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Summer holidays are over, the PESH are bringing their bumps and baybees back to school

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TheOriginalWinkly Wed 03-Sep-14 20:28:02

Pack your giant pants in your satchel and maternity pads in your pencil case, it's the antenatal thread for BESH graduates


Faith - pinky faithlet arrived 14th April 2013
Pinkr - suitably pinky one arrived 25th August 2013
Jethro - blue one arrived 23rd September 2013
Noks - pink one arrived 12th January 2014
Frankel - large pink one arrived 10th March 2014
Merks - pink one landed safe and sound 21st March 2014
Sinky - Stubborn blue one arrived 26th March 2014
Driz - blue one arrived 12th June 2014
Kat - pink one arrived 21st June 2014
draf - pink calf on 1st July 2014
winks - a pink one dragged out kicking and screaming on 4th July 2014
euro - a pink one in a hurry to see the world, born on 17th July 2014
dor - a pink one born at speed on 28th July 2014
ginge - completing the ESH Summer of Pink on 23rd August 2014

Buggerlugs - Buglet due 20th October
Fankle - ESHlet expected 4th January
Cunty - Minichops expected 7th February

FrankelandFilly Wed 03-Sep-14 20:35:12

Marking my spot, thanks Winks

Sinks we're all here for hand holds and cods of comfort. Let us know if we can help in any small way.

SinkyMalinks Wed 03-Sep-14 20:46:30

Thanks guys. It's easier to write it here than trying to talk to anyone. Took ages to get him from theatre to itu. R was sleeping in his pram, but a bloody fire alarm test woke him up and it all went downhill from there. He took a feed, but by now he just wanted his bed I think. Luckily GHJ had landed so they let us sneak in to see him. His parents are still there but I just got a quick kiss.

Fucking hell. And the baby's covered in food and not been washed in 2 days. Sigh. I licked pears out of his eyebrows in the waiting room...

eurochick Wed 03-Sep-14 20:57:26

Don't worry about the grubby baby. As long as R is fed and loved, he will be fine. It's good that his parents are there with him so you don't have to tear yourself in two being with him and taking care of R.

TheOriginalWinkly Wed 03-Sep-14 21:01:18

Glad you got a kiss, and the eyebrow pear is probably one of your 5 a day. Don't worry about washing R, he's fine. Are you still at the hospital?

SinkyMalinks Wed 03-Sep-14 21:17:31

Home now. Poor R is whimpering on his sleep. But he is asleep. Good night for bed sharing and cuddles.

SinkyMalinks Wed 03-Sep-14 21:21:40

I'm going to try and sleep now. Exhausted. Fanks hags.

TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 21:22:08

Marking spot.

Pear with essence of eyebrow sounds delish. I reckon food from any part of your baybee is just fine. Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight Sinks.

I'm seriously considering starting my mat leave from next Monday instead of the week after. I'll be 34w and will use annual leave until 38w when mat leave will kick in. I'm knackered and my teeth and jaw aches. Work is shit and my boss couldn't really give a toss. I'm having sweeps from 38w and being induced in EDD so unless Buglet comes early I'll have 6w off. It feels like quite a lot but I'm hoping the sweeps at 38w do something and he or she comes early and then I won't feel like I've wasted my mat leave.

ALittleFaith Wed 03-Sep-14 21:32:12

Glad to hear the op is done and they've got him to ITU. Definitely a night for bed sharing. Reassuring for both of you. Definitely not a problem if he doesn't get bathed for a couple of days!

bugs I'd do it. I stopped at 35+4 and I wished I'd finished earlier. I think if you're this uncomfortable you'd be better off stopping sooner.

evilgiraffe Wed 03-Sep-14 21:39:24

Fucking hell, sinks, what a truly horrific day. I hope you and R get some decent sleep tonight. <hugs>

FriendofDorothy Wed 03-Sep-14 21:44:09

Oh sinks I hope everything is going to be ok x

bugs you can take codeine if you need to.

GingerScouse Wed 03-Sep-14 21:55:36

Marking my place and offering hand holds to sinks

Glad to hear R is settled now. I appear to have a velcro baby. She doesn't want to be put down.

TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 22:16:34

dor that's the first bit of advice about pain relief I've had. Even the GP wouldn't advise me and just told me to speak to the pharmacist!! I have out of date co-codamol but that's all. sad

FriendofDorothy Wed 03-Sep-14 22:26:23

You need to make sure you don't overdo the paracetamol if you take co-codamol now.

ALittleFaith Wed 03-Sep-14 22:32:36

They changed the guidelines on codeine recently so I'd get advice before taking it. ironic I know since I took it 4 times a day until I was 34 weeks

TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 22:34:28

I'll just stick to paracetamol and hopefully it will go and for the rest of the diffment I'll mostly avoid any food that requires chewing!

Today has been bloody miserable.

Frank is HWNN home? <gets acronym totally wrong>

FriendofDorothy Wed 03-Sep-14 22:38:32

What do they say now then?

TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 23:54:17

Decision made. I'm going to call HR in the morning and arrange to start my mat leave early. The prospect of another night of zero sleep is enough to have swayed it. Boss can like it or lump it.

FrankelandFilly Thu 04-Sep-14 07:13:37

Yes HWHNN is at home at the mo, his grandad's funeral is today. We don't know exactly when his flight back is, but probably Saturday.

Hope HR are supportive Bugs, you really need to put you & Buglet first now.

Hope you slept ok Sinks & that news is positive today.

TheBuggerlugs Thu 04-Sep-14 08:13:51

Hope today goes as well as it can do Frank.

Sinks I'll be thinking of you today.

Well i managed some sleep (wahoo) and the pain is less today but still in the background. I'm off into work with a packed lunch of soup and yoghurt and a snack of wheatabix. Mmm, yummy.

ALittleFaith Thu 04-Sep-14 08:14:20

I'm not entirely sure but I think they're less keen to recommend it now. I was told it was fine when BF but now they're saying you shouldn't take it because everyone metabolises it differently.

bugs I think it's a sensible plan. You'll find ways to keep yourself just (I recommend getting Netflix) and you can cat nap in the day.

Thinking of you sinky thanks

FriendofDorothy Thu 04-Sep-14 08:37:20

faif it's true that everyone metabolises it differently. I think there was a case with a woman who was bfing and her baby died because of the way she metabolised codeine and she ended up inadvertently giving her baby an OD.

It is still one of the safer drugs to use in pregnancy.

ALittleFaith Thu 04-Sep-14 08:58:38

I'm thinking maybe the advice only changed for breast feeding.

FrankelandFilly Thu 04-Sep-14 09:01:41

That's strange, I was told it was ok to take codeine while breastfeeding when I got pain relief for my sore boobs. That was only a few months ago.

ALittleFaith Thu 04-Sep-14 09:20:14

I was told it changed in July last year but that was on MN so perhaps not the most relieved source. I think it's only really prolonged codeine use that causes problems anyway.

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