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Christmas and new years babies thread!

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CuppaSarah Sun 19-Apr-15 10:41:02

Just got my bfp positive today and am thinking we need a thread for all the babies that will be born around new years and Christmas. I'm due new years eve and just know I'll be sick of the comments real quick! So we can vent and plan low stress xmases together.

I know we have the December thread and will have the January one, but why the hell not there's room for everyone!

Hez2386 Sun 19-Apr-15 17:02:58

Hi smile
I got my bfp on Friday and think I'll be due around 25/26th of December! shock

CuppaSarah Sun 19-Apr-15 18:05:38

oh! Very busy Christmas in your house then! Apparently christmas and new years are quiet on labour wards, so we'll have plenty of support getting these babies out.

Congratulations on your bfp! Having any symptoms yet? I have big achey boobs and feel a bit tired and queasy. Feeling very nervous it may turn out to be a chemical pregnancy.

Hez2386 Sun 19-Apr-15 18:20:28

Yeah definitely going to be busy!

A new years baby will be lovely. smile

Not too many symptoms yet. My boobs feel quite heavy and achy and I've been tired the last couple of days. I'm sure we've got it all to come in the next few weeks/months.

Will this be your first?

CuppaSarah Sun 19-Apr-15 18:56:28

No this is my second, I have a two year old dd. I had awful morning sickness from 6 weeks till 25 weeks last time. So anything less would be good.

Is this your first? A chrimbo baby sounds magical, like a Christmas film!

Hez2386 Sun 19-Apr-15 21:22:30

Sounds awful. Fingers crossed you'll not get it as bad this time round.

Yeah this is my first, so very excited, but also nervous as I don't really know what to expect.

OhHolyFuck Sun 19-Apr-15 21:32:47

Hello everyone, I got my bfp yesterday (incredibly surprised, I have another thread around somewhere detailing my shock!)
It'll be my third, have 2 DSs who are 4 and nearly 2 and my due date will be Christmas Eve!

CuppaSarah Sun 19-Apr-15 22:00:43

Dont worry hez, there's not much to worry about yet. Lots of waiting abd lots of time to research.

Welcome Ohholyfuck. Very appropriate nn! Together we make one, two and three so a goofld range of experience.

CuppaSarah Mon 20-Apr-15 05:44:27

Still can't quite get my head around the fact I'm pregnant. But there's no denying that line and the word pregnant! Period isn't due till Friday, so I'm still very anxious. I have to tell work today due to what I do. Will any of you be telling work as soon as me?

Yangsun Mon 20-Apr-15 06:57:35

Just found out I'm in this gang. I'm in shock, it was literally the first time of trying having decided to give number two a go. As dd took over a year to show up I'm amazed, was hoping we might manage another summer baby!

CuppaSarah Mon 20-Apr-15 16:02:12

Yay!!! Congratulations and welcome Yangsun. I was aiming for a summer baby too but oops!

I had to tell work today, which is earlier than planned. Not allowed on building sites or to do gas anymore. Which is a bit of a bummer, but makes life physically easier. Feeling a bit crampy after this morning as I was up a ladder.

strawberrycrumble Mon 20-Apr-15 17:17:59

Another one here! Found out a few days ago and am due around December 27th, will be my 2nd as I have a 5yr old already.

Congratulations to you all! x

CuppaSarah Tue 21-Apr-15 06:47:34

Welcome strawberry!!! Congratulations you could go either way Christmas or new years!

My morning sickness is already starting to kick in, been sick twice and feeling sicky between meals. It came in at 6 weeks last time, so I'm surprised its coming in already. But it is reassuring to know the hcg is there in my system. Has anyone else got sickness? Don't let Mr suffer alone! grin

OhHolyFuck Tue 21-Apr-15 08:48:44

cuppa give it 3 weeks or so and I'll be right there with you! My morning sickness usually kicks in at about 9 weeks (and then lasts 25 weeks!)
Welcome all new people grin

LauraMcW Tue 21-Apr-15 10:21:25

Hi ladies hope you don't mind me joining you, got my BFP this morning, all being well I should be due first baby 30th December grin so nervous for the next few weeks!

ilovehotsauce Tue 21-Apr-15 11:15:23

Hello ladies can i join? i think im due around 24/25th of December so Christmas baby grin. Feel very much in shock at the moment, we have Dd who is 18months and weren't planning to try again untill the end of summer, I started a new job last week so feel quite panicked about what im going to tell them. confused

Yangsun Tue 21-Apr-15 13:56:56

Ilove I'm in the same boat, promoted from September but I'll be gone at Xmas. Not sure how to play that one yet, I'll wait for a healthy scan first.

CuppaSarah Tue 21-Apr-15 20:35:35

Hello Laura and I love! Congratulations on your seasonal babies to be!!!

Don't worry about telling work, I only just finished an apprenticeship am being signed off and suddenly I'm not allowed to do more than half my job. Despite this my boss was amazingly good about it! So of I can fuck up the work load for my team and be in the good books you guys will be OK!

I wouldn't have ever told work so soon, but if anything happened and I had been heavy lifting or up and down ladders, or handling lead how would I forgive myself?

FrozenYogurt Tue 21-Apr-15 20:45:17

Hello all! I am due on the 27th Dec with DC no.3! I have a four year old and a nearly three year old. It took us a long while to decide to go for number three, and it happened almost as soon as we had decided to go for it!
No symptoms as yet, I'm pretty much tired all the time anyway with my two. My youngest co-sleeps so my new mission is to get him sleeping in his own bed by the time my bump gets so big he'll be squashed out!
Congrats to all, newbies and seasoned pros. Glad to know there's a few of us looking forward to an extra special festive holiday this year.

OhHolyFuck Wed 22-Apr-15 07:46:19

Hello to the new joiners, welcome! Especially to Frozen, so glad someone else is on dc3 still having moments where i question our sanity!

CuppaSarah Wed 22-Apr-15 16:23:53

I shall be waiting curiously to hear about life with 3 DC. Welcome frozen, another maybe Christmas maybe new years baby!

Been feeling really anxious as my period is due tomorrow. But I poas today and the line is almost as dark as the control line so I am much happier now.

OhHolyFuck Wed 22-Apr-15 23:06:47

I know its mega early but is anyone thinking names yet? Especially Christmas/New Years/Winter themed names?!

LauraMcW Wed 22-Apr-15 23:30:40

I can think of loads of girls names but no boys! Have you got some ideas? It's my first baby and I'm trying not to let myself get too excited because I'm only 4 weeks today but it's hard!

OhHolyFuck Wed 22-Apr-15 23:34:08

Casper - one of the Wise Men
Finn - means "white"

I'm out now!

LauraMcW Wed 22-Apr-15 23:35:15

Ooh I like Finn! What time of year were your other babies born?

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