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Anyone in Bromley Area?

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lubella Wed 20-Sep-06 18:46:46

Just wondered if anyone was thereabouts - I am thinking of organising a meet up if anyone is local and interested
To introduce myself; I am 29, 28wks and live in Sundridge Park.
I have joined NCT but would like to explore all options as I have done no meetings with any groups at all as yet

NattyandThomas Tue 26-Sep-06 10:57:20

hey im natalie and im 4 weeks! live in beckenham! hullo!!!

lubella Tue 26-Sep-06 15:42:28

Hello how are you doing? You and I must be the only mumsnetters in the area as this thread his been going for weeks!
How are you feeling? - I felt very PG from the outset and got big v quickly....

NattyandThomasandBump Wed 27-Sep-06 20:55:17

not bad this is second pg so know what to expect. how many weeks are u now?

lubella Thu 28-Sep-06 07:44:36

I am 29 weeks now and this is my 1st so all v new and exciting. Are you registered at the Princess Royal or Beckenham hospital?

NattyandThomasandBump Sat 30-Sep-06 13:17:58

no mayday.. we recently mved so have to have it changed.. had thomas is princess royal though

evyjones Fri 05-Jun-15 13:29:56

Hi lubella, I'd love to join a Bromley area meet up. I'm 32, 27 weeks now, and have recently moved close to Bromley North. It's my first one as well, a little baby boy smile

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