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The relaxed grads.

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lostindubai Tue 25-Aug-15 22:28:17

Joining from the relaxed TTC-ers. Hoping to see everyone here soon grin

My stats:
Age 36
DS 29 months old, still bf once a day at bedtime.
Currently 7 weeks pregnant.
History: had a mc at 9 weeks prior to DS - also had bleeding while pg with him but all was well.

Been feeling constantly ill for a week now! Last time I ate to feel better but it doesn't make any difference this time. Only actually been sick twice though. Had to fess up to the parents/PILs already as so off colour. Started taking spatone sachets today to try and increase my energy levels. Looking forward to speaking with a midwife to see what else I can do, if anything.

Reebok Tue 25-Aug-15 23:23:39

I finally found it!!

My stats:
Age 30
Children: DD 2 years old
Currently 5 weeks pregnant
History: mmc before dd (erpc)
Mc at 7 weeks before current pregnancy (which was conceived 2 weeks after AF since May!)

Well I feel crap. Mainly tired but that could be because dd is being a handful and not sleeping. Peeing lots, hungry and occasionally sore boobs. Concerned that I'm not feeling sick as I have a history of hg even with the babies I mc.

lostindubai Wed 26-Aug-15 15:04:06

Hey Reebok smile

Don't worry about not feeling sick yet. That didn't kick in until week 6 for me (both times). Maybe it will for you too. Or maybe it won't at all and you'll enjoy a nausea free pg? Every pregnancy is different.

Ds is also being a handful (napping at the moment thankfully!) although still sleeping well at night I'm pleased to say. I've been getting early nights - gawd knows what I'd be feeling like if I wasn't.

InFrance2014 Wed 26-Aug-15 17:05:37

Hello all! Feeling very happy grin

Keeping fingers crossed we can all stay on here for the duration, will be lovely to see it through together.

It's hard to remember how much I had in terms of symptoms for 1st baby, as I had no idea til 15 weeks. In retrospect I think I felt very mild nausea, and was completely exhausted, but I had started a new job with crazy hours, and spent the first 2 months away from home, so it was all very stressful and that could've been it. Painful boobs was definitely real thing though, I did start to wonder at that point (having had no period since coming off the pill)!

This time I had a random vomit in the night just a couple of days before I got the BFP, and since then have had the odd unsettled, slightly sick feelings, off food a bit too. Boobs are definitely having jabbing/prickling sensation again.

Hoping this is all positive, as with the mc, I had no symptoms at all. Also the lines on the tests were all rather faint, whereas this one is stronger (but I've limited myself to only one test so far!).

InFrance2014 Wed 26-Aug-15 17:08:34

oops, stats:

DD 17 months
7 weeks pregnant (tomorrow!)
mc one cycle ago at 8/9 weeks, but I think stopped developing at 6

Thanks Dubai for making this thread!

applecatchers36 Wed 26-Aug-15 18:15:17

Hi guys, yes thanks Dubai for starting this grads thread..

DD 20 months
7 weeks pregnant

Feeling constantly nauseous, craving carbs, jacket potatoes have been my friend. Peeing much more regularly, hoping colleagues at work haven't noticed! Boobs heavier. My sister has guessed as am sure have my in laws but they haven't said anything, just look at me in a funny way wink

Wishing all relaxed grads a healthy, happy pregnancy

Reebok Wed 26-Aug-15 20:04:40

Really hope you're right dubai...I'm so scared it will happen again. Trying to take my mind off of it but it's hard.

Bluepigoon Thu 27-Aug-15 06:30:49

Hi all, hope you're all well (other than the nausea, etc!). I'm joining this thread as I've had my bfp, although I'm slightly terrified it won't last. Trying to keep a positive head on though smile

Age 32
No Dc
Currently 4 weeks +2 days pregnant. Cycle #3 after early mc in cycle #1.

AnnaC82 Fri 28-Aug-15 08:30:36

Hi everyone, congrats for your BFPs!
Got mine this morning, can't believe how quickly it's happened and keeping fx that everything goes smoothly!

Not sure how far along I am as I came off the pill in July and had a withdrawal bleed straight away. If I use that to calculate due date it's April 28th, and I would be 5 weeks + 1 day, but CB digi is showing 1-2 wks, so must be more like 3-4 weeks. Feeling impatient to get to doctors and find out for sure but I know they'll probably just fob me off until it's time for a scan!

