me624 Tue 24-Nov-15 12:10:11

Place marking for the new thread!

I've got my 25 week appointment tomorrow, does anything interesting happen at this one or is it just check the heartbeat again etc?

Sorry to hear you're feeling rough Ginger. I am so lucky I did not suffer with morning sickness at all and to still be suffering now must be awful. Are you on anti sickness meds?

Apart from not sleeping too well and a bit of heartburn/back twinges, I'm doing ok so hopefully it will continue.

When does the third trimester officially start? I'm 25+4 today, weird to think that I'm almost 2/3 of the way through!

QforCucumber Tue 24-Nov-15 12:14:04

me had mine last week, she didn't even check the babies heartbeat,
Took my BP, dipped a stick into a pot of my wee to make sure its ok, asked how i feel and booked me in for the next appt. Took a total of about 10 minutes.
Did get a prescription for some gaviscon though.

vroc81 Tue 24-Nov-15 12:23:28

Ginger sorry you are feeling rubbish, sickness and a cold must be really pants - no chance of sneaking a duvet day to catch up on some sleep?

marmite family stress sounds crap, I spent quite a few years driving round to please everyone and now I just decamp to my sisters but im sure my ILs will want to see more of us next year.

Just booked my leave off - 1st March 2016 to beginning of Jan 2017 - seems like a very long time, although I think my boss was surprised I booked a months leave at the end of the Maternity leave as they will pay it but I thought it seemed like a good compromise as not taking the whole year.. I also have enough leave left should she decide to come along early to still get me to the end of the year, at the moment it seems like a long time to leave my office and team but I suspect I will be too busy to worry about it when I am actually off!

maybebabybee Tue 24-Nov-15 12:32:03

place marking! thanks for new thread paper

marmite that does sound very annoying. very selfish of SIL!!

me I've got my 25 week appt this afternoon, fully expecting it to be not very useful! Have never had my baby's HB checked by the midwife, so not expecting it at this one either.

missi glad flump is staying put, keeping my fx for you both!

TheMshipIsBack Tue 24-Nov-15 12:43:17

Me 3rd trimester starts at 26 weeks. Saturday for me!

25 weeks, usually should have a heartbeat check, bump measurement, urine check, but if you're a low risk 2nd+ timer, you probably won't even have this appointment! This is my 2nd and I've had 8 (booking), 16, and 22, then 28, 34, 38 and possibly 41 (for induction discussion if needed).

28 weeks there's also bloods (including random glucose) and sometimes GTT if you're high risk for GD, though that can be a separate appointment depending where you are. If you're low risk, you may be called back for a GTT if your random glucose was wonky. I'll be talking home birth with my midwife at my 28w appointment too.

vroc I'm using annual leave to go to half days from January. If I'm feeling ok I can stay on half days all the way to 38 weeks when mat leave starts, and if I feel crap, I can switch it to full days as soon as I want (we get our full 2016 allocation at the start of the year, so I have enough to go off from 19 Dec if I want, but I'd go stir crazy with boredom). DS is swapping to mornings only at preschool from January and I'm really looking forward to spending more time with him. Figured to get him onto his new schedule well in advance of baby's arrival.

ThePug Tue 24-Nov-15 13:11:29

Had my 25 week midwife appointment yesterday (at 24+4) - she listened to baby's heartbeat, measured bump (I'm bang on the 50% line smile ), took my blood pressure and checked wee sample. More stuff happens at 28 weeks like blood test (and anti-D if you need it), and she said they'd start talking about the practical things like breastfeeding at that appointment. Also got told to book in for my whooping cough jab once I'm 28 weeks, and have my 31 week appointment booked for January - time is going to fly I think!

