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How do men need to prepare for becoming first-time dads? Would love your thoughts :-)

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DadCourseDave Mon 16-Nov-15 13:51:40


First post! I am a dad with a lovely 15 month old son. I have loved the journey of being a dad and have learned so much along the way. But I've really found that there isn't that much support for dads-to-be, especially in the antenatal period and I'm planning on doing something about it by setting up a course for men who are expecting their first child in my area (Sussex). I'm thinking it will be a mixture of practical skills, lots of time to chat about hopes/fears/questions and looking at other topics like supporting your partner, what to expect in the first year as a dad and so on.

I'd really love your help, whether you're a dad using the forum or a mum/mum-to-be who would be willing to input their thoughts. What do you think the most important things would be to cover on a course like this? Are there things that dads-to-be really feel they would like to know/learn/experience before having a baby? As mums what would you like to see your partner looking at/learning in the run up to having a baby? Or if you are already a mum/dad, what do you look back on and wish that dad had known beforehand? I've got lots of thoughts and some funny stories but I'll save these for later once I've heard your thoughts!

Thanks in advance, I think so much more could be done to help dads and want to make the course as good as possible, so all input is really appreciated grin

InFrance2014 Thu 19-Nov-15 08:36:31

You might do better to post this somewhere else (i.e. Pregnancy/Parenting); this area tends to act as individuals antenatal clubs, not really general discussion.

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