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Any Recommendations For a Private Scan in London?

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bluemama Tue 03-Oct-06 19:25:19

Does anyone out there know of a good (and affordable) place to get a private scan in London? I've heard you can get 3D/4D ones too which i'm intrigued about. Have seen 'early' 3D scan pics where the baby looked like a melted plastcine model but I'm told after 24 weeks they look more human...
Any recommendations gratefully accepted!

TutterIckOrTreat Tue 03-Oct-06 19:27:33

fetal medicine centre on harley st good for scans, but they're regular ones, not 3(or "4")D

louli Tue 03-Oct-06 19:48:15

try the Birth Company on Harley Street. scans

Tyakit Wed 04-Oct-06 14:38:38

I used Baby Premier in Devonshire Place for my early scan last week and they were very good. They do various packages for 4D scans so could be worth a look. I know I will be going back for one of these later on!

All the private hospitals Portland etc. will offer ultrasound services but I have found them more expensive than the smaller private clinics like BP and the Birth Company.

nz Tue 17-Oct-06 13:20:27

Hi there, I am a student at Birkbeck College (Uni of London) studying an MSc Human Development, and part of my course requires me to take part in Infant Observations. While this sounds daunting (and maybe uninteresting for some...) it is not as clinical as you may think! It simply means that one hour a week, for about 18 months (probably no more), a warm and open mother will allow me into her home to 'observe' her (or her husbands/other family members) interaction with the new born. I will literally be a fly on the wall, I will not judge, speak or talk to the baby or the mother. I shall not be making notes (this is the clinical part I am afriad people will think), in fact you are not even suppose to notice me. The hour that you will allow me to visit will depend wholly upon the mother's wishes, though hopefully an hour when the baby isnt sleeping... As a mother with a new infant, I expect that some people will be thinking that this is the last thing they will want- an intruder/ and outsider. This is the last thing I would want to feel like too. I would like the mothers to know that this is completely confidential. Names will be changed etc. And if teh mother is interested- at the end of my course (June 2008) I have to submit a paper based on my observations, the motehrs are entirely entitled to read them too. As this is a requirement for my course, I have taken the necessary police/Crimincal Records Bureau Checks, and come from a background in child (and adult) related volunteer work as my CV will testify. If there are any expecting mothers who may be interested to hear more about this, but not necessarily make a commitment to allowing me their time, please contact me on My name is Neda, and I would also like to note that I think it would be in both of our interests if I could meet the mother during the end of her pregnancy to see if we are both comfortable with each other and ask any other questions beforehand. This will take the pressure off both of us!

I am looking for mothers who are expecting to give birth in November or December, or even January, preferably in Central London. I am based in Kensington.

Thank you so much and I really apppreciate your taking the time to read this!

SnowFall Tue 17-Oct-06 13:37:43

NZ, Did you mean to start a new topic for this?

nz Tue 17-Oct-06 13:41:32

I wanted to start a fresh topic and not cut into a conversation initially. But i think I became confused.. sorry about that..

mommymia Mon 26-Nov-07 14:32:22

I had a 4D scan with Cocoon4D at the London Ultrasound Centre.

The staff there were lovely and the images we took home were beautiful.

They even edit your DVD so you don't boar your friends to death!


LOVEMYMUM Mon 26-Nov-07 18:08:51

I went to Fetal Medicine Centre in Harley Street. Prof Nicolaides runs the clinic and it is open to all parents. He specialises in problem pregnancies and people often go to him after they have had the first scan. We had our 22 weeks scan and it reassured us that all was well. We had the scan before the NHS scan and it was a lot more detailed than the NHS scan. It cost us £200 pounds (more for twins). I would go straight to Fetal Medicine Centre and not bother with any other centres. Prof Nicolaides sees all patients to double-check their scans.

I've heard that 3D and 4D scans are not designed for diagnosis and so i would first go for the 'medical' scan.

There is a thread specifically about the Fetal Medicine Centre - full of good things about the centre.

mommymia Sat 22-Dec-07 19:28:44

If I'm not mistaken LOVEMYMUM the OP was asking about 3D scans and you are talking about medical sacns. Quite different.

