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Due July 2015 - anyone else?

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Tammisaurus Mon 24-Nov-14 13:45:54

Hi ladies!!
We got our BFP!! Now its lots of waiting around....again haha. Cant decide what is worse the TWW or waiting for appointments haha.
Anyway, I've worked out that I am due 24th July. Soooo really want some pregnancy buddies to share the moans and groans with.

mrsfazruns Wed 26-Nov-14 09:57:52

Me too ... I've calculated 28 July .... So excited x

jmojo Tue 09-Dec-14 03:04:41

I am 12 july so I am in!!

Littledragon13 Mon 22-Dec-14 16:31:03

Hello all!

I'm new here, due a lovely July baby. Currently 11+4 with my first.

Scan is booked for the 30th.

Sickness has eased off now but I constantly need to pee and I'm full of gas all the time, it's painful!

fattycow Mon 22-Dec-14 16:32:29

There is a whole thread for July mummies already! smile
Please head over there and join us!

weelamb123 Tue 30-Dec-14 14:22:23

Cant find July thread. Can anyone help?

WantToGoingTo Tue 30-Dec-14 17:09:30

Come join us here:

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