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December 2015 #5 - The Finale !! Hello Third Trimester!

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Cheshirehello79 Tue 22-Sep-15 12:21:55

Welcome to the finale ... The third Trimester! are we all on count down now till d day ? :-) :-)

I'm not sure which is huge my boobs or the bump...
Got hairs on my belly ....
When I bend .. Do tend to ask myself what else can I do whilst I'm down there...
My house is a mess cleaning can wait ...

Above all...

Looking forward to seeing beanster <3
Loving my priority privileges ( being pregnant)
Getting ready to do nursery
Hospital bag getting sorted

Happy Days all you lovely mamas :-)
P.s still full of colddddd:-(

Metalhead Tue 22-Sep-15 13:43:18

I'm most definitely counting down - 10 weeks to go! My bump feels huge too, getting to the point where I can feel it resting on top of my thighs when I sit down...

Sorry you've not managed to shake your cold yet Cheshire, that sucks. I feel a bit bleurgh myself today, and DD1 has a bit of a cold, so I expect I shall come down with it very soon myself.

chopsface Tue 22-Sep-15 16:43:22

Mumsnet ate my post, but I'm here angry

mrsdiddlydoo Tue 22-Sep-15 21:42:11

Rubbish your cold is lingering Cheshire but thank you for the new thread smile

I've actually had to figure out how pregnant I am. 28wks on Thursday. Baby brain must be taking hold, not that it left after DS. When does 3rd tri start officially?

Still struggling to feel excited, working on my positivity but have sorted out a car seat and ordered some bits from mothercare's sale so bump doesn't have to only wear ds's cast offs which are about 5th hand me downs anyway (we're cheapskates).

Had a couple of days feeling less sick and its amazing when I feel good. I had almost forgotten what it's like not to feel sick 24hrs a day.

Cheshirehello79 Tue 22-Sep-15 23:06:45

Well third trimester some say 27 weeks and some say 28 :-)

Yep cold still full on well not being able to take anything apart from honey and lemon and found out that's giving me hurt burn so had to stop is not helping.

I'm sure one sachet of lempsip would have done the magic but can't take that neither grrr! Well just home my immune system fights it and soon - glad not had any headaches from it hence I'm not thatt bad!

Going 30 weeks growth scan on wed next week though I'll be 31+1 so looking forward seeing beanster and how much the baby has brown.

I've just spotted my tummy wobble this evening after a kick ( more like kicks - they are pretty strong now ) and manage get short video ( I'm buzzing )

SnozzberryPie Wed 23-Sep-15 17:09:55

Thanks for the new thread. Mumsnet hasn't been working on my phone so I haven't been able to get on for a few days. I had my blood test results back from the nurse who said my sugars were fine after the lucozade test, and my iron is 'borderline' so I plan to spend the remainder of my pregnancy eating spinach and cake grin

I'm 30 weeks now and have started buying a few bits we need eg new moses basket mattress and stuff for hospital bag. Dd had so many clothes that we have enough gender neutral stuff left for this baby boy even after I got rid of all of the dresses / ridiculously pink frilly stuff shock he'll be wearing a few pink vests but I don't think he'll mind wink

mrsdiddlydoo Thu 24-Sep-15 13:40:48

Can't. Stop. Eating. cakecakebiscuitbiscuit

mrsdiddlydoo Thu 24-Sep-15 13:45:04

Must be because I'm 28 weeks today. Pointed out I'm full term in 9 weeks to dh. That's nothing.

Any advice on helping ds come round to the idea of a new baby? Feel like we're about to destroy his universe. He's 2.5 and not keen on baby talk. We mainly focus on how he'll be able to show the baby around and be my no 1 helper. Read there's a house in my mummy's tummy too. Not making too much of a fuss but don't want it to be a complete surprise. Bump proves to be a useful shelf/cushion to him!

Metalhead Thu 24-Sep-15 15:20:34

I've also had too much cake today mrsdiddly as it was my last day at the volunteering job I do. Got a card and voucher too which I wasn't expecting at all, made me well up a bit!

