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After you have baby

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RosemaryWalser Wed 05-Nov-14 08:39:48

How soon do most people have inlaws & family & friends over after the baby is born

Twinklestar2 Wed 05-Nov-14 08:50:37

Mum came as soon as I have birth (she was waiting outside!)
Siblings came that evening at hospital
MIL and SIL came to the house 2 days later.

booksshoescats Wed 05-Nov-14 08:51:08

As soon as they feel ready - 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks - whatever feels right for you and your baby. Both times with mine I have seen family within 24 hours but I am fortunate to have very easy going family and to have had very straightforward births. I'm also a really sociable person so it works for me, but i would strongly defend any woman's right to choose to see no one for as long she wishes after giving birth if that's her preference!

Twinklestar2 Wed 05-Nov-14 08:51:19

First friend visited after 2 weeks.

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