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March 2016 #6, we're just breeding here!

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MyNameIsSuz Tue 27-Oct-15 18:20:52

New thread, whoop whoop. Come on over!

Paperblank Tue 27-Oct-15 18:28:35

Hiya!! grin

dobbythedoggy Tue 27-Oct-15 18:36:54

Copy and paste from last thread to place mark!

Well dd is coping surprisingly well with the clocks changing. Goes straight back to sleep when she tries to get up with dh at 6 and I tell her it's not 7 yet. On the other hand, it's making me very grouchy, my body clock hasn't adapted: so where I used to wake up briefly at 4 and when dh got up fro work; I'm now up at 3 for about an hour unable to go back to sleep and again at 5! Grateful I can just potter around in my pjs at home rather than go out to work. Only got dressed today to take dd out for her flu vaccination and out for tea as a treat for being good.

Gathering quite a collection of stuff for bump. Half a suitcase full! Need to get down dd's stuff as I think quite a bit was unisex for newborn and 0-3. Need to direct people to buy bigger sizes of boys clothes as she lived in tights and dresses from quite early on! My dad brought me back a beautiful carrier from Uganda, I can't wait to try it out in March. may well go into my hospital bag. DD would probably fit in it on my back but I can hardly lift her, let alone get her on my back at the moment. Her toys are enjoying the odd ride in it.

Rather relaxing not having to worry about maternity leave this time around. I finished with dd at 38+4 and actually wanted to go on rather than start maternity leave. Had c-section at 39 weeks. Planned to have 6 months off, then 9 months, finally 12 months, due to her needing some medical treatment, then dh's working hours changed and I ended up staying at home as the antisocial hours childcare hours we'd have needed to cover both our jobs would have virtually wiped out my wage. Dh needs to work for his sanity where as I'm quite happy at home and doing dd friendly groups and volunteering.

ffauxlivia Tue 27-Oct-15 18:38:49

Ha, I'm sure the December thread is only on #4 or 5 - this one sure does seem the chattiest!

Going back to maternity leave - am I crazy/unrealistic to try and work until the last possible moment?? I have a very non-stressful desk job which is only a 7-10 minute bus commute door to door, no stairs or real walking involved.

Thing is I don't know what mums do over here in the States otherwise. I am taking 2.5 months unpaid as it is (which is going to be very difficult financially) as only have 2 weeks paid maternity. I have 6 weeks at 3/4 pay but that is for 'disability' (!) so only kicks in the day you give birth.

I know I can't plan for problems and enforced bed rest etc, but if there are no complications do you think it's doable? Or a really bad idea? confused

ffauxlivia Tue 27-Oct-15 18:40:44

also ginger wanted to say good luck for Friday! Mine is a week Friday and I'm also terrified. Will be thinking of you!

MyNameIsSuz Tue 27-Oct-15 18:49:34

I think that's doable ffaux, but it depends how you feel. I went at 39 weeks last time and it was fine. Not ideal, but fine. Are there other women with young children where you work? What did they do?

Trinpy Tue 27-Oct-15 18:51:11

Yay a new thread!

ffaux If i was in your situation I would be trying to stay in work as close to my due date as possible. Is your work good at looking after its employees? I really feel for pregnant women/new mums living in countries where theres little or no mat leave, it must be so hard.

marmitemofo Tue 27-Oct-15 19:21:44

Yay new thread!

ffaux I'd also be working as late as possible if I were you, it's definitely doable! Is it your first baby? Most first babies are overdue...

RhubarbAndMustard Tue 27-Oct-15 19:38:40

Thanks for the new thread Suz!

Ffaux I also think you'll be fine to work as close to EDD as poss. Uncomfortable but fine and you'll be pleased with the time when baby is here.

TheMshipIsBack Tue 27-Oct-15 19:52:44

I think it was called additional paternity leave, the older system, it wasn't as flexible as the current one. Worked for us. I'd love to see a system where there's time off specifically reserved for dads (or other parent for non-het couples), though.

It's definitely possible to work an office job up to your due date or beyond if baby is late, but your desk might need some adjustments and you might want to sit on a ball towards the end. I'm already gently bouncing my way through the work day grin. Any decent employer won't mind.

ffauxlivia Tue 27-Oct-15 20:08:09

Ooh thanks all for the positivity, hopefully it will work out! Yep marmite, my first. A couple of women here had kids a few years ago but they are academics (I'm at a university) so their contracts give them more flexibility, more leave, and more $$$! So a bit easier for them. But my boss is supportive so far, so fingers crossed

Funny you should say that Mship - I just had a ball delivered today!

BeautifulLiar Tue 27-Oct-15 20:18:12

Ffaux I've also noticed that us lot never shut up compared to other threads! grin

Dobby - nice to know there's another SAHM here smile

Just won a Fisher price rainforest playgym thing for £9 on eBay! They're almost £60 new and apparently it's in good condition and comes with original packaging. It's pick up only which I've never done before so I'm kind of nervous... but I'm sure it'll be ok!?

ffauxlivia Tue 27-Oct-15 20:23:15

beaut what a bargain, well done! Pick-up is great as saves you money and you can have a quick check over of item. I would take someone with you though if you can - there are some weirdos out there! Though it's more than likely just another mum and will be fine!

dobbythedoggy Tue 27-Oct-15 20:23:20

ffaux sending positive vibes your way. I worked pretty much to the end with dd, a comute of almost an hour each way busing/walking to a pretty physical job (childcare for under 3s) and other than the odd day was comfortable thanks to a very supportive manager.

