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July 2015 (thread 10) - the one where the bumps are huge, feet become unreachable and nesting seriously kicks in.

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Fattycow Tue 19-May-15 12:54:14

Welcome, welcome, to the 10th thread for babies expected in July 2015.
We are all counting the days and might even see the arrival of the first babies on this thread!

Here is the stats list, please keep your own entry up to date:

charlieis30 Wed 20-May-15 07:40:15

just marking my place for when we get here...

MustBeLoopy390 Wed 20-May-15 21:49:16

Marking place smile

Zampa Wed 20-May-15 22:01:39

Hola! Place marking!

Who's having their baby on Friday? Is it someone over on FB?

Luckystar82 Wed 20-May-15 22:02:15

Good luck zampa hope the baby stays put a while longer and you feel better soon.

Thanks for the health visiting information mrsF most helpful

Thanks for new thread fatty

Does anyone else find it impossible to read this thread on an ipad? I don't have the app - will that help? It keeps crashing my safari. I can only read and update on a PC which is not as convenient.

Luckystar82 Wed 20-May-15 22:03:27

Is the FB thread busy then? I may have to transfer if I can't get MN to work on IPad as when I finish work, will no longer have my laptop

Thepurplegiraffe Wed 20-May-15 22:07:55

Checking in, thanks for the new thread. I haven't posted much in the last few days as I have been having a bit of a tough week with everyone being ill but will post more soon!

Fattycow Wed 20-May-15 22:22:25

lucky, I think trying the app is worth the try!

Lewaney3 Wed 20-May-15 22:32:00

Marking place!!... Hope everyone is well smile

Butler4 Wed 20-May-15 22:51:57

Would definitely recommend the Facebook group, lovely bunch of ladies and very supportive. Much easier to work out who everyone is as well. First babies due to arrive this weekend I believe.

LaLaLaaaa Thu 21-May-15 04:35:00

Marking place- hope you're all ok?

smallgreenbanana Thu 21-May-15 06:51:53

I'm sure the Facebook group is lovely but I'm afraid I'm not on Facebook so very happy there are still some ladies left here! smile

Yesterday was awful until we got to our NCT class and then despite being absolutely shattered and emotionally overwrought, the other lovely couples cheered us up immensely so the day ended much better. Phew.

purple hope you are feeling better? fatty thanks for the new thread.

GotToBeInItToWinIt Thu 21-May-15 07:36:06

Hi all, sorry I haven't caught up for a while, guilty of being one of those who decamped to FB! Just find the app and the online site hard to navigate on my phone and it's easier when you know who you're talking to!
Hope everyone is doing well, not long left! Looks like twins may be coming this weekend on the FB group smile.
33 + 2 here and starting to feel uncomfortable, mainly due to running around after a non sleeping 18 month old I think.

Zampa Thu 21-May-15 07:59:40

Me too small. Also, think I quite like the anonymity of this group. I share things (like mucus plug details!) I wouldn't if you actually knew who I was!

I don't have any issues with the mobile site on Android. Wasn't so keen on the app though.

33 weeks today and think baby has moved to head down. Certainly my bladder is indicating such.

Hope the household feel better soon purple. I'm on day 7 of this cold with no signs of recovery!

NotPennysBoat Thu 21-May-15 10:15:46

Morning all! I too like the anonymity of here over FB, so please keep cross-sharing (especially those birth announcements!).

I guess we'll all be starting mat leave soon, so I thought I'd share a list of top 10 things a friend sent me to do before baby arrives...
1. Sleep (while you can!)
2. Get your hair cut/coloured - it'll be a while before you get chance again!
3. Go to dentist/opticians - see above.
4. Stock up your freezer, batch cook in individual portions now and you'll be so grateful for something home-cooked and nourishing with a newborn.
5. Reserve some online shopping slots for the first few weeks. You can add to your order until the night before delivery and it will be one less thing to think about.
6. Grooming (if you're that way inclined!). Manicure/pedicure/'personal' trim & tidy up!
7. Research any mum & baby groups you might want to attend and make a note of the details/times.
8. Check your calendar and buy/order cards & gifts for the next few months. You could even write & wrap but make sure you keep a note of what's what (and where you've hidden it)!
9. Go to the cinema/museum/gallery. Dine out with your DP.
10. Did I mention SLEEP!

YouMakeMyHeartSmile Thu 21-May-15 10:19:23

Good list NotPenny, unfortunately with an 18 month old non sleeper and no babysitters most of those are out!
Online shopping and batch cooking are a lifesaver.

JoY007 Thu 21-May-15 13:24:37

Thanks fattyfor the thread.

Hello Lovely Ladies, marking my place as well. I agree with all re the attraction to this site and its anonymity smile. I actually have a Facebook account but prefer this.

Going on maternity leave in 5 weeks seems like a longtime away but trust it will move quickly with the bank holiday. Booked and planned my mat leave drinks, the location of he bar is awesome with amazing views over the river, if I cannot drink might as well enjoy the views grin

Anyone the same? No doubt my bump is bigger but my overall weight is still the same as it was 4 weeks ago. I am convinced my gym scale is dodgy grin.
Also is anyone already doing exercises to prepare for birth and prevent diastasis recti not just kegel, squats et al, and engaging transverse abdominals I think....?

broodylicious Thu 21-May-15 13:24:37


Tilly73 Thu 21-May-15 13:50:29

Just marking my place smile
Lucky I use the app on my I pad and it works fine
I'm on FB but prefer keeping up to date on here
I'm 33+5 today and on mat leave now, don't think I could have coped much longer blush

Naturegirl82 Thu 21-May-15 15:37:56

checking in. It's personal preference really whether you prefer here or fb.

