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37+3 weeks second baby 1/5engaged

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elif2013 Fri 24-Jul-15 17:43:57

Hello everyone
Seen midwife at 37+1 she said baby was fully engaged and i might go into to labour early as second babys dont engage till labour ive been have lots of back pain and preasure down below and lots of braxton hicks was wondering if any was like this and went into early labour

Thanks x grin

cdwales Fri 24-Jul-15 19:40:27

Hi elif2013
I hope you get lots of replies! Basically yes there are patterns but there again everyone is different and so is every pregnancy and delivery. Don't try to predict just be prepared and 'go with the flow'. Your subconscious brain is running this particular show and will appreciate your conscious cooperation so listen to its messages re breathing, drinking water - anything! I found that being 'in the now' or mindfulness is really useful. Thinking of you! star

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