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April 2007 - part II...

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geordiemacminx Fri 22-Sep-06 08:55:17

Not that I profess to have a brain of any sorts but here is a new thread as requested!!

weeonion Fri 22-Sep-06 10:44:08

great GMM! welcome to all here!!

geordiemacminx Fri 22-Sep-06 10:53:20

Looks like its just me and you today... thats rubbish!!! Work on a friday always drags!!! What you up to at the weekend? Anything nice planned? I've stopped planning anything at the moment cos its very hit or miss as to whether I will be able to drag my lard arse away from the bathroom floor!!!!

weeonion Fri 22-Sep-06 11:23:27

hey lady - yep - its seems like the scots are the ones at their computers. i have the luxury of working at home today so sitting here in my nightie!! i am doing all my funding appliations for next year - stressful, boring and as the sun is shining - i think a walk to the shops is preferrable (not in the nightie of course!)

poor you still being sick.. hopefully it iwll end soon. have you plenty of pampering planned??
is dh treating you liek a precious bundle?

we have 4 of dp's family arriving this afternoon to stay weekend . the pg is still a secret so - it'll be fun trying to keep it that way. i am too tired to cope with them (big drinkers and smokers) as and i have given up both - i could well be like cinderella in the kitchen!!

i made dp watch "birth stories" on living TV last night - he was hilarious... doesnt bode well for the real thing!

oh just rang hospital and lied! i havent heard a thing from them re my scan. it wasnt going to be til the 26th oct at 15 weeks. i said i was out of the country with work so now have it on the 4th!!!! hooray!! the day b4 we go private for the nuchal scan.... v v happy

bubbaloo Fri 22-Sep-06 11:34:13

Thanks for the new thread,GMM.

Weeonion-That's greta news about your scan dates.Mine still seems like ages away.

Bubblez-We're already talking about names and have virtually decided on a boys name but can't find ANY girls names that we like.We had the same problem last time too-boys names are soooo easy to find.Let's hope I'm not having twin girls!!!

geordiemacminx Fri 22-Sep-06 11:35:23

I wish I was working from home...going to the pub at lunch time so that should be nice, if I can actually manage to eat anything!!!

dp is being great bless him.. although he isnt really a morning person!! He tried to book me into the rainbow rooms in Glasgow for a pamper day but they wont take me til 12 weeks... boo hiss!!!

No I dont think I could be bothered with that either.. I was in bed at 7.30 last night as the smell of the jacket potatoes in the oven made me sick.. again. Where is your dp from? mind is a scouser... unfortunate!!

I started watching that last week, it was all american ones though so I lost interest after a while!!!

Well done you!!!! You know I think you and I are going to get along just great - you sound just like me.. the sort of person that wont take any rubbsih from anyone!! I have another one on thursday, when I will be 9+3, then midwife appointment on the 18th...

bubblez Fri 22-Sep-06 11:40:57

oh I have the other problem I'm not keen on any boys names really but I have a few lovely girls names that I want if we have a girl.... It's just getting dp to think that he came up with them...hehe

What boys names do you have?

bubblez Fri 22-Sep-06 11:42:35

Oh yeah, thanks GMM for the new thread..... shall we link it on the previous april thread???

Greengirlforever Fri 22-Sep-06 11:44:43

But this thread should actually April 2007 part 3! My sense of order and control is suffering! Can we change the name???

geordiemacminx Fri 22-Sep-06 11:48:59

Come on... its friday, I been puking all night and day... what do you think... no - no links and no - no name changes either..

Greengirlforever Fri 22-Sep-06 11:53:08

Well ok then. Sorry to hear you're feeling rough GMcM. I have lost my appointment letter for my scan next Thurs..... Also have had a tummy ache for 2 days - still getting ms feelings which makes me want to eat which makes tummy ache worse....

weeonion Fri 22-Sep-06 11:54:20

go for it gmm - you keep us in order.. lol, lol

my dp is from troon - just further west - hence the reason we ended up here!
have a nice lunch out - avoid the jacket potatoes tho!

geordiemacminx Fri 22-Sep-06 11:55:30

I been having tummy aches but thats mostly due to not being able to go to the toilet!!

I'm sure it wont take us long to fill this thread then we can start a new one with a fun and witty name... suggestions on the bak of a post card...

twinkle183 Fri 22-Sep-06 12:20:17

I am glad to hear that I am not the only person struggling with boys names - we can't seem to agree on any, we already have a Dominic and girls names have already been decided upon!

dh is from Cumbria and likes all the old fashion names however I am wearing him down on my favourite name!

