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May 2015 - Thread 9 - Babies coming thick and fast

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FeelingBlessed77 Sun 26-Apr-15 10:48:35

Hey ladies. Thought we needed a new thread starting , hope this works.

longestlurkerever Sun 26-Apr-15 11:00:41

Thanks feeling! Happy Sunday everyone. I have family staying as my cousin's running in the marathon but I haven't even got the energy to go and watch! Might take dd swimming though am leaning towards soft play where I can sit with a coffee... laziness has really set in. So ready to leave work but have 2 weeks left. At least one has a bank holiday in and I don't work weds. 7 working days sounds doable!

Justyouwaitandsee Sun 26-Apr-15 11:39:14

Thanks for the new thread! Checking in to mark my place smile

leanne963 Sun 26-Apr-15 11:41:50

Thanks feeling I wonder if this will be the thread that I can post that I am in labour?! Ooh exciting!!

longest got the marathon on TV now, just watching it is making me feel tired! Climbing the stairs is a chore these days ha!

Royalsteph Sun 26-Apr-15 11:50:21

thanks for the new thread. wonder how many babies will be here before the end of it?!?
38 weeks today, only 5 days left at work, roll on Friday. hope everyone had a good weekend smile

applecore0317 Sun 26-Apr-15 11:59:00

Thanks Feeling smile

Just I live in Northampton so just the next junction up, fifteen mins by train or 25 mins by car, would be great to meet up smile

Justyouwaitandsee Sun 26-Apr-15 12:04:07

Ah great - I went to school in Northampton and am planning to meet up with my old drama teacher at some point, but MK would be great for a day out at some point. Catnip might like to come too - and anyone else who is in the area?

bradders85 Sun 26-Apr-15 12:05:50

thanks for the new thread feeling smile

gingerfluffball Sun 26-Apr-15 12:19:04

Marking place! Leanne I had the same thought smile

WasabiNuts Sun 26-Apr-15 12:51:21

Hi! Is it ok to join at this late stage please?

longestlurkerever Sun 26-Apr-15 13:14:19

Of course wasabi. Welcome. When is your due date and will this be your first?

Bazza2 Sun 26-Apr-15 13:53:54

Hi wasabi!

Would someone mind adding me to the Facebook group?

WasabiNuts Sun 26-Apr-15 14:03:29

Aw, thank you!
I have been a bit vague with everyone about my EDD as I like to not focus on one date, but rather a window of a few weeks! But early May, so really, any day now! smile

I have a little boy already who is four and a half. This will be our last!

Can I be in the Fb group too please?!

cuphat Sun 26-Apr-15 14:08:44

I've been finding it hard to keep up with this thread; I will try harder.

I hope I don't have my baby before the end of the thread but I'm only 35+2 (due to have a section in around 4 weeks).

Blondie87 Sun 26-Apr-15 14:35:08

Oh my thread 9!! Really hope baby comes while we're on this thread. 37+2 so now the little guy is technically 'full-term' I feel the waiting game has started! I'm trying to get the balance right between enjoying the last few days/weeks of pregnancy when the baby is very easy to look after and I have quality time with DH to the excitement and 'I-just-want-to meet-my-son ahhhhhh' feeling!

Welcome 'Wasabinuts'.

Scottishgal78 Sun 26-Apr-15 14:41:29

Welcome wasabi

piglet81 Sun 26-Apr-15 14:54:52

Thanks for the new thread, feelingblessed - just marking my place. Hope everyone is doing OK today. Am taking it easy - had a friend round for coffee earlier and if I can muster the energy I might go for a swim, but I'm not planning much else today!

38 + 4 now. How did that happen?! Really hope the baby waits until after next weekend to make an appearance as have a consultant appointment on Fri to hopefully be signed off to use the birth centre (fingers crossed) and then DH is away next weekend and I don't want the hassle of either managing without him or having to summon him back!

Welcome wasabinuts

ToriB34 Sun 26-Apr-15 15:03:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ToriB34 Sun 26-Apr-15 15:05:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shinyhappyone Sun 26-Apr-15 15:48:06

Thanks for new thread. Def marking my place and not losing you guys at the crucial point. Who else would understand fannydaggers, obsessively checking toilet tissue and the 4am wake up calls?!!

Welcome wasabi xx

KittyVonCatsington Sun 26-Apr-15 16:12:11

Thanks Feeling!

Welcome Wasabi PM me the email address you use to sign in to Facebook and I can send you an invite link.

I hope you get to use the Birth Centre piglet -it does look fab! The QE one has finally opened so hopefully I will be one of the first to use it as long as nothing goes wrong! They've been designed in a similar way to Lewisham and look like Hotel Suites grin

39 weeks today. Baby due next weekend!!!!!

KittyVonCatsington Sun 26-Apr-15 16:13:03

Hope he turns Tori <fx>

KittyVonCatsington Sun 26-Apr-15 16:13:32

Oh and Bazza PM me your email address too x

Gingerbreadlady1 Sun 26-Apr-15 16:16:38

Hi ladies, can i re-join please? Im a regular mn'er, esp on the ttc threads previously, and was with you all at the beginning on this thread but at some point became a weirdo lurker lol! Ive lurked for months so feel like i know you all.

Im 37 weeks tomorrow.

SmileyScooby Sun 26-Apr-15 16:45:45

Marking my place! Feeling big and heavy out front this weekend, currently 37+4. DH is hoping he comes early and we'll have a Star Wars baby hehe (both of us quite geeky so am also liking this idea)

Welcome wasabi

Thanks for new thread feeling

Am also with you all on the fanny daggers, my little man is also being super fidgety so hoping this is a good sign. Been waking up every 2 hours pretty much on the dot overnight, but it's been happening so long now that don't feel tired when hubby's alarm goes off in the morning...although right now could easily have a nap!! But need to finish off the dinner.

Am jealous of those of you able to deliver in midwife led units, as precaution we've been told have to be on delivery suite (so gonna be in clinical room and not the lovely non clinical looking ones boooo) because baby is going to need some checks and they want doctor available but at the end of the day baby health comes first and am sure if I have enough gas and air I won't care!

Hope those of you still working are doing ok, don't think I'd still be able to cope with some of my classes if I was still at work - some kids certainly were raising my bp!!

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