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Home stretch for Februray babies! Thread 7

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BanglesSpangles Fri 09-Jan-15 09:51:57

Hi All

Here's what may or may not be our final thread!!

jenmcspen Fri 09-Jan-15 09:54:08

Hopefully we will have a postnatal thread.... I don't know about how anyone else feels, but the support from you all through pregnancy has been amazing, and I definitely think it would be great to share the ups and downs of life with a newborn together too!

BanglesSpangles Fri 09-Jan-15 09:56:48

ooh yeah i hope so! Question is do we start it at the end of February or now, seeing as we're all getting close to baby-day?

hanflan Fri 09-Jan-15 10:02:39

I vote we start it now, seeing as the first "Feb" baby has been born! smile Then others can join as and when they pop haha

Memphisbelly Fri 09-Jan-15 10:07:00

Thanks bangles for new thead, on my last thread we went to post natal thread once majority had had their babies. Nearly 5 years on we still chat on our fb page.
Feels so real now we are all so close to holding our babies.

Jen 7 days eek so exciting

BanglesSpangles Fri 09-Jan-15 10:08:52

So, here's a boring question for you- my gums are really swollen- I'm woefully lax on flossing usually- should I start now, or am I going to rip my mouth to shreds?

BanglesSpangles Fri 09-Jan-15 10:10:20

Balls also I've just noticed I've spelled February wrong in the bloody thread title!

(and here's the spreadsheet- )

Memphisbelly Fri 09-Jan-15 10:18:51

Bangles start flossing and buy some Colgate Peroxyl its a really good mouth wash thst sort of foams but isn't mega strong, sorted my gums out a treat.

BanglesSpangles Fri 09-Jan-15 10:27:11

ooh, thanks for the tip memphis- guess I'm going to boots on my lunch break!

Memphisbelly Fri 09-Jan-15 10:30:04

Don't get corsidyl loads of dentists recommend it but it can burn thr gums especially when pg as its so strong

tonightsthekindofnight Fri 09-Jan-15 10:44:24

How exciting that this could be the thread where all the babies arrive!!!!

A midwife has just phoned to put my c section back another day to the 21st. I know it's just one day but I am really emotional. I am so huge and so uncomfortable I really just want to meet my babies now. I feel incredibly lucky to have got to 36 weeks but I'm not sure how I can take anymore. I'm totally shattered and my poor kids are practically fending for themselves!! My skin is stretched to the max and my son says I look like Mr greedy!

Ah well, enough whinging. Just have to get on with it I suppose. 12 days to go!

freneticfox Fri 09-Jan-15 10:53:56

Oooh, new thread. Hi all smile

Most of you know the issues I've had throughout this pregnancy. And this morning I wake up and the hospital I've just transferred to is in the news headlines, facing an uncertain future.

Please excuse me while I violently faceplant a wall -_-

Bangonthedoor Fri 09-Jan-15 10:55:41

Thanks for the new thread!! Can you believe we're almost there now?! And jen 7 excited for you!

I've got my prenatal HV appt at 11:30am....I'll be sure to update once she's gone. Then later I'm off to Blackwood Forest for a girly weekend break so i can sit in my pjs and eat in peace...the calm before the storm! grin

Bangonthedoor Fri 09-Jan-15 10:57:22

Oh no frenetic! Did they give any details?

Hopefully you'll be in and out before any changes start taking place!

Bangonthedoor Fri 09-Jan-15 10:58:02

Oh no frenetic! Did they give any details?

Hopefully you'll be in and out before any changes start taking place!

freneticfox Fri 09-Jan-15 11:07:05

The news story is pretty much just stating that the private firm running the NHS hospital is cutting its contract. My main concern was a quote that said "patients face an uncertain future"

Well, bugger.

Mimosa1 Fri 09-Jan-15 11:26:37

Hi everyone! Marking my place.

Frenetic, so sorry to hear about your hospital issues. You definitely deserve an easy baby after this!

Is anyone else having trouble getting their midwife to return their calls? I still don't have a 38 week appointment (have called and texted) so have given up and booked at my GP.

Memphisbelly Fri 09-Jan-15 11:29:11

Oh tonights I know its only one day but I see why it is disheartening although I do like the description of Mr Greedy grin

Frenetic my sister is a nurse and she said her hospital has been told the same, she said its a 6-12 month window they are looking at before a decision is made but is confident her hospital will be saved by another private sector funder...hoping yours is the same so your baby won't be affected.

Baby is so active this morning, another day of not being to stop scoffing. So far a load of stawberry creams, cornflakes, an orange, mug of tea, 2 crumpets and I am going out for lunch with a friend! This baby needs to come quickly before I turn into the size of a house grin

Grinningcat Fri 09-Jan-15 11:42:44

Also marking my place.

How frustrating frenetic. However I'm sure it will take a long time for anything to actually happen. These things always do. We have just had a period of redundancy and company "realignment" that has taken 18 months to complete.

trukevoli Fri 09-Jan-15 11:47:27

Hi guys,
I can't believe it is getting so close now! how do I join the Facebook group?

BanglesSpangles Fri 09-Jan-15 11:48:23

noooo Frenetic!! Although as Grinning says, these things take bloody ages to come to fruition- take it from someone who has to deal with the perils of NHS bureaucracy, they'll still be going for bloody years before anything comes to fruition!

BanglesSpangles Fri 09-Jan-15 11:58:16

tru if you send one of us a private message with your real name, we'll find you on facebook, befriend you, and add you in (think that's how it works!)

GeekyHybrid Fri 09-Jan-15 12:02:23

Hi guys, marking my place, boy we've been busy this morning! I nip out for an hour, refresh the old thread, link to the new one and already we've done the best part of a page ;-)
Frenetic that's rubbish on the hospital but it shouldn't mean anything happens soon. If anything it might get the staff a bit riled and determined to prove the headline writers wrong e.g. even better patient care.
Right, must go do something productive. Catch up with you all later.

jenmcspen Fri 09-Jan-15 12:05:27

Hopefully mini frenetic will have been long born before anything happens. Like others have said, these things tend to take ages.
Fingers crossed for you as u deserve a stress free end to this pregnancy!

hanflan Fri 09-Jan-15 12:08:17

frenetic I second what bangles said, I work in a hospital and when they say something is going to happen, it takes years. They can't close a hospital in a matter of months, you will be in and out long before anything happens!

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