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November 2014 - thread 9. The one with the babies.

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amy83firsttimer Wed 22-Oct-14 16:31:54

Waddle aboard ladies.

Annarose2014 Wed 22-Oct-14 17:01:26

Yeah catg83 it was bizarre.

"Will we schedule you in to see a doctor next week at 39+4?"
"Err. ...why? I'm not due in until Wk 40"
"Cos if they think you'll need to be induced it'll have to be scheduled and the book gets filled up really fast and otherwise your next appointment isn't till 40+5 & there might not be room in the book then for you"

I was really disgusted. I basically said that I may very well go before my due date, and even if I hadn't by 40+5 that wasn't unusual with first babies & was still no reason for induction considering I had no clinical issues. And that if I needed sudden intervention I trusted that I'd be helped whether I was in a book or not! And that there was no way I was being placed down an intervention pathway without a clinical rationale.

But couldn't help wondering how many 1st time Mums would have gone "Oh...Ok...gosh!" And would have found themselves going down the induction route for no reason other than the convenience of the hospital!

My DH said "No wonder the bloody book is full!"

excitedforbaba Wed 22-Oct-14 17:07:38

Waddling aboard so I know where I'm checking into!
is this a slightly Friends episode inspired thread title amy83 grinthanks

ladydolly Wed 22-Oct-14 17:22:22

I like the title!

Good work Anna, set them flipping straight! I am slightly concerned about my next few apts. When I tried to book my 38 wk apt I was told there were no apts until middle of Nov (at least 41 weeks). I had to get my MW to call me and when I asked about my 40wk apt she said 'I'll just have to fit you in'... What a strategy!! Anyway, 38wk apt is tomorrow.

1 more morning at work and I'm done - I only do an office job and I have physically and mentally limped through these last 2 weeks!

amy83firsttimer Wed 22-Oct-14 17:36:03

Yes to Friends reference. Got 38 week appt tomorrow but will only be 37+3 so any talk of interference will be given short shrift.

haventgotaclue1 Wed 22-Oct-14 17:46:41

Great title Amy grin

So am now 3 days into my Mat Leave and so far, so good! It's just brilliant being able to have a nap each afternoon - especially cos sleeping during the night is pretty thin on the ground...

Made the UTTER mistake of going into Ikea today. Was so frustrated trying to find a particular product (that I eventually found out was out of stock angry), that I just wanted to plonk myself down on one of the chairs and ball my eyes out. Will definitely NOT be going back whilst pregnant.

Bean's still moving around a lot, but more turning rather than kicking / punching. Got 36 week MW appt tomorrow so hope she can tell me how it's lying as I haven't got a clue....!

pinkgirlythoughts Wed 22-Oct-14 17:51:51

Ha, Amy, I was just going on the other thread to suggest something along the lines of 'the one where we all give birth' as the new title. How weird- great minds and all that, eh? wink

I'm surprised they want to induce you before your date, Anna. They must have an awful lot of inductions going on if that's their policy!

hotfuzzra Wed 22-Oct-14 18:00:31

Evening all,
Love the shiney new thread.
Anna that's weird, is there any reason you should be induced early?
I'm still packing, and cannot wait to get in on Saturday. Hope everything goes smoothly.
Hope you're all well

Hopeful83 Wed 22-Oct-14 18:37:24

Love the new thread title! How odd to try to book you in for an induction Anna! I have my 38 week appointment tomorrow but to be honest they are a bit of a waste of time as I never get told anything much. I learn much more from you ladies. Weird question but has anyone else had to stop wearing their rings? I thought it was swelling but the water retention has gone now in my hands and they still won't fit on. My knuckles seem to have grown as they won't go over them. I'm worried I'm going to have to get them resized

Petal26 Wed 22-Oct-14 19:29:12

happy I had an appointment at 34 weeks and then this week at 37 because of the strike last week had to wait 3 weeks. On notes it said to have another appointment in 2 weeks but have booked one for next week, 38 weeks, to get back on schedule. I think 3 weeks is too long at this stage.
twiglet Hope bean started wriggling for you, I was on the verge of going and getting monitored this morning, I think he was having a lie in, very very quiet until mid morning then back to normal!

