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New Cheshire Same Sex Parents Group (pregnant/in waiting parents welcome)

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TheScenicRoute Thu 21-May-15 16:56:04

Hi Guys,

A few of us have decided to club together to set up a new play group for same sex parents and their children. We are not aware of any currently in the Cheshire area sine Out2Play closed their doors a few years ago.

We have set up a closed Facebook group called:
Cheshire Gingerbeer Parents Group
We are hoping to get a local online community going and if there is enough momentum and interest we plan to set up group meet ups and / or a play group.

If you are a same sex parent and this is if interest to you, please look us up and join the group. If not but you know of a same sex parent family, please do help us out and pass this information on to your friends.

Thanks guys ��

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