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Just Shagging Grads 14: Join the viroids for scanxiety, Toni Braxtons, & a little less JSing than usual!

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Nessalina Fri 24-Oct-14 17:53:06

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 14th grads thread... celebrating the success of Just Shagging in getting us viroids upduffed!

For those that don't know, a 'viroid' is from the original JSing thread 1, where someone was trying to type ladies (in reference to all the JSing ladies), but their phone decided to call us all viroids instead!

The name stuck and we've been the JSing viroids ever since.

The thread we have graduated from is here in its 29th outing. WARNING: they're all a bit kerazy not to mention randy!

There is also a Just Mumming thread in postnatal clubs here for once your babies come along, or to keep up with the graduated graduates! It's a bit quiet at the moment, but with all these upduffed viroids hopefully it won't be for long!

There is also a private facebook group (so it doesn't give the game away in your news feed!)... if you want to join to see photos of new babies etc, just ask in-thread!

So, roll call below please, viroids!

Nessalina Fri 24-Oct-14 17:53:55

DC1 (DS!) due Nov 4th

DC1 due Nov 8th

DC3 (DD!) due Nov 30th

DC1 due Dec 10th

DC due Dec 13th

DC1 due Jan 3rd

DC due early Jan

DC2 due Jan 19th

DC1 due Feb 14th

DC1 (DD!) due March 6th

DC2 due March 16th

DC1 due April 9th

DC2 due April 11th

DC2 due April 25th

DC1 due April 24th

DC1 due April 30th

DC2 due April 26th

DC2 due April 27th

DC2 due May 16th

DC2 due May 22nd

DC2 due May 30th

DC1 due June 4th

DC1 due June 8th

DC4 due June 13th

DC2 due June 30th

Lovely Graduated Grads:
Juni DD born Oct 20th
cookie DS born Aug 13th
Horace DS born July 24th

RPopz Fri 24-Oct-14 18:04:58

Thaaaaaanks Ness! grin

Nessalina Fri 24-Oct-14 18:10:27

You're welcome grin

I'm having a beer. It is delicious!

ZylaB Fri 24-Oct-14 18:27:12

Hey, finally made it home. We're knackered, got loads of stuff at the baby show though, and pram is ordered, should be here in feb!

Sylvia is a lovely name juni glad you both seem to be doing well smile

Nessalina Fri 24-Oct-14 18:33:57

Did you go for the purple Uppababy?!

RPopz Fri 24-Oct-14 18:35:28

Welcome back Zyla smile

Is that your new baby eviction strategy Ness? grin wink

couldbeanyone Fri 24-Oct-14 19:02:00

Place marking. Thanks for new Fred.

About to go for the chocolate cake I think now dd is in bed.

ZylaB Fri 24-Oct-14 19:03:30

Yes ness it's lovely, they've improved the fold, brakes and welding as well as the bassinet so you can remove bits for washing easier and it has even more ventilation for sleeping. The purple is a touch pinky, but that's ok for my girly! Love it, but won't get it until feb!

laurenamium Fri 24-Oct-14 19:39:32

Thanks ness grin

The hospital have rang and I'm immune to chicken pox. So all clear here! Lmao at living your dream Kato!

teejayem Fri 24-Oct-14 19:42:53

So I learned the hard way that Pregnant Tee should not be doing grocery shopping..... A) because sobbing at the steering wheel because I couldn't straighten the car up is ludicrous and b) I have bought more food than I can actually fit in the fridge c) I might have eaten an entire rotisserie chicken .

I got the hallowed jam tarts though! And tiny pickled onions. Woohoo!

Nessalina Fri 24-Oct-14 19:51:49

Haha! I made proper roast chicken for tea well pleased with myself grin and I impressively resisted scoffing the lot. Just had a lovely time picking it to the bones for tasty sandwiches tomorrow grin

I so nearly put rough shagging and McDs into the thread title! Pleased they rounded off the last thread! gringringrin

laurenamium Fri 24-Oct-14 19:52:14

Mmmmm rotisserie chicken grin

Pisghetti Fri 24-Oct-14 20:02:57

DS is being a stroppy shit and DP appears to have disappeared off the face of the earth. My men are not my favourite people tonight. I should have stayed at home and hidden in a warm bubbly bath.

