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The Berry-Copter - Mid 2015 edition!

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Gillster Sat 08-Aug-15 17:47:29

A thread for those who have graduated from the Berry TTC thread and anyone else expecting their first baby after trying for over year or after assisted conception.

Gillster Sat 08-Aug-15 17:48:49

List update:
Merkin: Delivery date: 21 March, girl
Thunder: Delivery Date: 26 March, girl
Tally: Delivery Date: 7 April, girl
Boom: Delivery date : 11 April, girls x 2!
Katatonic: Delivery date: 24 April, girl
PoppySeedBun: Delivery date: 23rd April, girl
Brodicea: Delivery date: 7th May - girl
Kitty: Delivery date: 20th May - girl,
Puppymummy: Delivery date: 5th June - boy
Foody: Delivery date: 17th June - boy
Qazxc: Delivery date: 17th June - girl
Angel: Delivery date: 4th July - boy
Charming: Delivery date : 9th August - boy
Jessplus: Delivery Date 22nd August - boy
Dartmoor: Delivery Date 8th Sept - boy
Bunny: Delivery Date 7th Oct - boy
Sidney: Delivery Date 10th Oct - boy
Yorkie: Delivery Date 8th Nov - boy
Win: Delivery date 12th Jan - boy
RP: Delivery date 23rd Jan - girl
Feather: Delivery date 18th Feb - girl
Chloe: Delivery date 28th March - girl
Lady: Delivery date 21st April - girl
Kitten: Delivery date 22nd April - boy
thelentil: Delivery date 4 August - girl
Bushy: Delivery date 30th July - girl

In the chopper
Pixie: EDD 13th August - ?
Aquarius: EDD 20th August
Pearlcrystal: EDD 21st August - boy
Otters: EDD 28th August - boy
Bair: EDD 31st August
FluffyNut: EDD 8th September - girl
Jellie: Twins due Oct/Nov - girls
Gillster: 1st January - ?
Hampshireblues EDD - 30th January
Wild: EDD March - Twins

ladybunnikins Sat 08-Aug-15 20:16:09

Aha, this is where the new thread is! Well done on moving it to antenatal, makes more sense. Currently just lurking due to a slightly early 4 month regression. Good luck to everybody who is due soon!

beakybeak Sat 08-Aug-15 22:46:03

Just sneaking in to wish Bushy a massive congrats! When I saw the news and also your reason for her name, I definitely had a little tear! So happy for you!x

Aquarius1 Sun 09-Aug-15 20:38:13

Hi Gill & all in the chopper - I haven't posted for ages but just wanted to say hi smile It's great to see the full list of grads & the expanding chopper list -can't believe how far we've come. Really hope there will be more additions soon!

Gillster Sun 09-Aug-15 23:06:17

Hi all! How are you getting on HB and Wild? DH and I went for a 4 mile stroll around Tatton Park today followed by some lovely Sunday lunch. Spent the rest of the afternoon recovering on the sofa! Hope I sleep well tonight.

Jelliebabe1 Fri 14-Aug-15 22:14:54

Hi Berries! It's all gone a bit quiet over here! Do we think people have lost us?

Hope you're all doing great! I've had a very busy day! Had my Gtt this morning then a growth scan, then consultant appt. Also then waited for a prescription... Phew was there from 8.20 until 1.30. Both babes doing really well! Even the consultant said I was glowing! So I'm going to take that as a real compliment, well she must see all sorts! grin. Mum came with us to the scan as she's never seen one and to be fair this will be it for us. It's the first scan we've had that was quite short and she didn't really point much out at all... Never mind she was still thrilled.

Going hospital bag gear shopping tomorrow with one of my besties!!! I'm going to go for it! I've hardly bought anything so if I see it, want it and need it.... I'm having it! Lol ��

Jelliebabe1 Fri 14-Aug-15 22:15:42

Had a stinky cold this week. Hoping it will do one soon x

pearlcrystal Sun 16-Aug-15 08:19:41

Morning Berries!

Thanks for the new thread Gill! How are you doing? We're off to Tatton Park today I think although it definitely won't be 4 miles for me. I'll be lucky if I manage to waddle across the garden bit :-)

jellie did you enjoy getting all the bits and pieces for your hospital bag? The tiny outfits are irresistible and such a delight to buy but then there is also all the more boring practical stuff like the maternity pads, nappies, etc.

Can't believe it's only 5 days to due date!! So excited and really looking forward to the birth. Baby is showing no signs of stirring yet though except for ever increasing Braxton Hicks.

Jelliebabe1 Sun 16-Aug-15 22:03:14

Hey Pearl! 5 days that's so exciting grin. Bet you're ready for it now though. Hope your day out was nice.

I loved every minute of my shopping went straight to boots and spent £111! Got nearly everything on my list and some lovely bits for the girls! I was bloody knackered at the end though! Normally I could walk for hours but I guess I'm starting to feel it now. I wanted some big pants from marks but couldn't face going back for them! I also want to find some button through nighties.

