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unexpectedly pregnant and in a spin

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bopoityboo3 Sat 13-Jun-15 19:51:03

So after peeing on a stick yesterday just to check if i was okay to go back on the pill after stopping breast feeding my 14 month old I got a positive!! Completely bricking it! Was not planning on having a third. Am kicking myself for us being so careless but with my PSOS and the fact that the last two pgs took 3 and 2 years respectively to happen I never dreamed I'd end up pregnant accidentally. Also feeling super guilty that I'm not currently excited about this one like I was the last two times. How the hell am I going to cope with two under two and an almost 7 year old?

sparklez186 Sat 13-Jun-15 22:35:40

hi in a similar boat, dd1 is 3.4 and dd2 is 15 months tomorrow. we had never said never to a third but were not planning on one happening this close, had always thought we'd wait until dd2 was 3 if it happened at all. Thought we'd try natural family planning which apparently we suck at, didn't have sex till cycle day 30 (thought it was 32 as forgot february is a short month!!) but apparently my body thinks day 30 is great day to ovulate. It's been a huge shock but have known 11 weeks now and we've both slowly come round to the idea. having 3 under 4 will be complete madness but apparently it was meant to be so will have to live through a few years of chaos and no sleep. can't offer much advice but here for hand holding and the shock will wear off. as with a lot of motherhood once your in the situation you just get on with it and look back in wonder once you've survived (i hope)

bopoityboo3 Sun 14-Jun-15 14:00:03

Hi Sparklez, glad to hear that after a bit of time you get used to the idea of it all. I know when I'm being rational that it'll all be okay and that one extra in the grand scheme of things won't be bad at all it'll be awesome. Thanks for the hand holding. Guess you've got a scan coming up soon hope it all goes well.

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