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February 2016 - Will the chundering ever cease?!

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StockingFullOfCoal Thu 25-Jun-15 19:53:28

New thread <place marking>

firsttimenewbie Thu 25-Jun-15 19:55:39

Oh no, not another thread featuring 'chundering' the word really makes me feel ill :-(

Fugghetaboutit Thu 25-Jun-15 19:56:36

Lol yeah bad choice, makes you wanna throw up whenever I see it in active convos

firsttimenewbie Thu 25-Jun-15 19:59:54

Yeah each time I look forward to a new thread title but back up it pops lol

RattyCatty Thu 25-Jun-15 20:02:17

How many people are actually vomiting? I just feel hungover/sick in waves but haven't actually been sick or wretched yet....

firsttimenewbie Thu 25-Jun-15 20:06:50

me neither. did find it worrying but Dr said I am just lucky.

Tiredoftiredness Thu 25-Jun-15 20:07:22

Oops just posted on last thread so will copy as a place mark!

Evening all

Lovely to see some promising scans amidst the sad news of losses.

Not much To report here, 7+3 today and the old symptoms I did have seem to have decreased even more, but I'm absolutely shattered all the time!

Have booked a private scan for Saturday so really hoping to see a HB, and will have to go maternity shopping very soon after assuming all is well - my work trousers were really cutting in today!

mumof2aimingfor3 Thu 25-Jun-15 20:08:34

Only ever suffer with nausea and later heartburn. Had worse nausea with ds, dd's heartburn was worse.

mumof2aimingfor3 Thu 25-Jun-15 20:10:08

Really need to change my screen name, haven't used mn for so long though :/

mumof3shockedtobecarrying4th Thu 25-Jun-15 20:14:32

Success smile

rallytog1 Thu 25-Jun-15 20:24:01

I haven't actually been sick yet but I really feel like it would help if I was! Can't shake the nausea at all sad

Nectarines Thu 25-Jun-15 20:24:19

Just following on from previous diabetic chat... I think it's prolonged high bm that causes concern, not odd random spikes.

It's overwhelming though, along with everything else we're worrying about in first tri!

I'm at follow up scan on Wed. Hoping all is ok but I've been spotting brown blood for two weeks now so not overly confident.

If all ok, I'm considering asking for an elective c section this time. Had emcs with my daughter and, knowing I'm going to deliver at 38 weeks, I am worried about failed induction leading to second emcs. Also worry about effect of early induction on previous csec scar. Hopefully obstetrician can answer questions in due course.

My head's in the shed at the moment! It's dreadful!!

MayFlowers16 Thu 25-Jun-15 20:39:50

Love the username Mumof3 smile

MemphisBella Thu 25-Jun-15 20:40:36

I have discovered a miracle cure to the nausea: Waitrose's peanut and caramel topped shortbread.

I will be the size of a blimp by the time I have this baby.

MayFlowers16 Thu 25-Jun-15 20:49:06

Is anyone else doing the 'hairband around your jeans button' trick yet? Tell me I'm not the only one smile

peggysue82 Thu 25-Jun-15 20:52:20

Rallytog that is exactly how I feel too. I almost want to be sick just to see if it makes me feel any better. Today was hideous day at work...really did feel rough all day hmm ended up telling my line manager as I nipped off to the loo that many times it was starting to look a bit odd. She knew we were trying for another baby tho so wasn't too surprised. Not sure when to officially inform our head of department tho...thinking I may do it next week so that I don't have to use annual leave for my booking in appt on 6th. When is everyone else telling work?

haquoi123 Thu 25-Jun-15 20:53:02

Thanks for the new thread! Sorry to hear those with diabetes are suffering. It sounds so complicated! Do you have diabetes in general or is it pregnancy related?

newbie my DH is coming to everything, but that's a decision we made together, so it's up to you. In my head I think if I have to deal with the nausea and stretching and labour, then he can deal with a few forms ;)

Purdiepipesup Thu 25-Jun-15 20:54:11

Did anyone else see the terrific offer in You magazine on Sunday for a maternity capsule wardrobe from Seraphina for £85? Gorgeous essential pieces.

haquoi123 Thu 25-Jun-15 20:54:40

may I've moved to leggings and trousers that are 2 sizes too big. Loved that trick, got me through last time!

haquoi123 Thu 25-Jun-15 20:55:15

Is there a link purdie?

Betty5714 Thu 25-Jun-15 21:00:52

blue i had my booking in appt today and DH came. He wanted to come which i liked as it feels nice to share this, and also as i had spotting for two weeks i thought he could provide useful reassuring hand holding if needed. It was useful that he came as the mw asked about family medical history on his side that i had no clue about! But i think its up to each couple to decide for themselves.

No scan date yet so mw following up. It will be nice to have another date in the diary.

WouldRatherHaveCake Thu 25-Jun-15 21:05:18

mum I think it's understandable to have a mixed bag of emotions when you weren't trying. Hope you are okay flowers

I haven't been sick either, but then I'm only just approaching 5 weeks. Not liking being so far behind you lot!

clumsypots Thu 25-Jun-15 21:14:57

No actual sickness here either just nausea but I am so glad because I am terrified of being sick!

Does anyone have any ideas for energy boosts? we are moving house in a week and I am so tired when I get home from work I haven't the energy to pack anything...

birdbrain21 Thu 25-Jun-15 21:22:06

Just copying my post from last thread to mark place....

blue the form filling at the booking in appointment is to find out a full medical history so they can be prepared if there might be anything that would crop up with you or the baby. They need to know a lot about your oh medical history as well. Someone said the midwives discourage the men because of domestic violence, but they just want to talk to you for a few mins by yourself, last time she sent my dh to the reception desk to book the next appointment and asked me if everything was okay, the letter I have this time says 'anyone accompanying you will be asked to wait outside for the first 10 mins of appointment'. From my experience last the midwives love it when your oh comes so they can feel involved and see you have support. I remember a couple of appointments dh couldn't come to and I felt like the odd one out by myself in the waiting room!

birdbrain21 Thu 25-Jun-15 21:22:53

Opps sorry that was for newbie not sure why I copied incorrectly!

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