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January 2015 - More scans, kicks, hiccups and glowiness - thread #8

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ChineseFireball Tue 12-Aug-14 19:44:30

How's this, ladies? Old thread is here - can someone add the stats linky?

ChineseFireball Tue 12-Aug-14 19:46:59

Aaargh stupid baby brain. 2015, ffs!! Have reported my first post and will see if MNHQ can change it smile

ChineseFireball Tue 12-Aug-14 19:59:23

Aaaand now I've discovered it's a stupid duplicate. Reported the whole thing. Maybe it'll go. Nothing to see here, anyone <whistles>

Loobyloo893 Tue 12-Aug-14 20:09:51

Hellooooo smile

ChineseFireball Tue 12-Aug-14 20:14:22

OK now I'm confused - MNHQ have sent me a message to say they've deleted the other thread. So here we are. I think :/
Hello everyone smile I'm just catching up on the last thread!

Minibagel Tue 12-Aug-14 20:17:06

I get all stressed when we fill a thread and I'm looking for the new one. Is this us? I can't see another one chinese so it must be.

How is everyone this evening? I am lying here waiting for baby to move, last night I got some lovely kicks smile


Saraswati Tue 12-Aug-14 20:19:45

Just marking my place! Jesus kicking away after I ate some dark choc with sea salt, nice to see it has the same taste as it's mother!

Scan in t minus 12 hours....


Madrigals32 Tue 12-Aug-14 20:21:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LulusMiniEgg Tue 12-Aug-14 20:23:07

Hello! Well done on setting up the new post Chinese
Long time no post, sorry!
I've just made some shortbread in honour of tomorrow's bake off.
I really really really want a glass of wine.. We had friends round on fri and there are THREE bottles of wine in the house. It's painful....!!!

HenriettaTurkey Tue 12-Aug-14 20:28:37


KateTheHuman Tue 12-Aug-14 20:29:07

Thanks for the new board Chinese!!!


RPopz Tue 12-Aug-14 20:34:21

You can have one glass Lulu!!

Helllooo New Fred!

What's the weird removed post on the end of the old Fred??

Keepontrudging Tue 12-Aug-14 20:38:04

Hullo smile

LulusMiniEgg Tue 12-Aug-14 20:39:09

I don't think it's by a normal poster.. Oooh the mystery of the removed mn post!!!

Yes may have a teeny tiny one....

Mmmm my biscuits are delicious!

ChineseFireball Tue 12-Aug-14 22:06:53

Closetoyou started a new thread about a minute before I started this one and the last post on the old thread was linking to that so it looks like she's requested it be removed - her thread was deleted as a duplicate. Vair confusing!

I've PM'd someone about the FB group (can't remember who - sorry sad preggy brain) - I'm logged in as Jan Babies on & off - if you want to join please can you PM me on here with your RL name or Jan Babies on FB with your MN name and friend request Jan Babies on FB so that I know you're a busser and not just a random stalky journo? The FB group is secret so things you post can only be seen by those in the group. Katethehuman is very prompt at adding people so if you get no joy from me then give her a shout smile

Having read the last thread it seems like I've missed a lot. I hope everyone is ok - Sprout and Mummyk8 and Decmummy are names which I remember with my soup-like brain - hope things are ok for you. And apologies if I've missed anyone. MlleG if you're still lurking, thank you for your lovely posts and I wish you lots of loveliness for the future x

deuscat Tue 12-Aug-14 22:16:04

Mmmm love shortbread biscuits! Ice just baked a lemon drizzle cake to take to work tomorrow for a colleague's last day. Smells delicious but it will have to wait for the taste test tomorrow!

I went swimming tonight and I'm shattered! I only did 20 minutes and I'm a weak swimmer. I used to run quite a lot but gave that up when I got the bfp. Not really done any exercise but I hope to keep up the swimming. Is anyone else managing to exercise?

Madrigals32 Tue 12-Aug-14 22:26:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunshineandbiscuits Tue 12-Aug-14 22:44:29

deus I'm exercising again finally after the first trimester slump. Managed to do a couple of runs as well as some yoga this week and I feel sooo much better. I am used to doing lots of exercise so I found it really hard when I didn't have any energy and couldn't do anything.

Lying in bed feeling the baby kick! It started as bubbles popping at the weekend but it's certainly getting more definite by the day smile I can only usually feel it when I'm lying down.

Good luck with your scan tomorrow saras.


ilovelamp78 Tue 12-Aug-14 22:46:59

Hello finally found the thread!
Not managing as much exercise as I'd like here. I got the Pilates DVD that someone recommended and Erin o'Brien DVD (that one always leaves me sore) and the occasional yoga session. I can get free swimming in Bristol, but haven't braved it yet. Swimming costume too small now sad

blizy Tue 12-Aug-14 22:51:19

Hello, happy new thread!
I've caught the baking bug too, myself and the mindees made white chocolate and raspberry cookies, coconut biscuits and banana muffins. Was a great way to spend a rainy day.

Madrigals32 Tue 12-Aug-14 23:13:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

missdonsol Tue 12-Aug-14 23:18:18

Hi all, wow we get through these threads quickly!
chinese it was me who requested to join the Facebook group. I've sent you a private massage with my real name and mentioned my MN name in my message on FB. Looking forward to joining the conversation there too. I must admit I was beginning to wonder what I'd done wrong not to be accepted in smile Had a severe case of FOMO!

Camsie30 Wed 13-Aug-14 00:35:49

Thread 8 already!! Hope everyone had a good day. I went to the theatre and the play was 3 and a half hours long, not good for me and bump, but took my wedge cushion which helped!

The Topshop Leigh jeans are going straight back, too big and more like leggings, very thin and not for me. Mission black maternity jeans is ON.

My friend/ colleague came in with her 4 month old today and he slept in my chest for an hour. It was divine, and good practise for emailing and snuggling at the same time!!

18 weeks!

Madrigals32 Wed 13-Aug-14 06:51:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KateTheHuman Wed 13-Aug-14 07:21:43

Morning all. I feel so fat today. And so tired. Had a half an hour doze when I got to work. I want to go home.


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