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April 2016 Babies

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Issie339 Wed 22-Jul-15 19:07:18

Hi! Anyone else around yet who's expecting in April 2016? I've searched Mumsnet but can't find a thread- apologies if I've missed it. Just got my BFP today due date would be 2nd April (so the NHS website tells me). Would be great to have company on this journey!!

Drheb Thu 23-Jul-15 07:41:08

Hi, I also got a positive test yesterday, feeling absolutely petrified and freaked out already by this. Struggling a bit to work out what I should be doing.

FussyHendricks Thu 23-Jul-15 07:50:51

Hi Issie and *Drheb! *Congratulations!

BFP for me yesterday as well, and I think my due date will be around 1 April, so I'll tentatively join you!

Still seems a bit surreal to me too and I'm cautious about getting too excited as its so early.

*Drheb *for my last pregnancy I self referred to the midwife once I was 5.5 weeks. But you could just book a GO appointment and they'll do the referral for you.

FussyHendricks Thu 23-Jul-15 07:51:50

Meant GP not GO obvs!

Issie339 Thu 23-Jul-15 07:56:55

Morning drheb and fussy congratulations!! Yeh it all feels a bit unreal at the moment, very early days. This will be #2 for us so I feel I know how it all works a bit better this time- had absolutely no idea last time.

How are you both feeling? Have you told your OH yet?

FussyHendricks Thu 23-Jul-15 08:07:56

I'm not really feeling any different, no real symptoms yet. Trying not to read anything into it just yet as I think my morning sickness didn't kick in until 5 weeks last time.

I know what you mean, feeling a little less overwhelmed this time round, but I still feel like I've forgotten so much!

I told DH once I'd tested. He's happy but a bit shocked. Ideally I think he would have liked a bigger gap between DD and this one (DD will be 27 months in April 16). Plus were off on holiday with the in laws for 2 weeks tomorrow, so will have to get create with the reasons why I'm not drinking!

Have you told your DH yet?

Drheb Thu 23-Jul-15 08:10:21

Hi both of you! Told my oh last night on the phone because he is working away this week and I felt really freaked out by it, even though this was planned, discussed and so on. Feeling ok physically though so it seems even more surreal, I keep thinking something might go wrong so don't start to arrange a spa afternoon booked for a birthday in two weeks so I will need to cancel my treatment and tell some people then but I feel very hesitant about all this right now
Have you got any symptoms yet?

Issie339 Thu 23-Jul-15 09:12:15

I haven't really got any symptoms either, just some dull stabbing and pulling pains that's all.

Haven't told OH yet, He got home after I was asleep last night and was back out to work at 5:30 this morning so I haven't seen him, will tell him tonight.

27 months is a lovely age gap fussy we'll have a nearly 3 year age gap between DD and this one. I know what you mean about having forgotten everytbing, I had to google what I wasn't supposed to eat whilst pregnant last night as I'd totally forgotten! Haha. You'll have to pretend you're on antibiotics so can't drink on your hols, that's always the best one grin

drheb I was totally freaking out when I got pregnant with #1 even though it was planned- I think it's quite normal!! It'll sink in soon.

Bejeena Thu 23-Jul-15 15:30:10

Ladies congratulations all. I am still waiting for a positive test but my due would be 30th March if I was to be pregnant so I assume all of you due in April must be less than 4 weeks? If so which tests have you used? After having a mc in May I am afraid of testing so early and it all going wrong

Drheb Thu 23-Jul-15 15:58:48

Hi bejeena and good luck getting your bfp. I used a sainsburys digital one, actual due date is end March so I'm on the wrong bus, but it felt like everyone was so much further ahead on the march one

Issie339 Thu 23-Jul-15 15:58:58

Hi bejeena sorry to hear about your mc flowers My AF would be due tomorrow and I got my BFP yesterday, 31 day cycle. Got a BFP on Superdrug cheapie yesterday and on a Clearblue today

Bejeena Thu 23-Jul-15 17:30:06

My AF is due tomorrow too, but I am basing it on 28 day cycle, was always a bit sporadic and it only had one this since March due to the MC. Both when I miscarried and when pregnant with my son I didn't test until almost 2 weeks late

FussyHendricks Thu 23-Jul-15 20:11:41

Drheb I deliberated joining the march bus too, but they're in the 2nd thread already! I reckon I'm due around 1 April, but the way my cycles have been it could easily be a day or 2 either side. Sods law means I'll probably go 2 weeks overdue and end up giving birth right in the middle of April anyway! grin

Seconding what Issie said. The way you're feeling it entirely normal, so don't worry. We're all here to provide plenty of hand holding where needed!

Bejeena I've used Internet cheapies, boots own brand and most recently a clear blue digi (Poas addict!) Totally understand your worries, the early days are such an uncertain time, even more so when you've had a previous loss. Have you tested at all yet?

Philly83 Thu 23-Jul-15 20:35:01

Hi ladies! How are you all doing?

