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April 2015 - Anyone else expecting their first, and feeling overwhelmed, scared and emotional?!

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Roseylee20 Fri 26-Dec-14 09:59:29

Or is it just me?!
I have been pretty much fine throughout so far, apart from the sickness up to 15/16 weeks. Extremely grateful that my scans have shown a healthy baby (which as of yesterday after opening our "gender envelope" from the hospital- we now know it's a boy!).
Today I've woke up feeling a bit overwhelmed and down. And I hate to feel like this, it's making me feel guilty for my baby!
Partner has a 5 year old girl who we have every other weekend. We have been together since she was only a few months old - he wasn't allowed to be around much when she was a baby- only got to see her on the odd occasion until she was about 1 and a half - 2, as her mum had a new partner before we even got together. So basically- we are going to be "first time parents" as although we do see her, he never had the chance to bring her up as such.
Were very excited to be having a boy- but it will be a huge change as I have bought girls clothes and toys for the past 5 years! So that's 1 reason why I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.
Partners family have a lot of fall outs - I try and stay out of them but sometimes get dragged in. Since being pregnant and suddenly realising I don't have to put up with any crap (protective mother instinct!) I'm trying to steer clear of their odd ways- especially my MIL as we've never particularly got on- as neither do my partner and her. I just want to do everything completely different to what were doing now- because we don't have my stepdaughter that often, when we do, everyone feels as though they have to see her and we end up dragging her from pillar to post and it's draining me! I want to now spend time with my OWN family and bring my OWN values onto my baby. Am I being selfish for thinking like this?!
Also, although I stay at his the majority of the time (2 bed flat- 1 bedroom being his daughters) we don't live together, and want to wait til the baby is here to make arrangements. But until we -hopefully- find a house, baby will be in "our" bedroom when I am there.
Sorry for the long message- I just hope someone can even slightly relate to me?! X

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