IFAIK the Fetal Medicine Centre dioesn't do 3D/4D ultrasounds.

I think it's tru that 3d & 4D scans aren't being used for medical reasons but I would add - yet.

Mr Maxwell at The London Ultrasound Centre is using 3D & 4D scans in his pregnancy diagnosis almost every day. He told us about how he can find a deformaties using the new technology.

Also I had a friend who went to the FMC and was only seen by a trainee sonographer. I'm sure this is not always the case but she had to wait 4 hours for that privelidge!

claphamkitten Thu 10-Jan-08 15:45:47

If it's not too late for you, I can highly recommend The Portland Hospital on Great Portland Street. I paid £160 for a combined scan, but they also offer all sort of 3D/4D options and everyone there is very friendly and welcoming (not like my local hospital!) Good luck.

BexSandy Fri 11-Jan-08 10:01:14

I can also recommend the Fetal Medicine Centre in Harley Street. Prof Nicolaides is one of the top experts in the country.
Good luck!!! x

Sal22 Sat 12-Jan-08 20:37:54

Hi bluemama. If not too late, I can also recommend Cocoon at the London Ultrasound Centre ( we went for an early 4d scan at 20 weeks (I just couldn't help myself ;-) ), and it was brilliant. Dr Maxwell was excellent and checked everything and discussed it in detail with us. Baby was shy (hmm, not with certain parts, it's a boy hehehe - but we did say we wanted to know!), and he spent ages with us so that we could (eventually!) get to see baby's face too.
Whichever place you decide on, I think it's always so wonderful to see baby anyway - I couldn't stop smiling all day even after my normal NHS scan the other day...

Glenn2 Mon 03-Mar-08 20:56:36

You'll find a directory of 4D scan providers and relevant information at Good Luck x

spogs Wed 14-May-08 13:01:57

Can I just say the url that the thread previously suggests gives a false image on its home page as to what you will see in a 4d scan.
This is a computer generated image
If anyone is around the portsmouth area try baby scan as I have heard fab things about it

spogs Wed 14-May-08 13:35:37

they have a web site called
thier prices are very reasonable and its a lovely homely friendly clinic

minster Wed 14-May-08 13:44:54

FMC can do 3d scans (they often give you a £D picture at the end of the normal scan) but they're (the FMC) primarily diagnostic not 'bonding' you can't specifically book them.

spogs Wed 14-May-08 14:47:21

FMC ??? Who is that, sorry

spogs Wed 14-May-08 15:02:48

oh ok got it yes that is highly recommended but you cannot book so unless you have a referal you cannot get a scan done there. whereas baby scan in cosham all you have to do is call and book no referral needed and you get lots of images to take away with you on the day(smile)

4amber Sun 01-Jun-08 15:09:02

Has anyone had a 4d scan in Devon?

AtheneNoctua Sun 01-Jun-08 15:23:19

FMC is the Fetal Medicine Centre in Harley Street. They are fab.

4amber Mon 23-Jun-08 05:11:19

Theres a new scanning clinic opening in Devon in July. It is called Babyface4d and it is near Cullompton just off the M5 junction 28.
Their website is
It looks really good.....too late for me though (sad)

MichelleChapple Thu 12-Mar-09 10:39:32

I went to the Cocoon 4D baby scan clinic too in London, it was fantastic and even got a dvd of it all, fantastic!!!

Their website is

Would recommend to anyone!

MichelleChapple Thu 12-Mar-09 10:40:12

I went to the Cocoon 4D baby scan clinic too in London, it was fantastic and even got a dvd of it all, fantastic!!!

Their website is

Would recommend to anyone!

kikica Tue 21-Jun-11 15:39:55

Hey all,
I would like to highly recommend Ultrasound Medic in Harley Street- the best and clearest 4D images you can possibly imagine!
Plus I was always given a DVD with all the real MOVING IMAGES- the footage of my son and lots of cool 4D pics. It made a great YouTube vid!!!

Extremely friendly, warm and affordable!!!
Love it!!!!!

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