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December people, can we have a new thread as i am having trouble accessing our current one?

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lucy5 Tue 03-Oct-06 21:32:56

Wow that was a long title! Anyway It's taking hours to load, just wanted to see what the general consensus was.

Olihan Tue 03-Oct-06 21:37:47

Yeah, do it. We're all 3rd trimester now - makes sense. It takes ages to load here too, even with broadband.

What about starting a new one and putting a link in the old one so the others can find it?

I don't mind doing it if yours is struggling!!!

How are you feeling today?

lucy5 Tue 03-Oct-06 21:42:10

Ok you do it as I'm a bit hit and miss with links I have had yet another bad day, threw up in the night but feel ok at the moment, thank you for asking. I feel like a miserable old git!

lucy5 Tue 03-Oct-06 21:43:16

Oops, me, me me! Meant to ask how are you?

Olihan Tue 03-Oct-06 21:54:56

Fine, thank you. I'm lurking on the thread a bit at the mo because I'm not really having any probs at all and I haven't had any experience of rough pregnancies so I haven't really got anything very constructive to say!! I'm also feeling guilty that I'm having yet another easy time of it when so many of you are struggling. There's pregnancy irrationality for you!!

Will start a new thread and link now, then I've got to go to bed. I keep telling dh I've finished then finding more things to read .

lucy5 Tue 03-Oct-06 21:56:41

Hehehehe, don't worry i'm glad you are having a nice pregnancy. perhaps we should try and moan less, hahahaha.

Olihan Tue 03-Oct-06 22:07:19

TBH, if we can't moan on here, where can we moan? At least we get sympathy on here!!!

kpnut0902 Thu 12-Oct-06 00:54:07

Hi there, I am due in December. I was wondering if anybody knew of any cheap aqua natel aerobic classes in the Croydon area?

i've also had a pretty good pregnancy with nothing much to complain about. Hope you are all well tho and look forward to speaking to you soon hopefully.

Eliboo Thu 12-Oct-06 08:12:40

kpnut, come and join us on the 'December - home straight' thread - think this one was a temporary one.

And welcome, and congratulations, and hurrah for a straightforward pregnancy!

Calmriver Thu 12-Oct-06 08:58:12

Help!, getting withdrawel....where is this thread???

castlesintheair Thu 12-Oct-06 10:46:57

I've just posted on the "home straight" thread - is it that one we are on now or this one? Very confused here!

VanillaMilkshake Thu 12-Oct-06 10:52:56

Which Thread are we going to use - or should we start another to make it realy clear!

EliBoo Thu 12-Oct-06 11:17:24

Oops is this thread supposed to take over from the 'home straight' one?

I vote we start a brand new 'countdown' sort of thread, banish all confusion (ha, fat chance, seeing as we're all terminally pregnant )

jabberwocky Fri 13-Oct-06 00:31:57

kpnut0902, new thread is here

Freddiepmum Mon 16-Jul-07 09:50:19

Any Essex Mums

Hi are there any bored essex mums out there! I have not lived in Braintree long. Have a two and a half year old. Would love to meet up with other mums in the area

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