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in the quest for free stuff, coupons etc.. what baby clubs can I join?

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TheBlonde Tue 10-Oct-06 18:48:28

So far I've done


what others are there?

prettymummified Tue 10-Oct-06 18:49:12


anniediv Tue 10-Oct-06 18:49:18

sainsburys and tesco

btw you will get all manner of junk now you're registered on them!

prettymummified Tue 10-Oct-06 18:49:29


Chandra Tue 10-Oct-06 18:52:07

... and then you will spend the first year of your baby wondering if you can heat the house through out the winter using all that advertising that comes through the letter box.

IMO the hassle is not worth the savings.

TheBlonde Tue 10-Oct-06 18:53:17

Bounty is the only one that gives your details to all and sundry as far as I remember

anniediv Tue 10-Oct-06 18:55:42

Pampers send good vouchers.

peachygirl Tue 10-Oct-06 19:51:42

If you go to Cow and Gates website cow and gate and register quote PRB1106C and they will send you a free cuddly cow.
Also if you ring SMA 0845 776 2900 and register with them they will send you a fluffy hooded bath towel. (tell them you saw the ad in pregnancy and birth magazine) I have no shame when it comes to free things!!!!!
The towel arrived really promptly and is very good quality! I'm still waiting for my cow!

KoshkaTheFIENDLYGhost Tue 10-Oct-06 19:56:28

i have the cow it is sooo cute!

morrisons i didnt get any money off vouchers, just rubbish telling me the offers.

there is a whole doscussion thread thingy on bounty (sorry if not allowed to advertise!)

TheBlonde Tue 10-Oct-06 20:19:43

Cheers peachy - I am very excited about the cow

twickersmum Tue 10-Oct-06 20:27:44

you can get free delivery at if you enter KF1ZZ140 at the checkout :-)

lovely stuff!

Macdog Tue 10-Oct-06 21:59:43

want the cuddly cow!!
Thanks Peachy!

Plumpbump Wed 11-Oct-06 10:00:48

Thanks Peachy, towel and cow on the way!

emzickle Wed 11-Oct-06 20:11:33

i have the cow - tis very cute

josben Wed 11-Oct-06 21:29:00

ooh thanks - am ordering away for towel and cow!

vp01 Thu 12-Oct-06 20:24:10

not baby related but a good offer - if you have an advantage card and visit you can sign up for 6 free DVD rentals, the promotional code is BTSAC6

Plumpbump Fri 13-Oct-06 12:56:36

Towel arrived this morning folks, super fast!

SoupDragon Sat 14-Oct-06 16:06:21

The cow is lovely! nice and soft.

But does have Cow and Gate branded on it's arse

moondog Sat 14-Oct-06 16:07:27

'free stuff'

Aint no such thing,lady.

<<hollow laugh>>

MacdogOnElmStreet Sat 14-Oct-06 16:07:31

i'm !!
mine not here yet

peachygirl Sat 14-Oct-06 16:42:29

My cow hasn't arrived either
How long did they take to arrive??

Plumpkinbump Sun 15-Oct-06 00:20:23

Cow came this morning, rang Wednesday - maybe worth another ring?

12yeargap Sun 15-Oct-06 08:11:44

cow came after about 3 days, very cute. My 11 year old is insisting it's for him and not the baby

peachygirl Sun 15-Oct-06 13:51:37

I did it online so maybe I will give them a ring on monday

peachygirl Sun 15-Oct-06 13:51:37

I did it online so maybe I will give them a ring on monday

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