We've had a productive day today too! Lots of little jobs done and we picked up a glider chair locally from Gumtree only £50! Just needs a good clean but it's sooooo comfy and over £200 in John Lewis! Bargain. grin

Have a good week ladies x

Jelliebabe1 Sun 16-Aug-15 22:42:06

Lol here's the haul!

Gillster Tue 18-Aug-15 08:03:31

Ooh not long now Pearl. Are you all prepared? Freezer full etc?

That's a good haul Jelli! Bet it will get used up pretty quickly with 2 babies! Are you going to give the Aldi nappies a go too? Read some excellent reviews about them and much cheaper than the leading brands. When are you finishing work?

pearlcrystal Tue 18-Aug-15 19:28:48

jelli loving all the cute baby bits. I still can't get over the tiny outfits and how very gorgeous they are. Your chair sounds like a great bargain.

gill I have been nesting like mad as has my DH. The house is cleaner and tidier than evernand the freezer is full of all sorts though I also have my mum here who'll be helping with the initial stages. The nursery is pretty much done now too. I've gone for a nautical theme though not sure how much you can see in the photo - it's a bit tricky trying to take a picture of the whole room so could only get in one wall - there is also a changing table, wardrobe and basket of toys.
3 days to go till d- day - though nothing is stirring yet.

Gillster Wed 19-Aug-15 16:07:43

Had my 20 week scan today and all is good smile

Looks like you're all set Pearl! Lovely room by the way.

Jelliebabe1 Fri 21-Aug-15 21:10:02

Gill! Did you find out what flavour or are you going for a surprise? Lovely scan pic by the way you can just make out its ear!

Pearl! Love the nursery! Bet you're putting it into action now! Congratumalations. X

Gillster Sun 23-Aug-15 13:58:45

No Jelli, we're still going for a surprise. How long until you finish work?

Hope everything is still OK with HB and Wild.

If we don't get done new people soon then I think this thread will fizzle out. A lot of the berries are stimming at the moment so fingers crossed we get some good news from them.

pearlcrystal Tue 25-Aug-15 20:58:17

Hello Berries!
Sorry for being AWOL - a combination of being busy and problems with MN Passwords - which I suspect is part of the reason for the silence on the thread too. My main reason for being busy is that we had our little boy Alexander, 6lbs 7ozs last Wednesday. The labour was lovely - quick and very peaceful. He came so quickly that I actually delivered him on our living room floor as we didn't have the time to go
Into hospital. Here are a few photos.

Jelliebabe1 Fri 28-Aug-15 09:06:13

Hi everyone! Ive got the day off so am in bed with coffee and toast! Hooooray. Going shopping with my fried later but mainly buying material to make some blinds.

Pearl, he's beautiful! Hope you're doing well x

I'm thinking we've lost people changing boards! We've c never been this quiet. Perhaps some Berries just don't know where we are??? Did we link from the old thread???

Jelliebabe1 Fri 28-Aug-15 09:07:52

Ps I'm 31 weeks Sunday! Hit me yesterday that means bday could be just 6 weeks! Omfg need to get my but in serious gear!

Gillster Fri 28-Aug-15 17:10:31

I did put a link on the last thread but there aren't many pregnant Berries anymore. Think most of the Berries with babies post on FB.

FluffyNut Sat 05-Sep-15 14:25:51

Hi berries, this thread has really gone quiet hasn't it. I'm guilty myself of not keeping up to date and I think it was a few months ago I came by and said hello. I guess I felt I didn't really have anything to add, as I'm a first timer and pretty rubbish!
Well here I am now, 39 weeks and 5 days. No symptoms to make me think my little girl is going to come and say hello just yet, despite me gouging down the RL tea (I quite enjoy it), bouncing on my ball and walking. Can't really get into the nipple tweeting side of things!
Apart from a ramp Up with BH's, and suddenly this Morning I slept in until 12;30, I think she's very comfortable. (I'm normally up at 9, the latest!)
I'm booked for a sweep with MW at home on Tuesday (my due day) and will be putting my foot down not to drag on too much longer as I have family history where being overdue caused problems.
So what does everyone else think? Is it time for me to go backwards up the stairs or something? Lol

ladybunnikins Sat 05-Sep-15 18:28:58

Hi Fluffynut, I think it's because most of us are on the FB group, send me a PM if you want to join, there are 4 PUPO berries so hopefully this thread will have some newbies! I went 9 days over so avoided induction, most of my family need inducing so I was surprised! No evidence base but I drank a lot of raspberry leaf tea and ate lots of pineapple.

FluffyNut Sun 06-Sep-15 03:13:22

Hi lady, thanks for your message. It looks like it kick started things as my waters broke at 1:20 am. The mlu said to get rest and they'll check in with us at 8am.
I haven't really had strong contractions at all, just stronger BH if that makes sense. Perhaps those are contractions? I do have a high pain threshold.
I think I might put on how bad they are later when they call as me and do are anxiously waiting !!!

ladybunnikins Sun 06-Sep-15 04:30:18

Yay, you're on your way! Not long until you meet your little one, good luck!

Gillster Sun 06-Sep-15 07:00:05

Good luck Fluffy - exciting!

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