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Anyone Due Jan 16??

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Charms85 Fri 01-May-15 21:23:21

Looking for a pregnancy buddy smile got my BFP today (still don't believe it) will be our first baby ❤️

CarrotVan Sun 03-May-15 19:19:44

There's a thread for January 16 with loads of us - swing on by and say hello

Sweetpea80 Tue 12-May-15 19:02:27

Hi charms85 congratulations
I've just found out we are expecting too after our 1st cycle of IVF.
Would love to chat with others due around the same time.
How are you feeling? I'm feeling quite anxious and can't wait until we have a scan so we know everything is as it shld be. smile
carrotvan can u send us in the right direction for the other thread?

gillybeannorris Wed 10-Jun-15 16:16:54

hi could you tell me where the jan 16 thread is? im also due then. congratulations too x

tinyme135 Fri 12-Jun-15 21:50:35

Hey, this is my first child and I'm due early January and I'm so excited as we was told we couldn't have kids naturally and here we are, and congratulations smile would love to keep up to date to see where everyone is and how they're coping xx

twinsandapenguin Wed 17-Jun-15 18:56:02

Look in the ante natal clubs. Congratulations!

StephAndIan Mon 13-Jul-15 18:05:16

My little alien is also due for end of January, first one and I'm sooo excited ��

EmmaSDee Tue 21-Jul-15 15:12:46

Hello, I'm due end of Dec / beginning of Jan. I haven't found the "January 16" thread yet so if you don't see me over there please come back and tell me how to find it! Thank you! x

mrschatty Tue 21-Jul-15 16:54:27

Hello- here is a link to the thread
There are loads of us please don't feel intimidated or that you need to read the whole thing just comment at then end and we will all say hello

seemahmed Wed 22-Jul-15 23:29:36

I am due on 17th December with my first baby. Hope all goes well.

ChloeMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 30-Jul-15 09:51:54

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There'll be advice from some great speakers - including Andrea Grace on sleep, Stuart Heritage on becoming a Dad and Beth Graham on writing your birth plan - and all sorts of workshops and skills sessions, including baby first aid. Drop in for a couple of hours, or stay all day - completely up to you! All you need to do is just enter 15ANG in the promo code box on this page - we'd love to see you all there!

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