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death of my daughter - getting the word out there to save lives

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Littlewing15 Wed 03-Jun-15 18:43:48

So over 110 of you amazing Mumsnet mums/mums-to-be have seen my post I put up yesterday. I thought i would add another to get my fundraising pages out there.
After finding out our Rebecca died due to another doctors incompetence, I have been exploring all avenues to do something raise awareness.

I have decided to start a petition. Unfortunately government elections means that the epetitions site is offline so I cant start my petition yet, but I have started a blog page where I have shared my story and will put up the link to my petition as soon as I can.

Please feel free to leave a message for me on my blog, it would be lovely to see who comes on my page, it would be lovely to share photos and stories with you.
Please subscribe and leave a message at

I have also now added a Just Giving fundraising page in Rebeccas memory - raising money for Sands (stillbirth and neonatal death charity) and my local Sands group. In order to keep our support group going and to go towards amazing things like a bereavement suite in my local hospital.
Would be nice to raise some pennies in Rebeccas memory

Doing these sorts of things is now helping channel most of my anger about Rebecca death and use it for something positive. If I can share Rebeccas story, warning others about the dangers that killed Rebecca to hopefully prevent this happening to others and make some pennies for Sands then I'm winning and I will feel Rebecca has helped others.
Cant wait to get my petition started and send it off to parliament requesting a review and change.

Thank you for those 100 of you to already comment on my page, thank you for the new readers and thank you to anyone who comments on my blog or Just Giving page xx

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