I found stradling a wooden dining room chair backwards made working at the desk in the office comfortable. Also spent a lot of the third trimester on my hands and knees as it was comfortable to do things with and read with the children as well as do lots of the extra paper work I took over. Just had to get someone to warn me when the senior school principal came around as I gave him a shock the first time he came around. The prep school princiapl got used to it luckily as I often got roped into helping out his assistant.

Hopefully you'll manage to keep working comfortably and make the most of the time you can have off.

dobbythedoggy Tue 27-Oct-15 20:30:54

beaut I was given one of those when I had dd. It seems pretty much indesructable, not effected by cleaning with milton when dd was sick all over it and my dad steam cleaned it without ill effect when my god mother passed it on to us. Dd was the 6th child that it went through and the bateries for the musical thing still never needed changing.

I stupidly throught being SAHM would make things easier. I was incharge of 20+ 2 year olds 4 long days a week, so was looking forward to an easy time looking after my 1 well behaved one. But sickness and exhaustion were so much worse!

Missdee2014 Tue 27-Oct-15 20:37:07

Not got time to catch up on all of today's posts but just wanted to update you on my scan today.

All went fab, baby doing great and measuring exactly as HE should be. To say we are delighted is a major understatement! grin 2 girls and a BOY for us grin

BeautifulLiar Tue 27-Oct-15 20:48:06

Ffaux - I know, I'm really hoping I can collect it while DH is off work! If not then I doubt the seller would want to kidnap me AND 3.5 children confusedgrin

Dobby - aahh that's good to hear! I remember really wanting one when I had my first baby but I didn't have any money... it's nice not having to worry about that so much!

Misdee - congratulations! I bet your girls will dote on him smile

Missdee2014 Tue 27-Oct-15 21:00:10

Oh they sure will, they'll be fab big sisters.

Trinpy Tue 27-Oct-15 21:04:38

Congratulations on the positive scan AND on finding out you're having a boy missdee! Great news!

Beautiful I bought one of those playmats second hand for ds. It still looks good as new now and he used it every day for months. I put the actual mat bit and any soft toys in the wash and soaked the plastic toys in milton and they all survived.The music will drive you crazy after a couple of uses though!

QforCucumber Tue 27-Oct-15 21:42:27

Marking place - will catch up soon smile

Me624 Tue 27-Oct-15 21:46:44

Congrats misdee!

Feeling very stressed. I've been in hospital with DH all day. He had a minor op and is feeling ok but hasn't been allowed home yet, yet they also won't make a decision about whether to admit him overnight until he's been seen by the doctor. I'm shattered and feeling emotional but trying very hard not to make it all about me! Been here since 7.15am sad

IndomitabIe Tue 27-Oct-15 21:48:35

Thanks for the new thread Suz! We are a chatty lot, but that's good, because who else would put up with my stream-of-consciousness ramblings about my breeding?!

Congratulations on the scan Miss!

Ffaux I'm planning on continuing as long as I can in full time secondary science teaching - to either 39+2 or 40+1 if I can! Bonkers Then returning after about 16 weeks.

For the 2 weeks in July before the summer hols, we're currently planning on DH taking two weeks parental leave. He looked after DS 2 days a week from 5 months last time too. But we both work mon-fri now so it'll be FT childcare from September.

I second (third?) the recommendation of a yoga/gym ball. They do wonders for your back. I got mine for £5 from tescos about 5 years ago!

Regarding second hand toys - plastic bits (not electrical!) can go in the dishwasher. Put small bits (like Lego) in a laundry bag first though! Comes up a treat!

Me sorry to hear about your DH. I'm amazed they still haven't made a decision. Hope they free you both soon!

Missikat Tue 27-Oct-15 22:37:32

Congrats Missdee on your boy!

Beautiful, I also bought one of them second hand on eBay for DS, saved so much on the new one (would not gave paid new price for it). It's still in good nick now.

I'm planning to finish work on 11th feb (due march 7th) as i have a wedding on 14th feb and can't be bothered to go back to work after. I'll take a week annual leave then start may leave at almost 38 weeks. I have a mostly desk based job but even so with DS I finished at 37 weeks, he was born at 40+5 so I had almost a month off first. Personally I loved having so much time before he arrived not working. It was that gorgeous hot summer in 2013 and I spent it sunbathing, swimming and practicing my natal hypnotherapy! I felt well and truly rested and ready when he arrived. I'm thinking it'll be much more tiring with a toddler in tow this time so will probably need a month off first. Hopefully I'll go back to work in the new year 2017, that will be as long as humanly possible for our finances!

Ffaux, if I was in your shoes tho I would be working as late as possible to maximise time with baby when they arrive.

Me624 Wed 28-Oct-15 00:37:25

They finally decided DH would have to stay overnight for monitoring, but it took until 11.30 to get him a bed on a ward. I'm just home now, feeling very tearful about leaving him there even though he feels fine and they're really just keeping him in as a precaution. They want to rule out the possibility of a blood clot (relatively common side effect of surgery).

Hoping he can come home in the morning. Hospitals are horrible places. He's in the same one I'll be giving birth in, I hope the maternity ward has a nicer feel than the other wards!

Fflaux I agree work as long as you can. I'm planning to work until 38 weeks in my desk job, see no reason why I shouldn't be ok with that. Good idea from others about a gym ball but I work in a very conservative environment (lawyer) and cannot imagine the looks I'd get if I was sat on a gym ball at my desk bouncing away!

ffauxlivia Wed 28-Oct-15 00:46:13

thanks Me. Sorry you've had such a horrible and exhausting day, was the operation a sudden thing or was it planned? I hate being in hospitals, I'm not surprised it was hard to leave him there but he's in the best place, and as you say it's just a precaution. Hope you both get a good night's rest and he comes home in the morning

and congrats missdee great news!

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