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March 2016 Babies! Here's thread #5!!

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Paperblank Wed 30-Sep-15 18:08:57

New one!!

MyNameIsSuz Wed 30-Sep-15 18:12:11

Yay, thanks paper! Wahey, first post!

docmcstuffins1 Wed 30-Sep-15 18:22:56

Thread 5, flippin heck! Inaugurating be what number we'll be on come March! Thanks paper

Me624 Wed 30-Sep-15 18:23:12

Marking my place grin

docmcstuffins1 Wed 30-Sep-15 18:23:49

Imagine not inaugurating... Stupid phone!

BeautifulLiar Wed 30-Sep-15 19:23:26

Cheers Paper! My scan is also 3 weeks today. Bought a few pink things in Primark today so will definitely ask them to confirm!

Rosie do you guys like Ancient history?! I may have studied that at A Level blush

IndomitabIe Wed 30-Sep-15 19:29:55

Afternoon all! After my pathetic moan this morning I was fine all day!

I had people telling me I'd "definitely popped" today. As far as I can tell my belly's the same bloaty sphere it's been for the last few weeks. Maybe it was my top. And the fact that I used to almost have a fairly flat tummy (ah, I knew I should have appreciated it more while I had it. So long abdominal muscles, you did great!).

A colleague tells me she saw maternity bits in the sale online at Next. If anyone's interested.

Exciting news on the appointments. Is there any actual evidence on the heart rate/sex thing? Or is it all 50/50 lucky guesses? I've got another week and a bit till mine. Hope she does do the Doppler.

IndomitabIe Wed 30-Sep-15 19:37:13

Oh, here's some research, if you want to know.

IndomitabIe Wed 30-Sep-15 19:40:32

Bum, that's only first trimester. Can't find anything on second yet...

BeautifulLiar Wed 30-Sep-15 19:47:04

Indom all may not be lost!! This was my stomach a few months ago (after three babies!) Sorry about the graphic nature, ha!

Paperblank Wed 30-Sep-15 20:36:49


My stomach has NEVER been that flat and I have NEVER looked that good in my pants envy

scrubs BeautifulLiar off Christmas card list in a fit of jealousy

BeautifulLiar Wed 30-Sep-15 20:44:57

Pahaha!!! Oh Paper I've had a horrible day today (Ive looked so sad that randomers in the street have told me to smile!!) but you have actually made me laugh out loud. So thank you.

ignores fact that all fat goes straight to my arse

Paperblank Wed 30-Sep-15 20:56:28

whoops with delight that BeautifulLiar has a fat arse

Glad I made you laugh grin what else are random Internet mates for?

Hope you're feeling happier but if not have a ((Hug))

BeautifulLiar Wed 30-Sep-15 20:59:39

Haha! Oh its like a planet. I do feel a little better, thanks PB xx

QforCucumber Wed 30-Sep-15 22:34:09

Checking in! Beautiful if I look like you after one never mind 3 then ill be over the moon.

IndomitabIe Wed 30-Sep-15 22:40:53

Oh, beautiful, that's amazing. Mine hasn't looked that good since I was about 17. But it was a lot closer than it is now!

Missikat Wed 30-Sep-15 22:45:41

I think I was more like 15 when I last looked like that (or actually that's wishful thinking I think potentially it was never!). If I looked like you in pants beautiful (never mind after three babies) I would also be sharing. Unfortunately having only one baby has ruined my stomach beyond all repair I fear!

Trinpy Thu 01-Oct-15 00:19:32

Oh yeah I look exactly like that in my pants too.*

Thanks for starting the thread paper!

Goodnight everyone smile.

*this is a lie. I haven't looked like that since I was 19 blush.

BeautifulLiar Thu 01-Oct-15 06:37:36

Oh, thanks guys blush

marmitemofo Thu 01-Oct-15 06:47:41

I've also not looks that way since I was about 15 beautiful wow!

Yesterday I felt like my stomach was really stretching/growing again and suddenly realised at pregnancy yoga i'm massive! I was bigger than a 21weeker. And not just a bit bigger either! Just huge! I'm really worried about how big I am going to end up. Hoping the bump growth slows down!

Been feeling a bit more movement the last couple of days which is exciting! grin

Paperblank Thu 01-Oct-15 07:58:32


Someone has given me a cold. When I find out who they are in soooo much trouble.

I feel poo sad

docmcstuffins1 Thu 01-Oct-15 08:15:51

Happy October everyone, another month down and moving steadily towards March.
Beautiful, I thought I was looking in a mirror with that pic! I officially hate you
Paper, hope you feel better soon.

BeautifulLiar Thu 01-Oct-15 08:33:56

October seems scarily close to March! We have Christmas to plan/look forward to (god i love it) then it's only a few weeks after that!

Doc you're funny!! smile

Crispylicious Thu 01-Oct-15 09:03:26

'Fess up beautiful that's a pic of a 16 yo model stolen off the interweb, not a mum of 3! wink Amazing abs! Not at all jealous.. And I bet you still look thin and amazing with a bump.

trijo ME TOO re being able to eat chocolate again, although I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing <thinks of beautiful's flat tummy> Still off garlic, coffee and tea though.

We're picking up the snooze pod on Sunday and I'm really excited! It feels stupidly early to order stuff but our friend has a mothercare 20% discount that ends this month, so it made financial sense.

20 week scans must be starting soon?? Who's first?

Rosieblossom123 Thu 01-Oct-15 09:25:53

Wow thread #5 shock haha

Beautiful Yep good guess haha Dp is obsessed with Greek names haha I think we'll end up with little gladiators running around haha Also reg the pic, I wish I look like you after 3 kids!! It's my first and I'm growing so quickly and don't think I'll ever have my flat tummy ever again!

I can't believe It's October already, March is round the corner shock

20 week scan is on the 16th, 2 weeks exactly tomorrow anyone having theirs before?

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