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February 2016 Halfway mark: Flutters into kicks into thwacks!

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haquoi123 Tue 06-Oct-15 16:48:06

New thread, heeeeeeere we go!!

haquoi123 Tue 06-Oct-15 16:50:22


CalypsoLilt Tue 06-Oct-15 16:52:26

place marking smile

haquoi123 Tue 06-Oct-15 16:56:37

Oh mawsy that sounds like hell. Is there anything in particular not going to plan or is it just at that all important crux?

maisie, I really hope your doc can help you out, that doesn't sound like fun at all.

till I'm never moving again! We were in the middle of buying or house when ds died and despite it being a godsend for something else to concentrate on, i just can't be fussed with it ever again. If it works for you that's all that matters!

rufus I think we need a doughnut smiley, you've started something there

NorthernChinchilla Tue 06-Oct-15 17:23:18

Another week of late nights at work (am here on dinner break!) so not been able to catch up as much as possible.
Scan on Thursday, so will find out if we're Team Blue, Pink, or Sodding Unco-operative!

Sorry to hear of the various anxieties; my Mum suffered from panic attacks and the betas were the things that got her through, with counselling.

Would hope to be able to check in more next week as I'm on leave!

XingXingFox Tue 06-Oct-15 17:34:31

Good appropriate title as just felt my first flutters (anterior placenta) at 22 weeks and hoping to feel first kick soon.

There's a new stats page on the Facebook page which we might want to use instead of above.

Good luck to those with scans this week!

haquoi123 Tue 06-Oct-15 17:37:09

Ah cool, thanks fox. I'm not a member of the Facebook page, can you post starts up? And congrats on your promotion!

Mawsymoo Tue 06-Oct-15 17:46:03

haquoi nothing has gone to plan. We put our house on the market in March after finding our dream house. Went sale agreed quickly, all progressed okay until our buyers pulled out. So we lost the dream house. We then went sale agreed again and another couple of months later the second set of buyers pulled out. This time it looks like our house is actually going to sell but there seem to be issues with the house we are buying (not the house itself but the vendors are running into problems with their purchase). So we're going to go ahead with our sale but don't know if we'll have somewhere to move to, or if we'll end up bunking in with family (which would be okay for a couple of weeks) or if we're going to have to find rental if the purchase falls through completely, which would be a nightmare as there is a shortage of rental properties here at the moment.

I'm sick to my stomach with worry the last couple of days so I need to find a way to cope with this stress as this isn't doing me any good.

On the plus side I didn't cry at the removal man!

madsaz76 Tue 06-Oct-15 17:48:16

Checking in for a blatant bookmark. On holiday in fuerteventura with DH, sister and brother in law.

Spent the first 24 hours quietly convinced something wrong with bubs as less movement. Turns out I get kicked a hell of a lot more when stressed & am chilled now.

Can't cope with the heat but lazy days and a pool are heaven. Hope everyone is keeping well

SmashleyHop Tue 06-Oct-15 18:13:15

Book marking as well. Had a weird thing happen today and wondered if this was normal.

I've had a slight cold (just really a sore throat and swollen glands) but suddenly my left ear felt a bit full and then a ringing started. It made the sounds around me seem tinny and off key.. almost like a broken music box. Was so odd. Probably stayed that way for an hour and then just disappeared. I googled it and ringing in the ears isn't unusual but it still worried me a bit.

Anyone else had something similar?

Sighing Tue 06-Oct-15 18:33:44

Just realised I'm not on the stats. Do I send them to someone?

Sighing Tue 06-Oct-15 18:39:29

I get a ringing in my ears during colds a lot. Partly related to blocked up sinus and partly blood flow etc. Dr has always been unperturbed.
If you're worried perhaps check your blood pressure. But chances are it's just a side effect of the cold.

joleyn Tue 06-Oct-15 19:21:58

Hi Ladies,

I was wondering if I could join you all please? My due date is technically the 1st March but am having twins so is more likely to be February (if i get that far). These are my second and third babies, already have a 3 year old DS. We are both terrified and excited to hopefully finally be adding to our little family. I have my 20 week scan on 16th Oct but had a scan 2 weeks ago that looks like a boy and girl, but will be confirmed next week. Thanks.

jellypi3 Tue 06-Oct-15 19:49:23

Welcome joelyn smile congrats on twins! We have another twinnie mum here I think!