Can I ask if anybody has bought/researched baby monitors yet? I want to get a video one but there are so many out there with mainly good reviews but then a few terrible ones, I don't want to pick the wrong one. There have been deals on Amazon every day so far this week but haven't yet managed to commit to buying any! So, any personal reviews/thoughts? I want it from day 1 as although baby will be sleeping with us overnight, he may go up sooner than us or be napping whilst I do something in another room.

marmiteandcheeseplease Tue 24-Nov-15 13:20:43

thanks guys, still feeling annoyed about it though I am trying to chill myself out/ranting on here/to friends who aren't in any way connected to try to get it out of my system. it's not really the 'not seeing baby on xmas day' as the fact that DPs family get one day vs 8 days for SIL. Her parents have two other kids and aren't old (younger than DPs parents), they also have a really large close extended family so she wants to bring the baby to some family events I think, but I'm not sure why that means 8 days at her parents house straight. DPs brother is very close to his family so that isn't an issue either. A few other things have happened since baby was born which have been a bit off, so its kind of all built up. We are all too polite to say anything, though I really nearly lost my rag last night confused. anyway I do appreciate that with some family dynamics, it would be quite normal to not see much of family but there aren't any issues stopping SIL and baby from spending more than one day with the ILs, it's purely that she doesn't give a crap about her DHs family (or him, since he now has to choose between spending time with his family and his daughter, which is a bit awkward).

oh dear. went into a rant about it again. sorry blush moving on...

ginger sorry to hear you're struggling. I'm not surprised if you are still feeling sick; I'm not sure how I'd cope with sickness. the past couple of mornings I've had dry heaving return when brushing my teeth and I have been a bit WTF about it, can't deal with that crap again and that isn't even vomiting!

mship I thought third trimester was 28 weeks? I already feel a bit like I'm in the third trimester tbh, even though I'm only 25 weeks. just massive now. Went swimming with DD last Friday and in my swimsuit I just looked like a whale, with fatty thighs. It was horrible. I don't mind having a big bump ok, I do a bit but getting fat elsewhere is a big no no! I do find I am eating just a little bit more now without thinking about it, just a few snacks here and there. I'm a bit addicted to peanut butter at the moment, have a jar on my desk and I occasionally just have a bit when I'm feeling a bit peckish. my self control seems to have gone out of the window blush

Gingerlady123 Tue 24-Nov-15 13:21:15

Thanks everyone.

I have spoken to my gp about dehydration several times and she has tested my urine each time for ketones which has come back clear each time. I am keeping a lot down but despite this my anxiety says other wise. Even though some people have it worse and are fine. I mostly throw up first thing in the morning as well so all that I bring up is bile or I've started throwing up 3/4am as well which is lovely.

My work allow me 10 minute break in the morning, 30 minute lunch and 5 minute last break. I work 8-5 mon-Thur and 8-1 Friday. My work are very akward, as a result I'm bringing forward my maternity leave from 38-35/36 weeks. I'm gonna need all the rest I can before the birth.

Bump is a bit quite today. She had an active 10/15 minutes last night though. How often did people feel their babies at 23+3? I don't feel her a lot and my placenta is fundal. I'm not worried but I'd love to feel her more.

25 week app at 24+5 next week for me. Midwife seems to think my new pregnancy weeks starts on a Thursday where as my scan dates say other wise. According to my scan I'm 24+5 next Thursday and she claims I'm 25 weeks exact. I'm scared they'll try to induce me to early if needed because of this.

Unfortunately I can't afford to phone in sick again so no duvet day, just have to muddle through

TheMshipIsBack Tue 24-Nov-15 13:26:54

marmite Yes, you're right, 28 weeks, but it makes no sense at all to me, shouldn't the trimesters be equal length up to approximately full term? According to this link, 1st is 1-12 (12 weeks), 2nd is 13-27 (15 weeks), and 3rd is 28-40 (13 weeks). That's just plain weird, especially since you aren't actually pregnant for the first two weeks anyway! I personally like to think of it as 1st 1-13, 2nd 14-26, 3rd 27-39, and once you hit 39 you're full term and that's sort of its own category. grin

vroc81 Tue 24-Nov-15 13:52:13

The Pug I bought one on a lightning deal this morning, but I was drawn to it because it wasn't a video so I can't help you with that but some of the deals on amazon aren't actually that good.. have you signed up to the boots club I got a voucher code for 25% monitors and that actually makes quite a few of them cheaper than amazon.