Annarose2014 Wed 22-Oct-14 19:38:29

No hotfuzzra I'm healthy as a horse. My blood pressure is a thing of beauty. grin

It might be hospital policy to be prepared for any possibility of induction, hence the keeness to have something in the Holy Induction Book. I dunno, tbh. Perhaps they say it to everyone at 38 weeks! If so I would wonder what their induction % are. Not to mention their C section rates as it's a domino effect, isn't it?

weeonion Wed 22-Oct-14 19:55:03

Evening folks. Ta for new thread any.

Twiglet - how you doing??

I cant believe how it is just taken as routine that we get booked for induction, medical reason or not. At 30 week appt, they were saying they had me booked in for induction on their due date for me. What!!!!! Nothing like allowing no wriggle room at all.

I find it hard to believe that all those women booked in NEED to be induced - smacks of a systematic approach to childbirth and labour!

I agree anbarose - be interesting to see csection rates as well.

WinterLover Wed 22-Oct-14 19:59:00

Yay a shiney new thread, thanks Amy

ToniWol Wed 22-Oct-14 20:03:29

Anna, that's unbelievable.

38wk appointment tomorrow but round here 34 & 38 week appointments are with the GP so I doubt induction will be mentioned.

Nursery is just about done. Needed something to put the monitor on so have bought a storage cube which can hold baby's books as well. Once that's arrived and assembled we'll put up the wall stickers and that should be that.

Hope everyone else is feeling okay.

catg83 Wed 22-Oct-14 21:02:28

Toniwol- sounds very organised good work. Our nursery is still an office at the moment. Dining room needs finishing to move the stuff out of the nursery downstairs and then nursery to decorate and organise. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute!

Hope everybody is having a comfortable evening. Apprentice time while sitting on the bouncy ball for me. X

Getyourflipflopson Wed 22-Oct-14 21:46:54

35 + 5 now, and have got my 36 and 38 week appointment already booked. They want to keep an eye on my blood pressure as with my last pregnancy, I was induced because it was creeping up. It's behaving itself so far though grin hopefully, will go into labour naturally this time.
Can't believe this is the thread where all the baby announcements will be! shock

pinkgirlythoughts Wed 22-Oct-14 21:48:17

Hopeful, my engagement ring came off this morning, actually, because it was just too tight. Wedding ring is a size or two larger, so it can stay for a while smile I think everything just expands near the end, with DS I only had one pair of shoes I could wear for the last few weeks, but after he was born they seemed to go back to normal again!

blamber Wed 22-Oct-14 22:50:53

Anna, that's ridiculous! You'd say they would try and keep the number of inductions down!

Catg, it's the same in my house. We just got the living and dining room redecorated, so now we can move the stuff in the nursery down and start doing the walls. I'm not comfortable leaving it this late but I can't do it on my own, so am dependent on when my boyfriend feels like doing the work!

I'm 36 weeks today and panicking! I'm quite scared, of giving birth and suddenly having a baby to care for. I have another growth scan on Friday too, so hope all is ok.

Thehedgehogsong Thu 23-Oct-14 07:23:06

Ah here you all are!
Yay new thread! Waddling on board. Two more days of work...! grin

ToniWol Thu 23-Oct-14 09:07:36

Cat - I don't class myself as organised. Organised is my cousin who has got her nursery ready and isn't due until February!

Also - forgot to say thanks for the new topic, Amy.

TwigletFiend Thu 23-Oct-14 09:46:55

Morning, ladies!

