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July 2015 - into the final trimester we go!

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broodylicious Sun 12-Apr-15 08:59:01

Hope this works....

WiIdfire Sun 12-Apr-15 09:01:05

Lovely new thread. Works just fine thanks. :-)

LaLaLaaaa Sun 12-Apr-15 09:11:04

Found you!

Aretepetite Sun 12-Apr-15 09:16:14

Morning smile

Aretepetite Sun 12-Apr-15 09:18:06

Thanks for new thread Broody x

Got my notes re: hospital bag from last thread. Thanks all.

Love for you old boy Broody flowers

Naturegirl82 Sun 12-Apr-15 09:23:53

Just checking in.

Fatty might be worth asking MNHQ to delete the other thread. Wouldn't want to lose people smile

JoY007 Sun 12-Apr-15 10:14:00

Got confused, marked place in the other thread smile

Charliej86 Sun 12-Apr-15 10:16:35

I haven't even started on hospital bag yet, well more than deciding which bag I'll use, small suitcase.

I played taxi for my mam and some friends yesterday and stayed out with them for a while. That was hard! Drunk people when your sober are not good.

MrsFbabyNo1 Sun 12-Apr-15 10:19:27

Happy new thread all, thanks Broody (and Fatty).

The Earth Mama bottom spray is £9.95 on amazon they also do a box of postpartum bath herbs which sound good (although v similar to badedas I imagine).

I'm holiday packing today. I think when we talked about holidays (I forget who had their baby early in canary islands) we discussed what insurance to check for etc.

But for holiday packing any tips on what to pack for a 'just in case' approach:-

Maternity notes (but birth plan kinda goes out window if anything happens!)

All the basic meds like Paracetamol
Insect repellant, Antiseptic wipes and general savlon type creams.

But what medications suitable for preg women in case of tummy probs - anything?

Brain numb can't think of anything else but sure there must be?!

I am normally fine on hols so not planning on being unwell. smile Any suggestions welcome...

MustBeLoopy390 Sun 12-Apr-15 10:19:36

Morning smile think I may have asked this on the other thread (baby brain has kicked in) is anyone on here having a home birth? Im still packing a transfer bag just in case but have no clue about most of it! Going to chat to midwife at 28 weeks to see what she says about kit etc

JoY007 Sun 12-Apr-15 10:45:02

I have my GTT (glucose tolerance test) tomorrow morning, anyone doing that?

MustBeLoopy390 Sun 12-Apr-15 10:45:59

I have one but still waiting for appointment letter! Will be ringing antenatal clinic in the morning as im afraid of missing it

Fattycow Sun 12-Apr-15 10:56:42

I don't know how contacting works. Also, where is the stats sheet? :P

LaLaLaaaa Sun 12-Apr-15 11:18:25

here is the stats sheet

Are we really in final trimester? Blimey!

MustBeLoopy390 Sun 12-Apr-15 11:36:18

How do we add ourselves to stats sheet from mobile? My pc isn't internet friendly

Naturegirl82 Sun 12-Apr-15 11:39:03

Fatty I think if you just report your post it lets you put a message in to say what you want.

smallgreenbanana Sun 12-Apr-15 11:51:33

mustbeloopy I'm considering a home birth although it's my first... I spoke to my midwife about it already and she said it was my choice and they would definitely support me at home but that I should see what they say at antenatal classes. I know there is an increased risk for first timers and 1 in 2 chance of having to go to hospital anyway, but I just want to be somewhere calm and familiar. It's a 40 minute drive to the hospital - the prospect of having to get there mid labour makes me feel nervous!

LaLaLaaaa Sun 12-Apr-15 12:36:59

Loopy you can't do it on mobile - you need to be on PC

broodylicious Sun 12-Apr-15 13:06:08

jo, I have my gtt in the morning too. Have you had one before? I had to have one with dd too - not the best but at least it's reassuring it's being tested. My appts are 830 and 1030am and I plan to come home in between. What about you?

JoY007 Sun 12-Apr-15 18:45:03

Hi Broody mine is at 8.30am and 10.30am as well, I will not be allowed to leave during the 2 hours, so I am planning on dowloading some series to watch during the time. Glad it's quite early.

JoY007 Sun 12-Apr-15 18:53:19

Bought our car seat today a be safe izi go, we also got a foldable stokke bath, much needed for space conservation. grin I could not resist I love mummy hat, and 50%mummy and 50% daddy hat and mitten set smile

By the way anyone getting quite tired now that we are in 3rd tri? Not done much today but I feel like a snooze already.

Thepurplegiraffe Sun 12-Apr-15 21:27:16

Checking in, thanks for the new thread! I am totally exhausted after a busy weekend so I'm off to bed but will post more soon. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

LaLaLaaaa Sun 12-Apr-15 22:58:28

I'm very tired and if I stand too long my bump aches. Sit too long and my back aches!

Charliej86 Mon 13-Apr-15 09:32:27

I'm getting very tiered, especially on work day. 8 hours in a shop. Everyone's convinced I'm best off standing on tills for full shift (have tried a chair but don't like it) I feel better moving around but limited on what I can lift, still plenty to do tho. Top of bump was aching a lot by last hour last nite so had 2 mins sit down. But only 8 more Wednesday's and 5 more Sunday's to go grin

NotPennysBoat Mon 13-Apr-15 10:26:31

Another one having my GTT today! I've been stabbed and filled up with glucose and now just have to sit and wait until 11:30. I am RAVENOUS! Nothing to eat since dinner last night, and there is a counter selling toast an bacon butties right here in the waiting room, which smell soooo good!! I'm also grumpy because I've not even been allowed my morning coffee!! Gaaah!

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