Re the android app I find it misses posts out on long threads. Not a problem if you keep up to date but if you are having a read of a new thread it often doesn't make sense.

32+3 today and huge. Bump has significantly dropped in the last few days as well.

Also with regards to getting your eyes checked, check with the optician as pregnancy hormones can affect eye sight so I don't think it's recommended at certain times to have eyes looked at can't remember when exactly though!

MrsFbabyNo1 Thu 21-May-15 17:31:57

32 weeks today. Bump is growing all the time (obviously!) and my linea nigra is now starting to appear all the way up belly?! Was just below belly button (which also now looks funnily like the bottom bit of a tied balloon). I know the bump measuring can fluctuate but 2 weeks ago I was 50th and now 90th centile. But glad he's getting a chunky monkey.

JoY, out of interest I'm monitoring my weight (monthly from booking) however really don't care as know everyone is different. But from my last monthly weight at 30weeks, looks like I'm only adding a lb a week now. But that's just me.

I've Def noticed the need for few extra calories recently though, particularly last week or two in morning with me being extra greedy on normal glass of fruit juice with breakfast. MrF told me off the other day as its not healthy cus I drank 3/4 of a 1L cartoon of apple juice in a day. Yes I know it's sugar (but tis natural), very calorific (we norm water it down a bit) but my body must be telling me I want it more!!! So told him leave me alone, worse things I could be having than fruit juice!! Like the bag of midget gems & posh chocolate bar I've eaten to myself this week. Lol. OK yes I do have a sweet tooth!

My health visitor was so lovely. Really nice lady and hope to have a good relationship with her (not 'if' but 'when' I might need help or to answer queries).

I have tomorrow off work to extend bank hol again. Yippee.

Charlie keep us posted on how your last 6 shifts go. You're definitely on count down now...

Snap JoY, Just 5 more weeks at work for me too. Finish last Fri in June, then 2 days A/L as its my bday end of June and M/L kicks in 1st July. But have several days working from home and lots of days out the office. And no one is allowed to book anymore meetings in my diary unless I ask for them! fingers crossed it whizzes by. grin

Lewaney3 Thu 21-May-15 18:11:07

Oh wow whose having twins? Can someone report back at how many weeks they're coming at?

Currently 30 weeks with id twins, vaginal delivery unless factors decide otherwise! So I'd be really interested to see when others with twins have theirs smile

Regarding weights I've stopped weighing myself. I just know I look like I've swallowed a beach ball. My linea nigra appeared early on around 20 weeks and became dark and running all the way up from around 24. Amazing what our bodies do!

Not too long for all those still at work! Sorry poster who mentioned work being difficult... Hang on in there! I remember dreading going into work not related to

Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday ahead! I shall be washing my new baby clothes smile I know it's not to everyone's taste. But I have time on my hands so why not smile

Also before I forget I popped into marks and Spencer's yesterday and found some real bargains on baby boys clothes... Sale items. For the price of two full outfits I bought 6 outfits/sleepsuits/dungarees. So definitely worth popping into smile

Charliej86 Thu 21-May-15 19:48:00

I've decided to be my stubborn self and see them through. I didn't feel as bad as expected last nite and slept well.
Today however I've walked more than usual and I'm very achy.

I weighed myself this morning, have put on 2stone since start of pregnancy. We have a very sweet tooth. I must calm down. It's all bump tho, just a little on bum n thighs.

I'm sure sling/wrap/carrier conversation has been had before but think we have settled.....again. I was going to get a Moby wrap but have decided on a close caboo. Showed OH videos of how to put them on, caboo won by a mile.

SparklyPenguin Thu 21-May-15 20:16:18

Evening ladies! Just marking place on the thread, hope everyone's well.
31+5 for me today and feeling absolutely massive now- put on well over 2 stone (belly, bum and boobs!) and I've given in to wearing trainers in the evening at work- huge sympathy for charlie I also work 10/12 hour shifts on my feet, though I'm fortunate as a manager to decide on my own breaks and sit-downs as often as I can (for instance, right now). Hang on in there!
I also like the anonymity over here, although I only post about once a week, keeping up with everyone's progress since the first thread back in Nov has been a real help and kind of support to me and you all seem lovely- funnily enough I messaged one of the ladies (twice) to join the FB group right back at the beginning and she didn't respond, so I decided to leave it, and hadn't really thought about it since! I'm sure it was nothing personal blush

meeskamooska Thu 21-May-15 20:29:25

I did have to laugh mrsF at your Dh telling you off for drinking extra apple juice grin I'm eating so much more than usual, but I'd bite the head off of anyone that dared to mention it! You guys must be very fit and healthy usually to notice something like that smile

joy I'd like to try and prevent/fix the separated tummy muscles thing, I know some excercises can make it worse after birth but I don't know which ones they are! Does anyone know the right excercises to do to improve it?

I'm 32+3 now and starting to struggle with my bump, I feel like I'm suffocating myself when I bend down to put my shoes on. Feeling a bit more sick lately too and got terrible heartburn and reflux. I'm not wishing for the pregnancy to be over yet though, I feel a bit sad thinking about not being pregnant anymore for some reason, I like carrying this baby in my belly.

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