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Bump maintenance - what do you put on yours?

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Nonyummymummy Wed 15-Nov-06 20:33:50

Expecting no. 2 on 31/01/07 - expanding faster this time! Last time just used Body Shop Vitimin E lotion and got hardly any stretch marks - just a few under the bump (now mostly concealed from me at least by overhang ). Wondering whether I should splash put on something more expensive this time e.g. Clarins oil, as may be more prone due to bigger bump - I know its probably all down to genes etc but wonder what others recommend.

kikidee Wed 15-Nov-06 20:50:19

Hi, I used Palmers Cocoa butter the last time and had no stretch marks but I think that was probably just luck. This time, I have the Clarins body oil which is lovely but I got it in Italy for about £20. It's £30 here I think but maybe someone would treat you for Christmas? I think the Elemis Camellia Oil is also supposed to be good. Ultimately I think it's just your genes and it doesn't matter what you use but it's quite nice to feel pampered when you're the size of a house!

spinamum Wed 15-Nov-06 20:59:43

used Cocoa butter last time. Got stretch marks! haven't used anything yet this time and no stretchmarks as yet. Due in five and a half weeks. And this bump is a whopper! it is genes, but I think a treat might be in order anyway

Sheraz Wed 15-Nov-06 21:05:07

UsedBody shop Olive body butter on two PGs, have virtually no visible stretch marks on tummy and I was massive!

Nonyummymummy Wed 15-Nov-06 21:07:20

Kikidee - Christmas treat is a good idea but maybe I will let DH treat me to it early due to current rate of expansion!
Spinamum - busy/exciting Christmas for you then!

earlysbird Wed 15-Nov-06 21:10:24

I used Clarins oil and then MIL bought me some Elemis camelia oil which was even lovelier, twins but no stretchmarks so one of them worked!

duke Wed 15-Nov-06 21:12:01

I used bio oil, pure vitamin e oil, cocoa butter and avent stretch mark cream. none of it worked. I was a size 8 and had a 10lb 10oz baby though. Second time round I still used creams, i didn't get any new ones and the old ones are quite pale so it may of helped.

peachygirl Thu 16-Nov-06 11:54:22

I'm using L'occitaine 'Mom and baby balm' which is lovely about £22 for a big tin and £9 for a small one,I've got a big tin and it lasts for ages I'm not even haf way down it yet. I quite fancy some of the Elemis camelia oil as it was recommended to me.
I've also heard it is a gene thing if your mum got lots or no stretch marks you are likely to be the same. My mum had none and her side of the family do have lovely skin so fingers crossed

melanies154 Thu 16-Nov-06 18:28:13

bio oil!!!!!
i only found it after id given birth but not only does it stop stretch marks but it also reduces the appearance.
you can get it on ebay for about 12 quid for a big bottle.

jellybellie Fri 17-Nov-06 15:21:19

I used Clarins oil morning and night from about 12 weeks and didn't get one stretch mark despite having a 10lb 2oz baby and putting on over 4 stones in weight!!! - would definitely recommend it..

CurrantBun Wed 22-Nov-06 13:01:51

I've been using Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter, which is lovely - and so far (26+2) no stretch marks. The only thing is I think it might be a bit rich for my skin as I keep getting little rash-like spots around my belly button. On days I don't use the body butter I use either cK Obsession body lotion or cK Be body lotion - which smell fantastic and don't seem to cause the rash.

Love the sound of the Clarins oil though - will go and check it out on their website!

DebbsyandBibby Wed 22-Nov-06 13:25:00

ive been using avent indulgent body creme which is mainly cocoa butter its fab not 1 stretch mark and im 39 weeks and 3 days

theUrbanDryad Wed 22-Nov-06 13:27:03

nonyummymummy - why aren't you on the due in jan thread? hmmmm?

earthtomummy Wed 22-Nov-06 13:27:41

Neals Yard do a great oil for mums to be which smells lovely (neroli) and is specifically for pgy. - even to people like me who hate most smells when pg. I've had 3 and so far no stretch marks - but I'm told it's genes - mum and sister have none either and we've all had big babies. Still, it's nice to rub it in - wonder if baby enjoys a bit of massage too??