InFrance2014 Fri 28-Aug-15 15:18:55

Back again for a little moan - the sickness is worse past few days, actually like travel sickness all the time, dizzy, but no actual vomit. Also I've got awful aching neck and shoulders past two days, and am knackered.
I think because last pregnancy I was away from DH, and was fairly symptom-free too (til I got mild SPD after 20 weeks), that he doesn't think I'm suffering much. Well maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself! sad
But its so much harder to be coddled this time around - he is SAHD, so is tired all the time, and while I work full-time, I deal with the night-wakings (DD sleeps in cot right next to our bed), which are frequent right now as she has 4 teeth coming through.

So generally struggling a bit, and on top of it all, have a massive workload as my job contract finishes in 6 weeks! No family or close friends here with us to help out either unfortunately, and it looks like we can't afford to go to UK for Christmas.

[I did say this would be a moan...]

On a cheerful note... congratulations to Anna, Bluepigoon and Apple! Hope we can all get through first trimester difficulties together, and share the fun as well as the less fun stuff smile

Bluepigoon, is your name an Oryx and Crake reference? Awesome book!

lostindubai Fri 28-Aug-15 17:23:21

Anna congrats! So pleased for you smile

InFrance I sympathise on many levels. Sorry to hear you're not getting much sympathy at home! Hope that changes. The achey shoulders is a thing for me too! And the nausea of course, although today hasn't been quite so awful as yesterday - thankfully as I've been at work. Long weekend now so I can relax for a bit. We're heading off for a night away tomorrow the three of us and I'm looking forward to that.

InFrance2014 Sat 29-Aug-15 14:32:02

well I feel a bit guilty for complaining now as he was very nice to me last night blush
I got a full undisturbed night for the first time in months too, as he took DD and slept in another room. It definitely helped, I don't have that awful hungover feeling today. But still struggled a bit with lunch.
Working this afternoon but it's family day tomorrow!

Reebok I believe statistically even if you've had 2 miscarriages, you're still not at greatly increased risk of a 3rd. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us to get past the 'bad' weeks.

Bluepigoon Sat 29-Aug-15 15:50:43

InFrance, yes it is, I love that book! Glad you're feeling a bit better, it's amazing how much difference a good sleep makes smile

lostindubai Sun 30-Aug-15 18:41:03

Is there some good reason why we have to put up with morning sickness? I mean biologically, how does it actually help? Because I feel awful and actually evenings are worse, last night we were out for dinner and I looked around for the toilet in case I had to make a run for it. I had to ask for the chicken without any of the fancy sauces on as just the thought of it made me feel worse. Thank god I'm keeping it down though. Eating does help, but then I feel bloated and windy which is horrid too.

I'm feeling very sorry for myself right now!

Glad dh stepped up for you InFrance! Hope it continues.

How's everyone else doing? X

AnnaC82 Sun 30-Aug-15 20:12:13

Sorry to hear you're not doing well with morning sickness lostindubai. I've had occasional nausea but only mild... Hoping it doesn't get any worse! Good question about the biological reason for it - I have no idea.
I'm feeling sorry for myself at the moment as I have an infected wisdom tooth. I should have had it out already but my dentist messed up the referral, which should have been done in June. Now I can't have it out as it requires x-rays, and I can't even have antibiotics as the ones they use shouldn't be taken in the first trimester. So I just have to wait it out and suffer the pain... Not impressed!

applecatchers36 Sun 30-Aug-15 20:44:58

Hi guys,

Like you Dubai am feeling really nauseous all bloody day ( not morning sickness what a misnomer)..

I think someone told me that it's a good sign for the pregnancy ( doesn't feel like it!) something about you are less like to eat/ consume new/ risky food choices so somehow protecting the baby...

Sorry it's been tough for you lately infrance sounds like you have a lot on your plate even before factoring in the pregnancy.

How are people doing with healthcare etc..? Got my booking appointment through the post & am waiting on the first scan appt. Think it will feel more real once we have the scan...that bit is exciting smile

lostindubai Mon 31-Aug-15 07:54:40

AnnaC sorry to hear about your tooth, that sounds miserable. Can they not just x-ray your head or is it still too risky?

Apple good point about the food, I suppose it does affect what you eat. I'm eating different stuff and the sickness is much worse than last time. Wonder if that means it's a girl this time?! Can't help wondering why it's so different.

I've had an appt through for my dating scan - 1st October (seems ages away!) And a letter from the midwives to say I'm on their radar but no call yet to arrange a booking in appt. Maybe as it's my second they're not in a hurry but I'd like to hear from them soon really.