TriJo Tue 24-Nov-15 14:23:54

Ginger - I'm a day behind you with an anterior-high placenta (so a very close match) and I feel a lot of movement with most of it down low - I'm convinced he has kicked straight into my cervix a couple of times. Every baby is different though - a friend of mine back home didn't really feel her son move until 26 weeks.

Me624 Tue 24-Nov-15 15:09:48

Pug we have bought the Motorola video monitor. We originally bought an Angelcare one but DH decided it wasn't very suitable as the camera has a very narrow field of view. The Motorola one lets you see much more! They were about the same price. I think we will buy one of the Angelcare movement sensor mats separately though.

hayleycookie Tue 24-Nov-15 15:26:12

Pug we have one of the Summer video monitors. We had one with DS1 and had no problems, so are getting a second for DS2. We're thinking of getting a movement mat separately too. We didn't have one with DS1 but we were in a small flat and were never more than about 10 foot away from him. Now we're in a bigger house I worry more about it.

RhubarbAndMustard Tue 24-Nov-15 15:37:19

Thanks for the new thread Paper. The title nearly made me cry on the train! Thinking of you Missi and here's hoping Flump stays put for as long as poss.

Had to go to a meeting in London today and looks like I'll need to go at least fortnightly until I finish in early March [groan]. I left London to avoid the commute but we've had a business reshuffle and its going to be much more likely I have to be there going forward.

I am feeling absolutely huge. Everyone who sees me can't believe I'm due in March. Is it time for another set of bump pics? I'm feeling the need to compare. Here's mine for starters.

marmiteandcheeseplease Tue 24-Nov-15 17:06:19

Nice bump rhubarb, that's pretty much how I look (I might even be a bit bigger!). commute to London sounds like a right pita! I couldn't cope with it at all, when I've had to go for social events I've struggled, and that's at the quiet weekend and not rush hour. I have to go to Colchester next week for a workshop and I am dreading it, as it takes about two and a half hours from here and goes through London and I won't get back till midnight Friday. ugh!

I'll try to take a bump pic tomorrow when lighting is better. Am also feeling huge. I dread to think how massive I will be come March confused. My bump has been itchy today so think I am growing again... I put on moisteriser in work today as really worried that itchy belly = stretchy skin = stretch marks. Am sure I am going to get more stretch marks this time round, but putting it off for as long as possible...

We didn't get a video monitor with DD - are they really that good? we got the sound and movement monitor from angelcare and it was fine, although you do get false alarms with the movement pad, which leads to panic in the middle of the night (and then annoyance when it keeps going off for no reason!).

MyNameIsSuz Tue 24-Nov-15 17:10:36

Ooh, just checking in to the nice new thread! Great to see you're still hanging in there missi, that's brilliant news.

Back to work today and still feeling rubbish about my colleagues, the dress I ordered for the Christmas party arrived and is horrible, so I think my decision about whether to go has been made for me!

Spent some time today trying to work out holiday. I have 4.5 days to carry over to next year and my leave has to start on the 10th March. If I finish on the 26th Feb I get two weeks before due date and only use up six days, so will have 21.5 days left to tack on to the end. Or I could take another week at the start. I really don't know what to do - I only took a week with ds as I thought he'd be late and I'd end up with at least a fortnight, then he was bang on time. But if I take 3 weeks with this one and it's two weeks overdue, that's a lot of time wasted! But it would be lovely... but would I rather have the time afterwards? Urgh, why is it so complicated?!

QforCucumber Tue 24-Nov-15 17:12:16

I feel positively tiny haha,
Again with excusing the mess - that room gets used for nothing but throwing things in and closing the door. One day I'll sort it out, it can go on my list for maternity leave hmm

Finish work 11 weeks on friday, cannot bloody wait!

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