Thanks for the new thread, amy - I was going to do one with a not very funny pun about bonfire night and baby booms, but this is much better grin

Anna, so pleased you stood your ground - what a ridiculous approach to take! Like you, I feel sorry for all the less informed mums who probably go along with it thinking it's the norm and don't get the birth experience they wanted. Barring complications, babies will come when they're ready to come, in my definitely not medically qualified opinion.

lady, yay for finishing work! Hope you enjoy the feeling of leaving today knowing you don't have to go back for a good long while grin

A week tomorrow left at work for me. Am currently hanging in there by my fingernails, but I desperately need to eke my fulltime work out as long as possible to make the better-paid part of the SMP cover as much of the Christmas period as possible.

haven't, ditto on not knowing where Bean is lying! MW this afternoon, so hopefully she can tell me. Sneaking suspicion its still breech though, right lower ribs in agony with rib flare so I think there's probably a head shoved up under there still. Ouch! sad Glad you're enjoying your ML, I think you're definitely entitled to afternoon naps from now on!

Hopeful, I'm not a big ring wearer since the beautiful diamond ring I got as an 18th birthday present got eaten by a grabby horse, but my feet are definitely expanding. I've always had high arches and quite slender feet, but am now wearing wide-fit shoes and finding that my feet are massive by the end of the day! shock It always goes down as soon as I take the shoes off and wriggle my feet around a bit, but it's not very comfortable.

Thanks Petal and weeonion - I think Bean has just changed movement patterns. Still feeling plenty of movements, they just feel a bit muffled and are less kicky-thumpy and more roly-poly now. Perked up for a while yesterday evening and again at about 5:30 this morning, had a pretty energetic five minutes in fact! Not too worried as still feeling a fair bit, though will double check with MW today I think. Hopefully it's just reached the too-big-too-move-far stage now.

Other people who don't know the sex, are you finding it hard referring the your baby as 'it'? I keep saying 'he' or 'she' (depending on my mood!) just because saying 'it' feels even weirder than before now we're all so close to ETA!

ToniWol, glad you're almost all set up. I am as set up as we're going to get for now - FINALLY got a completion date on the move to the garden centre, which is first week of December. Unfortunately, DP will be busy at the shop in the run-up to Christmas so the work that needs doing might take quite a while, but we should be in by early next year hopefully. I figured Bean won't actually be in the nursery until after then anyway, so have saved my wall stickers etc. for decorating the new house. Plus I'll know what flavour Bean it is by then, so can adjust colour scheme a little and add in a bit more of the plum colour if it turns out to be a girl smile

excitedforbaba Thu 23-Oct-14 10:32:58

Twiglet I know what your saying about referring to baby as "It" I'm quite the opposite as much as I feel bad saying it all the time my family are convinced we know what flavour we are having and keep calling baby he or she and if I don't correct them back to it they are practically jumping up and down with delight thinking they have caught me out confused

Strawberryfield12 Thu 23-Oct-14 10:34:19

Hopeful had a very tight rings last Saturday and already considered to put them away till the baby is here, but then the next day it was all gone and my fingers were all normal again. My feet get swollen after spending all day sat in the office (not anymore as today starts my mat leave!), but they seem to be fine if I am active and walk around.

Anna - so sorry you even had to encounter such a daft approach from the MW (she should be helping and not pushing healthy people into horrible birth experience!). On other hand it probably is something we should expect considering that the 35/39 study has been going on for several years in the UK and nobody at official level has actually shown their outrage about the whole idea... But I am glad you didnt let them get you! biscuit

So this is my first week with the baby head down and it feels like she has discovered whole new leg room inside and keeps stretching, kicking, moving a little leg like a radar from one side of the bump to another, but the most weird thing is that she sometimes jumps on her head (or something very similar to jump). I might be having a future circus star in my belly...

Anybody has any idea how the baby finds out that the mum has woken up during the night if she doesn't start to move around herself? It has happened number of times to me now - I would wake up, but keep lying still and then in about 15 minutes she wakes up and starts her rolls.

blamber Thu 23-Oct-14 11:06:37

Strawberry maybe she moves around regularly in your sleep but you only feel it when awake? Or she hears a change in breathing or heartbeat?

TwigletFiend Thu 23-Oct-14 11:32:46

-cough- Just had a thoroughly immature snigger at Strawberry's 'very tight ring'...


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