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Half way there, help me find a middle name?

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MoosMa Thu 05-Oct-06 20:42:08

I like the name Penelope for a first name and our surname is Curtis. Can anyone think of a nice middle name? I think it ought to be pretty short or it would end up a real mouthful.

Also do you think it goes?

hairymclary Thu 05-Oct-06 20:44:42


ja9 Thu 05-Oct-06 20:45:32


foundintranslation Thu 05-Oct-06 20:46:02


foundintranslation Thu 05-Oct-06 20:46:34

Oh, Grace is nice.

ja9 Thu 05-Oct-06 21:13:15

i think it needs to be one syllable but can't think of any others....

MellyMum Thu 05-Oct-06 21:14:52


Posey Thu 05-Oct-06 21:15:47


trinityrhino Thu 05-Oct-06 21:16:00


erm can't think of any others

Posey Thu 05-Oct-06 21:16:20


Now that is wierd

MellyMum Thu 05-Oct-06 21:17:25

very, especially with both spellings suggested. Great minds.............

WestCountryLass Thu 05-Oct-06 21:17:36

Is there a family name you can use?

foundintranslation Thu 05-Oct-06 21:17:50

Didn't put Rose originally as I wasn't sure about Penelope Rose, but now it's growing on me. (BTW Penelope is a lovely name . I don't like the abbreviation Penny, but in Germany it's abbreviated to Nele (pronounced nay-le with the E sounded) which I think is lovely)

northstar Thu 05-Oct-06 21:18:01


bottomburp Thu 05-Oct-06 21:58:02


Posey and Mellymum i thought of Mae before i read all the thread, it goes so well!!

btw i love Connie Curtis!

MrsApronstrings Thu 05-Oct-06 22:03:17

I think louise is a great middle nama and goes with almost everything

TarkaTheHeadlessOtter Thu 05-Oct-06 22:05:09

I like Penelope Jane

TarkaTheHeadlessOtter Thu 05-Oct-06 22:05:10

I like Penelope Jane

MoosMa Thu 05-Oct-06 22:12:35

How strange you thought of May, that's my middle name, also it's my Granny's, my mum's and DD1's so that's the family one used up already.

I do like Penelope Jane, also that's my best friend's middle name so she'd be pleased!

I like the abbreviation Penny and like names which can be played with as I have always disliked my name, so think it's nice if you can choose a variation yourself, hence DD1 is Eleanor as the possiblities are endless, including Nelly, so I could end up with 2 Nellies!

CalifornifamousFANGjo Thu 05-Oct-06 22:21:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

curlew Thu 05-Oct-06 22:40:16

Penelope Jane is nice, if a bit AA Milne.
My dd is Grace, so I also go with Penelope Grace

Penelope Kate
Penelope Ann
Penelope Rose
Penelope Jean (I know, but I like it!)
Penelope Ava
Penelope Alice

MellyMum Thu 05-Oct-06 23:09:26

what about Eve?

MellyMum Fri 06-Oct-06 18:42:09

or maybe:
- Anna
- Beth
- Claire
- Rae

motherinferior Fri 06-Oct-06 18:43:15


CalifornifamousFANGjo Fri 06-Oct-06 18:44:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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