Am off to my scan at half two - will let you know how it goes, am so nervous has had to have erpc last time - I am trying to stay positive but its not going well - am at work just trying to keep busy!

Congrats on everyone that is having good scans...

bubblez Fri 22-Sep-06 12:27:25

ok well I've linked the new thread for on the previous thread for those that may miss the new one.

My dp is south american, jamacian indian mix and I'm Greek so what ever the name is I'm sure that one side of the family will hate it...

My dd is called Mia and I had the same problem finding boys names when I was pregnant with her. Maybe it's a sign... lol

Is anyone going to find out the sex of the baby? I orignally didn't mind but dp is insisting and so we might as well, at least then the baby shower will have a theme (lets just hope they get it right)

Twinkle I may not be online later (mum coming round) so I wish you well for 2.00 and I'm sure that everything will be fine..... fingers are still going to be crossed for you and thoughts will be with you...xx

bubblez Fri 22-Sep-06 12:28:43

**at 2.30** read the time wrong

bubbaloo Fri 22-Sep-06 12:29:08

Bubblez-We already have an Oscar and if this one is a boy he'll probably be Ethan,although we both also love the name Felix,but are wondering about the mickie-taking if we were to choose it.

We also like Tabitha(must be a cat thing going on here!),but won't be going with it and Hollie could be a contender,although we'd like a strong sounding name like Oscar,really iykwim.

bubbaloo Fri 22-Sep-06 12:30:21

Yes,Twinkle-good luck with your scan this afternoon.

weeonion Fri 22-Sep-06 12:46:26

twinkle - good luck. fingers etc etc crossed for you xo

doobydoo Fri 22-Sep-06 13:24:00

Afternoon all.
Welcome newies and good luck with your scan Twinkle.
I asked the nurse at the docs today when i could expect to hear from the hospital and she said at 17 weeks!I think thats ages away.and i am not sure if thats for a scan or just booking in.I want to ring the hosp but am rather nervous about it.I would like a scan soon obviously.I am 37 and 12 weeks on Wed and would like some reassurance ifykwim.
Anyway off to hoover now.Hope everyone is well

mammyjo Fri 22-Sep-06 14:32:05

Hi everyone. Welcome Linalett, hope you have a healthy pregnancy!

Thanks hollyhobbie for the tips, will certainly look into the homeopathic options. I have used nat mur in the past for headaches and it worked amazingly well so you never know.

Bugmum, I am with you on the spots issue. My face has erupted over the last few weeks. I am sure it is not helped by my totally crap diet but I cant seem to manage to eat anything remotely healthy just now. My only saving grace are my pro natal multivitamins!! Have got some apple juice in my fridge that has sat there for some time (unopened and still in date though)! I will try to drink some of that in a bit, it has to be worth a try.

Hope everyone is having a good day, I do feel a bit better today and have been out for lunch with a mate and the kids. Didnt eat much but its just nice to get a change of scenery sometimes isnt it.

mammyjo Fri 22-Sep-06 14:33:03

Oops, forgot to say hope everything goes ok for you Twinkle.

mammyjo Fri 22-Sep-06 14:35:51

Here I am again! Doobydoo, I would def contact the hospital. Even if they said you wouldnt get a scan you could make enquiries about getting it done privately perhaps. Seems so unfair that ante natal care seems to differ so much throughout the country. At least if you could have a chat with someone it may put your mind at rest a bit.

Bugmum Fri 22-Sep-06 15:59:39

I'm another one having terrible trouble with names for a boy. I already have a DS, and he has a name (obviously), but the only other boy's name I really like is Gabriel, and I think he'd get called 'Gay Boy'. I have a girl's name picked out, though. Then I come over all superstitious, and think I shouldn't be considering all this until after the nuchal, given my great age, but you can't help it, can you?

weeonion Fri 22-Sep-06 16:28:00

doobydoo - i was also told that i wouldnt get an appt and scan til i was 16 weeks. i have went ahead and booked to go private for my nuchal one at 12 weeks. i had spoken to my doc about the apparent lack of care i was getting and he did try the hosptial on my behalf only to be told the same thing. i rang the hospital appointments myself this morning and basically told a white lie (well exaggaration of the truth) that i was out of the country alot at the end of october. they have now given me a scan on the 4th oct. this is just a booking scan - not doagnostic / screening. i understand your fears but i feel alot better that i now have an appt. i agree that you could try contacting them?

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