We are currently in the final stages of a house move. We have signed the contracts and just waiting on exchange. It's literally been the most stressful thing I've ever done and I'll never do it again. I now just want to move and be done with it because my house doesn't feel like home anymore.

Sighing Tue 06-Oct-15 19:58:28

Congrats. There is another twinnie on here
I think she shares my due date (26th) but I might be wrong. My next scan is 15th October ... I am very impatient!

Phoenix80 Tue 06-Oct-15 20:11:39

Thanks for the new thread haquoi smile

Sighing - I've got my 2nd attempt at 20 week scan on the 15th at 9am

Sighing Tue 06-Oct-15 20:36:08

Oo. You're before me (mine is at 11 - first try). Nervous and excited - as this might be the day we finally tell my DD's (and get a glimpse of this one) - I might also tell my parents and, well, start to let people know.

MaisieDotes Tue 06-Oct-15 20:36:15

Thanks haq I don't think there's anything that can be done until after the birth but you never know.

mawsy that sounds shite, sorry to hear you're going though all that. I hope it all gets sorted soon.

I find I've been nesting since about 12 weeks. I'll get an idea into my head and then obsess about it until its sorted. If I didn't have to have a sit down after every five minutes of activity my house would be in amazing shape!

Troika Tue 06-Oct-15 21:06:16

Sighing I'm amazed you've got so far without telling anyone! My DC are the same ages as yours and there's no way they wouldn't have noticed my belly! How have you managed it??

Haquoi loads of discharge here too. Increase since bfp but it's disgusting now. Need to get some liners because sometimes a gush will leave me with a damp crotch.

Who has the lumps? Could it be bartolin cysts? I have a recurrent one that comes up as two lumps. First got it when pregnant with dc1.

Had massive stress about state of house this eve. We're renovating so everywhere is just a big mess. Hope it's all over soon. (I shouldn't complain as dp is doing all the work himself and not expecting me to do it but the mess still stresses me!)

Anyone else have baby brain already? My two main things are I keep forgetting where I've parked the car and I keep losing my phone.

Sighing Tue 06-Oct-15 21:23:00

Troika: i'm not a slight person (that probably helps). Other than that I've never shown much until 3rd trimester. They've started to look at me oddly in my underwear, but they've not said a word. I do have a bump and to me the shape is quite clear. My main disguise is my ridiculously huge boobs. Most clothes still hange clear of my tummy blush. I did lose weight in the first trimester, so I suppose most people thought i was on a diet or something.
With the children climbing all over me (and my fears for kumquat) i do get IBS. They just seem to accept my stomach has been off for ages now.
My youngest kept telling me I was pregnant at 6 weeks. But stopped. Nothing said since.
Either they "know" and will be nonplussed or I'll have to concede they are not going to be supersleuths!

Sighing Tue 06-Oct-15 21:31:14

(For the school run I wear loose cardigans and scarves, family visits: a selection of loose tops / jumpers and sit with a child/ cushion / table/ book in front of me).

birdbrain21 Tue 06-Oct-15 21:53:22

Oops posted on the old thread. ..

birdbrain21 Tue 06-Oct-15 21:53:36

Just catching up on the nappy talk. We've always used disposable with dd. Had huggies when she was first born and liked them but they don't sell them here anymore. I personally don't like pampers dd does big wees and they always feel slightly damp like if I'd leave her they would soak through. Tried lidl once and she got a rash wemostly stick to asda own I've found very good sainsburys are okay and if we're desperate will buy tesco but not thrilled with them.
for wipes I've found the huggies ones are difficult to get out at the beginning of a lack but then are really good the jhonsons ones which we bought a big box of before she was born on offer were rubbish! Try things out before you bulk buy.
also while recommending things muslins are absolute life savers you will use loads we found some from m&s which were a present were really good they were quite thck so more absorbant then the mothercare and babies r us we had bought

Rufus200 Tue 06-Oct-15 22:29:43

Arrow I feel your pain from yest, currently locked in the toilet having an IBS attack. Only my 2nd this pregnancy so they haven't been too frequent but god do they suck!

Rufus200 Tue 06-Oct-15 22:33:22

I'm bleeding!!! Definitely vaginal, can't leave the toilet having diarrhoea, what do I do??? HELP

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