I've not got much advice on how to prepare reluctant siblings; everyone seems to say get them a present from baby, tell them how much baby loves having them as a big brother/sister etc. DD1 is a bit older so hopefully she'll be able to understand that baby needs to come first sometimes, though I'm sure it'll still be a bit of a shock to her that she's no longer the centre of the universe...

chopsface Thu 24-Sep-15 19:18:00

Hi girls!

Glad you're feeling less sicky Mrs me too :-) almost feel normal again! Apart from the tiredness from lugging around my extra 10 kilos!

Hope you're feeling better now Cheshire and I also have a really hairy tum! Do you know the sex? I can't remember. I'm presuming I'm a hairy beast coz of the boy hormones I've got.

Had my 28 week check today. Sugary wee :-( needed to book a glucose tolerance test! Not greatly pleased. No cake for me!

Metalhead Thu 24-Sep-15 21:58:47

Sorry to hear about your sugary wee chops, I hope the glucose test comes back ok!

My bump seems absolutely huge today, I can't believe I've got another 9 weeks left!! confused I remember feeling like there was no more room for it to grow last time, but I'm sure I was more like 34 weeks by then...

Cheshirehello79 Thu 24-Sep-15 23:39:53

Feeling a bit better thanks girls.

Baby is moving like crazy now all the time especially at night which kinds of scares me that might be ready to pop.

I'm counting days till I finish work now and start focusing on baby's arrival including getting nursery done ( I'll send pictures)

I've now got all my hospital bag stuff ready and just need to pack it .

Are any of you hiring a tens machine ? Everyone has been suggesting it but I'm not sure ? Anyone whose used it before?

Has anyone had the flu jab yet ? I'm definetly going to ask for it after my scan next week.

Can't believe 6 weeks till full term yay !

SnozzberryPie Fri 25-Sep-15 07:32:44

Cheshire I used a tens last time. I found it really helpful in early labour as a distraction from the pain, and I'll definitely get one this time.

Had my flu jab on weds. I had flu in one arm and whooping cough in the other. No side effects except sore arms for a day.

mrsdiddlydoo Fri 25-Sep-15 07:56:54

Cheshire Tens is definitely a good distraction for a bit. Not sure they're really that effective but anything to help pass some time. I keep reading about positive birth stories to try to boost my confidence. Often we only hear about things going wrong...

mrsdiddlydoo Fri 25-Sep-15 07:57:47

Hit post too soon...

Cheshirehello79 Fri 25-Sep-15 22:05:19

My boobs have started licking is this normal ?

TreeSparrow Fri 25-Sep-15 22:28:32

Lol...What are they licking?

Cheshirehello79 Fri 25-Sep-15 22:49:10

Well not sure really it's not milk it looks more like very light slimy stuff ( watery )

TreeSparrow Fri 25-Sep-15 23:07:39

I think you mean "leaking" rather than "licking" btw. wink

pizzakat Sat 26-Sep-15 07:39:39

Cheshire mine started about a month ago after OH gave them too enthusiastic of a squeeze haha its colostrum apparently, which comes in before our milk

Metalhead Sat 26-Sep-15 07:44:08

pizza is right, it's right colostrum and totally normal. I only get it when I squeeze mine really hard but some people just leak apparently.

Off to get my flu jab today after getting the whooping cough on Tuesday. Hoping to avoid any side effects again as we're going into London tomorrow for lunch!

chopsface Sat 26-Sep-15 09:05:15

I'm too scared to squeeze my boobs lol! I've not noticed anything on or around my nipples though. I don't want to break out the breast pads too soon!

SnozzberryPie Sat 26-Sep-15 09:58:48

I'm getting a bit of colostrum too, my nipples feel a bit sticky at the end of the day.

Metalhead Sat 26-Sep-15 13:31:17

Just bought some very sexy Bridget Jones-style pants to wear in hospital after my section - the glam factor keeps on going up and up! grin

TreeSparrow Sat 26-Sep-15 13:36:08

To wear in hospital? I'm wearing gigantic apple catchers now! I'm not at all overweight (10-12) but never thought massive knickers could ever be so comfortable. I don't think I'll go back. grin

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