I got my BFP last week and it is only starting to really sink in this week now that I am missing my first period (should have started on 20th). DH and I are over the moon as this was very much planned but had no idea it would happen so quickly (first month of trying)! I am 32 and this is going to be my first baby. I think due date is actually the end of March but like Drheb and FussyHendricks thought the other bus was too far along to join at this stage.

Looking forward to hearing about everyone else's experiences along the way!

Newbiehome Thu 23-Jul-15 20:38:47

Hi everyone, this is my first MN post! Got my first BFP yesterday after 2 cycles of trying for first. Super happy but otherwise not sure what to think! Went to boots and bought some pregnancy vitamins this morn! Called my GP today and made an appointment for next week - is that what you're meant to do?! The nhs website seemed to suggest so anyway! Feeling a bit period painy last few days but no other symptoms yet. Think due date will be around 4 April according to calculate thing...

Drheb Thu 23-Jul-15 20:43:58

Welcome Newbiehome and philly83 !
Still no real symptoms here, feel it's all surreal, i keep looking at the photo I took of the positive test to reassure myself i didn't make it up!

Newbiehome Thu 23-Jul-15 22:26:25

Same!! I took a photo of the test I did last night then did another in the toilets at work just to double check! Really surreal. Think I might tell my family this weekend as seeing them all together (which we don't often get to do) but bit concerned that it is still so early.

FussyHendricks Thu 23-Jul-15 23:16:44

Hi Philly and Newbie, congratulations! Come and join us!!

Wish I'd taken a pic of my cb digi, the result has vanished now the batteries have died. --Perfect excuse to keep peeing on Internet cheapies
--Finally finished packing for our holiday. Really hoping my internet is decent over there so I can keep up to date with all the posts on here smile

FussyHendricks Fri 24-Jul-15 03:11:47

Can't sleep! My pre holiday to-do list is circling round in my head hmm

*Newbie *I meant to comment re telling people early. I think it's a divisive subject and I distinctly remember holding off telling people the first time round due to my earlier mc. I thought how lovely it would be to tell my family the news, but how hard and heartbreaking it would be to then have to tell them something had gone wrong.

2 years on I have a slightly different view. God forbid anything should go wrong, but when it did for us I think the burden of my mc was very difficult for just me and DH to share. So if you have the love and support of close family and friends to help get you through such a tough time, then that has to be a good thing?

Hope that makes sense and good luck if you do decide to tell everyone. It's such wonderful news to be able to share with everyone!

Issie339 Fri 24-Jul-15 08:11:22

Welcome philly and newbie and congrats!

Haha I took a photo of my BFP too! We've been trying for 8 months after getting pregnant within 2 months with DD so we are very much over the moon!

newbie sounds like you're doing all the right things so far- vitamins and Dr appointment. They'll then refer you to the hospital for your booking in appointment etc (don't worry they'll tell you what to do!) If you'll have the choice of a few hospitals in your area it might he worth looking in to which one you want as they'll probably ask you at the appoibtment- we have a choice of 4 where we are!! Maybe also Google what food you should be avoiding.

When's everyone telling their parents? I'm not sure how early to tell people, feeling quite nervous this time around. I agree with what fussy said about support though.

boymamma Fri 24-Jul-15 09:46:53

Hi everyone, got my bfp and due 3rd april. Confirming with digi today. I like how they spell it out for you smile no real symptoms here. Sore and again. Strange because last month i had every symptom! Hope your all keeping well.

Issie339 Fri 24-Jul-15 11:15:27

Wecome boymamma and congratulations!

Now there are a few of us on this thread I thought I'd give a stats list a go to help us keep track:

Issie, 31, DC#2 (1xDD), due 2 April
Drheb,?, DC#1, due 1 April
Fussy, ?, DC#2 (1xDD), due 1 April
Bejeena, ?, DC#2 (1xDS), due 30 March
Philly, 32, DC#1, due end March
Newbie, ?, DC#1, due 4 April
Boymamma, ?, DC#?, due 3 April

Newbiehome Fri 24-Jul-15 13:34:38

It's a tricky one re. Who to tell but i think on balance if (God forbid) something did go wrong, my mum would be the first person I'd go to so seems only right to share the news.

It also seems like such a big secret to keep to yourself!!

That's a good idea re. Checking out the local hospitals.

Btw, for the stat collection Issie I am 30!

Drheb Fri 24-Jul-15 18:48:43

I'm 33 for the stats. Still no symptoms, feeling absolutely fine, ran part of my commute today as well and had to keep reminding myself not to overdo it. Now just don't believe I can really be pregnant and feeling a bit unsure what to do tonight, usual trip to pub and drinking lots of wine clearly not happening.
How's everyone else doing?

Bejeena Fri 24-Jul-15 19:58:22

Oh and for stats I am 37, but still yet to get my bfp and AF only due today so I don't know. But something isn't right although I don't want to excite myself after the mmc

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