TheBooMonster Fri 24-Oct-14 20:11:20

Hah! tee shopping was my favourite thing when I went on maternity leave with DD, I'd go to the local supermarket every day and bring back piles of junk food, MiL and FiL kept having to find things for us to go out and do to keep me away from the supermarket because the cupboards reached bursting point and there was a whole draw of the freezer dedicated to partially eaten ice-cream! Think they were relieved when my hips got so bad near the end I couldn't manage the mile walk there... and rotisserie chicken is the win!

my family can't agree on whether I've had chicken pox, my sister definitely has though so either I have or I'm just magically immune.

lauren how do you even have a sex drive, let alone rough sex, teach me your secrets!

wilmabedrock Fri 24-Oct-14 20:18:34

I would love to have a drawer full of ice-cream envy .

cookielove Fri 24-Oct-14 20:30:01

Hello all smile

Awwww Sylvie is such a sweet name smile juni

Yes ds is on infacol, has been for around a month. He is definitely constipated as he is straining and grunting lots bless his little soul. I think that is why we had such a bad night last night!

TheBooMonster Fri 24-Oct-14 20:30:51

here wil what would you like, I've got about three different flavours of ben and jerry's and I've got Hagen Dazs Creme Brule which is the nectar of the gods! We got a full sized freezer when we got our own place simply so I had space for an ice-cream stash :P

laurenamium Fri 24-Oct-14 20:33:47

He's disappeared pis?!

Boo I have no idea! DP isn't even the romantic type I just seem to have a sky rocketed sex drive! DP has taken to sleeping on his stomach to stop me trying to wake him in the night grin he's away now til Sunday and glad of the break!

wilmabedrock Fri 24-Oct-14 20:56:36

grin Lauren

Boo I'll take the Haagen Dazs please, sounds amazing.

RPopz Fri 24-Oct-14 22:06:44

I'll take everything!!

I'm grumpy, so very grumpy. I feel like I just got pregnant over night... Is that even a thing!? Seriously, Wednesday I was fine. Thursday I woke up with a humongous bump, bad back, waddling around everywhere, baby doing somersaults! Work's been a laugh a minute I can tell ya! The next 10 weeks are going to draaaaag if this is how it is now! DH is really upsetting me and I can't even be bothered to tell him. He seems to have zero interest in me or in fact anything that isn't his phone.... can't even remember having a conversation with him this week hmm

Apologies for self indulgent whinge. As you were!

Nessalina Fri 24-Oct-14 23:45:33

That sucks Rpopz! sad I seem to remember having a 'oh fuck I seem to be horribly pregnant' at around the 32 week mark confused You need to give your DH some proper guilt trips and start being a pregnant princess wink

Drawer of ice cream?? Yes please!!

Nessalina Sat 25-Oct-14 00:40:26

Oh my word I am such a disgrace confused
Been feeling a bit nauseous so chewed on some Rennies, and I have just let fly the longest and loudest burp you have ever heard shock
I probably woke the neighbours. DH is in awe grin

rm00054 Sat 25-Oct-14 08:00:06

Hi all. Have you got room for another one? I only got my bfp a week ago, currently only 4+6 I think. First child, edd 28th June.
I hope to be here for the next 8 months!

Minion Sat 25-Oct-14 08:19:50

Hi rm welcome aboard! And congratulations again.
May I suggest taking out shares in Macdonalds before the ms starts? You'll be rolling in it after mini mr is here.

New Fred alert, new Fred alert!
Aaawwwwwoooooogggggaaaaa (I realise this was started last night but I'm a little late to the party as Friday night is pub and takeaway night and I was filling my face with chips and cheese... What baby wants and all that)!

Another glorious trump escapism again on Thursday, this time in primark, I'm so very classy me. Why does it always happen in public? There I was a hot sweaty mess, with 2 huge spots which refuse to die with grace, feeling sick cause the kid was Twerking against my ribs, and what do I do to top it off.
Loudly, whilst laughing.
Now I know why pg women are grumpy sometimes, it's not cause their sore or in pain,, oh no. It's cause they are afraid of letting go and seeing last nights dinner falling out onto the newly mopped faux marble shiny, primark floor.

The shame.

I couldn't even have trumped in zara could I?

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