AnnaC82 Mon 31-Aug-15 08:46:15

They said definitely no x-rays, just that if it got worse they might need to prioritise my health and give the antibiotics despite the risk. Fortunately it seems to be getting better. Slowly!

I am hopefully going to the doctor tomorrow, but I'll have to do an on the day emergency appointment. I booked an appointment a couple of weeks ago (you have to at my doctors, and I was convinced I was pg!) but it's for Wednesday, but DH won't be able to come as its his first day back at work. He's been very... quiet, I think is the word, since the BFP so I really want him there when I see the doc for the first time.

Dubai are dating scans done routinely? I actually have no idea how pg I am, could be anything from 3-5 weeks due to coming off the pill!

Reebok Mon 31-Aug-15 09:42:48

Congrats to all those who have joined! Dubai and apple, sorry to hear you're both feeling awful.

Starting to feel a little unwell. The bloating and trapped wind makes me feel nauseous but then I feel sick if I don't eat on time. It's a no win situation. Boobs are getting sore too! Still not been gp. I'm guessing I was 6 weeks on Saturday according to mc date as no AF since May.

Anna sometimes when the doc is unsure of how far along you are, they might send you for an earlier scan.

InFrance2014 Mon 31-Aug-15 12:18:45

Hello all!

Yes life is super-hectic right now, happy that today I'm feeling not too bad (helped by 9:30pm bedtime yesterday!).

I reckon sickness has no actual adaptive benefits, it's quite possible it's just a hormonal/physiological side effect, like all the other "joys" (trying not to think about SPD possibly lurking down the line).

I have an appointment with my gynaecologist (who was the doctor at my first birth!) this Thursday, she was great about the miscarriage, got me in super fast to check all was ok. I'm not booked officially for a scan this week, but hoping she might just squeeze it in so we can see if there is a heartbeat or not, I'll be 8 weeks this Saturday so it will cheer me up a lot if it's all looking robust. I think last time may have been blighted ovum (what an awful term), everything seems much stronger this time so keeping fingers crossed.

Managed a family day out yesterday, went birdwatching (DD loves it!) and swimming at the beach - with it being 35 degrees C, a bit of Atlantic swell was very refreshing! I only had minor sickness in the car thankfully.

Anna tooth situation is very unlucky... hope a resolution comes soon.
Reebok very glad you are getting symptoms, even if unpleasant, will you wait until week 7/8 for doctors?

Bluepigoon Mon 31-Aug-15 15:53:34

At what stage did you all start feeling nauseous? I'm 5 weeks today and don't really have any symptoms yet apart from occasional sore nipples. I'm on holiday and spending most of the time braless though, so that might be the cause of that!

That is an awful term InFrance, I feel like I've come across a few new ones since ttc. Can't say I'd ever had need to use the phrase 'cervical mucus' before all of this either smile

Hope everyone's having a good day, despite the sickness and tooth pain.

Reebok Tue 01-Sep-15 20:40:55

I think I'm going to call the gp and pray for a cancellation tomorrow. I feel awful. The trapped wind and nausea has now turned into full on vomiting. I feel just like I did when I was pregnant with dd and ended up having hyperemesis. Had to be put on medication to control the vomiting. Today all I have managed to eat is half a slice of toast, hula hoops and a few chips...sips of cold water (it must be cold!!) and sips of coke and the only thing that has stayed down is the coke. On top of it I'm having funny coloured discharge. Sort of beige-ish. So I'm worried that despite the sickness I will mc again. Can't even call me epu as need doctor referrel. Feeling very sorry for myself! And this is so much harder this time now that I have dd. Back to work on Thursday (I teach!) do I hide this???

applecatchers36 Tue 01-Sep-15 21:12:00

Oh reebok I feel for you that sounds awful. The GP appt sounds like a good idea & hopefully can give you something for the sickness & set your mind at ease. I guess if you are feeling this bad maybe calling in sick at work Thursday?

Blue I think i was having symptoms from about week 5? Although around the time I would have been expecting AF was feeling very hormonal and getting irritated by everything that DP did but not sure that counts....

Reebok Tue 01-Sep-15 21:23:58

I can't call in sick. I was off just before the summer holidays as I ended up mc. My boss will have my head if I call in sick on the first day back. Whereas if I go in and throw up on her shoes, she's more likely to feel slightly sympathetic and send me home!

lostindubai Wed 02-Sep-15 07:19:15

Oh Reebok you poor thing. It certainly puts my morning sickness grumbles into perspective. Hope you get an appointment today, let us know how you get on.

Blue my sickness started at 6 weeks, both times.

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