Peridot30 Wed 22-Nov-06 14:22:38

With both my pregnancies i used BIO OIL and had no stretch marks until i went well over due date (10and 11 days late, lazy babies!) However only have a few and they are really pale

Nonyummymummy Wed 22-Nov-06 21:35:42


I posted on the due in Feb thread when I thought my date was 2nd Feb but the hospital have got me as 31st Jan, may well be planned section so will definitely be Jan so I will go and join Jan thread - thanks for reminding me!
I have now invested in the Clarins oil and am using at nightime but it does smell quite strong (although v.nice)- thank god my days of nausea are well gone.

callieco Wed 29-Nov-06 19:34:15

Galenic Elancyl stretch mark prevention and reduction cream. It absorbs really quickly and feels nice going on IMO. V pleased because just picked up a twin pack which was cheaper to begin with than buying two and then had big discount off again while on holiday in France . You can get it from Boots although they'd sold out for a while hence delight at the bargain in France.

Lovina Fri 22-Aug-08 12:55:57

I absolutely and totally swear by Erbaviva Stretch mark oil - it is amazing! It is certified oragnic(so important not to use chemical laden products when you are pregnant because of the hormone disrupting effects) - it has carrot seed oil in it (which boost elastciity) and some sort of secret essetial oil blend that works as an anti inflamatory. Just AMAZING! You can buy from Space NK but is always sold out so I went to their UK website ( and got the number and called them and they have been posting dircectly out to me!! I wish I had discovered this range earlier, it is sooooo AMAZING!

dinkystinky Sun 24-Aug-08 20:38:14

I love the Mamamio tummy oil - smells divine. Used Clarins oil last time round and avoided stretch marks until went overdue (then got loads sad) but didnt like the smell much so looked around for something different this time round..

kraftwerkkittie Wed 10-Sep-08 21:25:54

i'm motoring through the bio-oil. no stretch marks yet... i think... although there's a large underside to the bump that i can't see so who knows what horrors lie beneath... keeping my fingers crossed anyway...

hanaflower Wed 10-Sep-08 21:36:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beaufies Fri 10-Oct-08 13:15:14

Hey ladies

I've got no stretch marks and baby is being delivered by C-section next Friday so very hopeful that I have managed to avoid it.

My mum and sister both got them so don't think my good fortune is genetic and I was a size 8/10 pre pregnancy and have a massive bump with baby expected to be 10lb+ at 39 weeks so all in all I thought I would have had them. So, did some research and did the following:-

Made up my own organic oil of 30% unrefined avocado, 30% rosehip, 25% jojoba, 10% evening primrose or blackcurrant seed and 5% vitamin E which I applied copious amonts of and massaged well in (ie 20 mins massaging)every night at bedtime. I also took supplements of 2000mg a day of Vit C (needed for collagen production, and it is the tearing of collagen that causes stretch marks)30mg of zinc and 400iu of vit E as well as a standard pregnancy multi vitamin.

I know some of you will read this and be horrified as it goes against everything you have read and been told but I must reassure you that I am a holistic therapist and took the supplement advice from a qualified nutritionist. I am 39, and have had no morning sickness or nausea, no fluid retention/swelling, no backache, very good bloodpressure and the baby is big and strong (not fat according to scans) and very active. Furthermore a deficiency in Zinc (which is very common)and vit B6 is strongly linked to post natal depression and supplements have been succesfully used to treat this condition in all but the very worst of cases.

Sorry for the long post but I am rather evangelical about all this and very frustrated that this sort of information is not routinely shared, and is even discouraged angry.


If anyone would like to know more please Pm me and I will do my best to point you in the right direction

Lotster Wed 04-Feb-09 20:26:56

Both pregnancies I used Bio-oil. Discovered it when using for stretch marks on boobs, has really faded then.

Haven't had any stretch marks using this stuff, (35 weeks now). My mum didn't have any though, but I wasn't taking any chances.

I do believe it's genetic and age related too though. The younger you are the more prone. My (half) sisters had them as did their mum, plus they were both very early twenties. I was same age as my mum (32) when I started having kids...

MiaMamma Sat 07-Feb-09 17:50:27

I also LOVE the smell of Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil!!! Used it last time, had no strech marks (maybe just lucky, don't know). This time ordered it again, arrived yesterday and used it straight away, I think I just missed the smell of itsmile

sunshine22 Fri 03-Dec-10 13:46:15

I used Bio Oil when I was PG. Worked well, I had very few stretch marks. Its well pricey so it's worth shopping around!

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